CAL Post – April 28, 2010 – First Whole Class Post

Hi KIPPsters!

Congratulations on finishing all of your ELA testing, and welcome to the blog! (For those of you who are new to blogging :)) Today, let’s keep it as simple as possible. Copy your 2 favorite notes, then, for your skill, briefly tell me your opinion of your book so far. Provide details. Follow the Criteria for Success below:

1. Your username (first name2015 — like this: Ashley2015). Title of book. Author of book.

2. Tonight I read ______ pages.

3. Note 1: (copy your favorite note from your reading here)

4. Note 2: (copy your second favorite note from your reading here)

5. In 2-3 sentences, give me your opinion of your new partner book so far. What do you think? Do you like it? Why? Why not? Give as many details as possible.

That’s it! Happy reading and happy blogging!




25 thoughts on “CAL Post – April 28, 2010 – First Whole Class Post

  1. Hi Ola here! Tonight I read 40 pages of “Before I Die”, by Jenny Downham.
    Note 1: Tessa seems to kind of avoid the fact that she is dying and has only so much time left. She is making a list because she feels since she is dying it doesn’t matter what she does. Zoey, her best friend, is pushing her to hard meaning that she is making her do things that she doesn’t feel comfortable with. (pg.13)
    Note 2: I think Tessa has become insecure and needs help but doesn’t want to admit it. She is now realizing that having sex or doing careless things with herself in her physical state is really bad for her. (pg.26)
    My new partner book deals with serious issues but it does have a moral beneath its topics. I do like it and I am itching to find out what is going to happen. I am itching because she has taken a drug and I want to see the side effects. I hope they are not bad!!!

  2. Today i read 30 pages. Im reading This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis.
    INF; I think that Logan experiences bullying because he’s probably different than everyone else in some way. CS; If i were Logan, I wouldn’t let those guys prevent me from having fun because all they want to do is make people angry. I like this book so far because its written in a kid-friendly way. It is written as a play and that makes me understand what is happening and who’s talking more easily. Also, the author writes like a kid thinks in real life who is going through that situation. I think the author still understands how it felt to not be accepted by the majority of the kids in your own grade and school .

  3. krod2015. This is What i Did:. By Ann Dee Ellis.

    Note1: “They were both, i think, the popular ones in high school because you can feel it in the way they talk about it…”(page11). I predict that Logan is going to be come popular lie his parents were when they were young, all he has to do is be tuff and stop being scared of almost every body in school.

    Note2: “Who did Cami like? Maybe she liked me but more maybe she liked Zyler”(page27). Does Logan and Zyler like the same girl, just because they were best friend, or because she was the only girl that would talk to him?

    So far, im liking this book. This book is really told from a point of view of a kid that doesnt really like his life. His parents were popular back then, but he doesn’t really know if he’s going to be popular too because he only has one friend.

  4. I am readin This is What I Did

    Note1:Logan seems to hold back alot of information from hs father.”I got into a fight with Bruce today at school, and while he was hurting me all of his buddies seemed to just laugh about it. When i got home my father asked me what happned in school today nothing i responded.” Bruce seems to think he is the coolest person in logan’s school because he tortures others.

    Note2: Zyler and Logan seem to be the best of friends because they do many things together.” The other day my dad bought me and Zyler playoff tickets and when Mat and Ryan asked to go my father said no so he took me and Zyler instaed.” I dont think Mat and Ryan set the best example for Logan to follow thats probably why they could not go.

    Right now im liking this book alot because it has alot of sense of humor and most things that i could relate to when i was in the 4th grade. I can understand what Logan must have to go through at school. This book is not confusing either it is actually very interesting.
    I wonder what is gong to happen to Bruce if Logan does tell his farther what happned betwwen them two.

  5. I am reading Th1rteen R3asons why by Jay Asher.
    Tonight I read 36 pages.

    Note1: Hannah Baker sent the first box of tapes to and that’s kind of creepy because its like she knew she wanted to kill her self.(pg#12)
    Note2: The book is a very interesting and why would any teenager want to kill themselves?

    My partner book is interesting. I can’t really understand everything though. It seems that the dead person is alive.Its as if she’s the narrator, Hannah. The book is told in first person, second person and third person. By the way I like my book because it seems like it might get better and less confusing!

    • Great observation, Aaron!
      Yes, it does seem as though Hannah is alive in the book, but she is not. Why do you think the author created this dead character who almost has more personality than some of the living characters? Very strange… (If you want some insider info, you can go to the book’s website at or read the book jacket about Jay Asher… he’s an interesting dude.)

  6. I am reading the book,”The Lighting Thief” by Rick Riordan. Tonight I read 26 pages.

    Note1: My first note is a prediction note on page 6. In the beginning of the book, I thought to my self that Percy is a determined kid. I think that Percy is going to be a kind of kid that will do anything for the best of his life.

    Note2:My second note is an inference note on pages 11-13 . Percy Jackson is a twelve year old boy diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia, who has been expelled from several schools. Percy turns out to be a weird kid in the beginning of the book because he goes into a pool for 5-8 minutes under water while holding his breath. I think that’s pretty impressive.

    I can’t wait until I read more about Percy’s life throughout the book.

  7. I’m reading 13 Reasons Why. Tonight I read 26 pages. in my opinion i think this is a great interesting book. its kind of like a non-stop read its a book i really like reading. i like it because clay is sometimes reluctant to listen and wants to know why will his name be said. he doesnt think he took advantage of her as she says they do.

  8. Hey, it’s DD2015. The book I am currently reading is Before I Die. Tonight I just finished reading 40 pgs.
    INF) Tessa has a list of things she wants to do before she dies, but her first thing is having sex.
    FL) ” The air in the soles sighs s he leaps up the stairs and through my bedroom door.”
    This book is really good. only mature people can read this book. This is the only book in seventh grade that I might re-read. What a SHOCKER! I like because it attracts the reader’s attention. You may also be able to put yourself in this sitituation

  9. markos2015-i read 13 reasons why by jay asher and i read 36 pages.
    1.SET:Hannah Bakery left the supermarket or grocery store and now she is feelin bad and on her way to the post office.
    2.CHAR: the characters so far are Hannah Bakery Clay Jensen and Justin.(they are all involved in her deathso far…).
    so far i really like this book becuase its not as specific and it pushes me to a level to really understand wat i am reading.its also has a great plot the exposition was great started with suspence alot of suspence.also i really like it becuase it is mystery and it has a surprise not like most mysteries which are like they found this and lived happily ever after.this book has surprises things u wouldnt even thought of.

  10. Justin2015. I am reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.
    Note1: INF: The first three paragraphs of the book is like he’s talking to us.
    Note2: INF: This doesn’t compare to the movie because Percy and his mom never when to the beach.
    I like my book because I already saw the movie and I get to connect the book to the movie. I also like to read the book because I like book that has action and other things and the book seemed cool.

  11. jbennett2015 I am reading If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. I read 33 pages today.
    1) This part is interesting because they go from talking about relations to talking about Marion not loving them all of a sudden because she was an hour late home. pg.26-28

    2) Now Marion is feeling guilty because she couldn’t remember if spending time with family was a good or an annoying thing to do. But she doesn’t realize that family is family and you always have to be there for them.

    I am liking this book so much because there are so many arguments with others or themselves that I can relate to. Jeremiah is confused if being black is good or not while Ellie realizes that she can’t take anyone for granted because they may not be there someday.

  12. Note1 t-w: This reminds me of me and my friends because sometime we make fun of each other, but that’s how we act just like Jeremiah and his friend. (6)

    Note2 Inf : Jeremiah is one of the few black kids in his school and the black kids act white also. This seems to make him feel like a loner. (8)

    I can relate to the main character, Jeremiah, because he likes to play basketball like me. It makes it easier to enjoy reading a book that you can relate to.

    Shout out out to my new partner.

  13. I am reading “If You Come Softly” by Jacqueline Woodson. Tonight I read 33 pages.

    Note 1: At the beginning of my new book I realized that Jacqueline describes everything so the reader could get an idea of the setting. For example, “bright blue and clear sky…the trees brilliant green against the shy”. The visual she is trying to show is the setting of the park in Brooklyn and how she is dreaming about Miah. I believe the trees will soon become obsticles for the main character, Elisha.

    Note2: Once again Jacqueline Woodson writes through the point of view of young teens. This time it seems like she writes about how to different nation become one and also family death. For example, in the school Jeremiah is black and attends the same school as Ellie, our main character, his grandmother had died and all he prays for is his hope. She also describes Ellie’s life personal life and how it afect the real life and school matter.

    At this moment I do very much enjoy my book. It helps me relate to the real world and it makes me visualize what other young adults feel inside them.

  14. Name is Keema. I am reading the book called” A Step from Heaven” by AN NA. Tonight I read 19 pages.

    NOTE: 1: figurative language: Personification. THE BOOK uses A LOT of figurative language .For example: She how the waves are dancing. (pg 7-8)

    NOTE: 2: T-S: Just like Young Ju prays and says Dear Father who art in heaven, I say the same thing when I go to bed. (pg 17)
    I like the partner book b/c it has a good sense of humor. I am learning about a new culture. The main character is Young Ju, who is very curios about many things, which I can connect to. She’s outgoing.I think my partner and I Will Like this book

  15. My book is called, A step from Heaven. The author is An Na.

    PRE:I predict that Young Ju might like her new life when moves to Mi Gook(America) with Apa and Uhmma.

    Inf:I want to infer that Apa gets on everyone’s nerves and he needs to be put in his place.

    I like this book beacuse i can relate to it in someways about living. I also like this book because I get to learn about my character’s culture who’s different from mines and learn about her language.

  16. I am reading Th1rteen R3asons why by Jay Asher.
    Tonight i read 36 pages.

    Note1: Hannah Baker sent the first box of tapes to her first kiss ClayJensen and exspect him to pass it on.(pg#12)
    Note2: This book is told like a story but we are reading what the tape recorder is saying.

    My partner book is alright. It is a little confusing because it seems that Hannah is telling the story but she is supposed to be dead. The book is firt person, second person and third person. so far i like my book because it seems like it might get interesting !

  17. Hi it’s Miladys and I am reading Th1rteen R3asons Why,by Jay Asher. Tonight I read 4o pages.
    IMP: She is giving each tape to the person who ruined her life. This is her way of getting revenge for making her life horribie , like she is messing with their heads.
    THEME: She is showing people how you treat others and tell them what they think in an offensive way, it will really affect them.
    This is a really good book because it teaches people that how you treat others can affect them could change the way they think of themself and in Hannas case kill her self.

  18. suni2417- In tonights reading I read the book If You Come Softly by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonights reading I read 22 pages.

    Note 1: INF- What did Jeremiah’s grandmother tried to say when she told him “Don’t want you to get too black”?

    Note 2: INF- Doesn’t Elisha feel frustraded or aggravated when her simblings the twins , told her that their parents made the mistake of having her since they didn’t plan it?

    My new partner reading book is very interesting because it talks about people having different skin color. I really like it because it might have a very important theme like in the first 6 pages, I found a theme that relate about people and their skin color. For example, Jeremiah tries to make himself feel confident that his skin color is beatiful, because his grandmother said that she didn’t want him to get too black.

  19. I’m reading 13 Reasons Why. Tonight I read 36 pages.

    SET: Hannah Baker just left the grocery store with a coffee and went to the post office to deliver the package full of tapes(pg.3).

    PRED: I predict that Hannah is hours away from killing her because she just sent the package(pg.3).

    I really like this book because you have to be mature and that is what i need to improve on. My partner is very trustworthy of reading hw. I like this book because it explains why a girl commited suicide.=]

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