Wednesday April 21, 2010

Who will you pie when you earn double 4s or most improved?!

Hi KIPPsters!

Well, today’s test was a pretty big success and I can’t wait to give you your results tomorrow! Today, reflect on your test-taking skills after telling me about your reading…


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. Tonight, I read ______ pages.

3. Summarize your reading in 4 sentences (at least).

4. How do you think you did today on the last practice RTP? Why? What did you do differently from what you did on the simulation last week? What can you PROMISE to do on the test on Monday and Tuesday? Be honest and mature. Think about how your success is in YOUR hands…




33 thoughts on “Wednesday April 21, 2010

  1. Angeline2015: I am reading Streams to the river, rivers to the sea by: Scott O’ Dell. Tonight i read 15 pages. Tonight, I read that Sacagawea and Clark wrote their name in a tree. Sacagawea and Clark and the rest of the crew have been helped by many Native Americans. The Nez perce helped them pass through the snake river and the shoshone way before this provided them with horses. Also, Captain Clark has developed a love for Sacagawea’s son, Meeko, and for Sacagawea herself. Clark gave Meeko a nickname which Meeko seemed to be liked call this. That name was Pomp.
    In today’s test I think I did well. I thought the test was fair even though it was kind of tiring since we’ve been taking tests this entire week. I think am ready to take the test Monday and Tuesday because I feel that am well prepared.

  2. Kdozia2015.Streams to the from the river to the sea. In tonight’s reading I read 20 pg. in the book Sacagawea and caption Clark are going to the Pacific Ocean. The have little food while there to eat. So they eat dogs they have came across a tuff water passage to go through. I think I did very well. I think this because to me it was fairly easy. I just read carefully. I promise to get a 3 or a 4 I promise to block all answer choice. A to use my intelligent ness to the fullest.

  3. Ola2015 – Today I continued reading “If you come softly”, by Jacqueline Woodson. I read 25 pages in total. Each chapter so far, I have noticed, that one chapter is dedicated to one character and that character is thinking about the other. The setting takes place in different times also in each chapter. Today while reading I found out that Jeremiah is emotionally and physically split between “two” families. His father is working and he now has to stay with his mother, he feels awkward having two addresses, two phone numbers, and two bedrooms but he does not have a choice things will stay this way. Now, on my test I think I did well I understood the strategies and what to do. I think I need to work on my timing it needs a few minutes off. I will also PROMISE to find and label proof quickly. I hope I do well!!!!!! 🙂

  4. lourdes2015: I am currently reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. I read about 25 pages. Tonight, I read about how a girl and her mother are weeping over a small corpse, which might be her younger brother. The narrator, Death, carries away his small soul. The girl is Leisel Meminger. She struggles to move on from the death of her younger brother. Death seems to be following her (not to end her life). Along the way, he takes the lives of strangers- people with not a big role in the book. On today’s test, I think I did well because I felt more sure about choosing the answers than I did on the simulation. This time, I read the passages carefully and covered up the answers to choose one similar to mine. On Monday and Tuesday, I will promise to do all of the strategies we worked on in class during the test. It works well, so it will help me get the right answers.

  5. sammy2015: I am reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Tonight I read 24 pages. Susie is in heaven. She is talking about things in her past and explaining what she is seeing happening on Earth. Susie’s parents are asking neighbors and people to help while Mr. Harvey was trying to get rid of Suse’s body parts. Im guessing that her body wasn’t in one piece anymore but maybe the limbs are seperated, I’m not sure but it sounds like it. Mr.Harvey is getting caught. He seems to getting away with it.

    Today’s RTP was okay. I am working harder to get a higher grade when I take the state test. Last time I got a 3 but this time I am aiming for a 4. On the simulation, I did none of Ms.Stabrowski’s methods (sorry 🙂 ) but now I’m taking my time and focusing harder. I have been doing better on the practice and getting good scores. I promise I won’t rush and take a good amount of time. I will also read the question carefully and use Ms.Stabrowski’s methods. I think I will do good on Monday and Tuesday’s test.

  6. Hey bloggers ! It’s ClarissaC2015. I read 16 pages tonight and I’m so close to the end of the book. Tonight i read about how Melanie decides to actually talk! She was really on a role. What I didn’t understand was why did she talk to Rachel of all people? I would try to talk to my parents first so that I could get the akward feeling in the house from continuing. Well , at least she talked . People who read my blogs know that I have continuously been stressing that Mel should talk. And now that she has, I am a satisfied reader 🙂 .

    I think I did okay. I can’t wait to see how the result were. I don’t know what I’m going work on yet but I decided to work on whatever type of questions that I got wrong on the previous RTPs . I’m confident that I will get a four and I know just who to pie 🙂

  7. cristina2015- tonight i am reading a book called Birds by Angela Johnson. I have read about how they introduce a new character in each chapter. this chapter i read about Ethan and how he gets along with his family very well. than it spoke about how it feel good to be around your family and people you you love. i think i did pretty well because i tried hard and i tried not to rush through the whole test. what i did differently is that i read the passages and not skim through them. what i should do in the test is read the questions and attack them so i could find better proof for all of them.

  8. My user name I Jutsin2015. I read 20 pages of Olivia Kidney by Ellen Potter. I read that Olivia felt attacted to her old suitcase that she moved from many apartments to. Also that she hasjust moved to a new house. Olivia thinks that the new house is saying it wants them to go away and leave it alone. When Olivia gets there she see’s the door open to person she is going to stay in their house and she is flippen out when she see’s the door open. I think I did good on the test because I followed my steps to get a good grade. I promised to follow all my steps on Monday and Tuesday.

  9. KEEMA. I FINISHED “SOLD”BY Patricia McCormick .I thought that the overall of this novel was good and many young teens male or female should read this book.This bok teaches a life long responsibilty. It shows readers that many kids grow into a world with out any back burn of trust .Just like Lakshmi.Lakshmi had to go through obstalces inorder to help her family.Living life as a prostitue is dredful.
    I think i got higher than a 80%. Ifound the best proof and re-read questions when i did’nt understand it.I did’nt really do anything different ,but pace my self faster on each passage.I would use time wisley, label each question to what it is.Cricle text fetures, don’t fall off task

  10. Hi this is Samaiyah2015 and I am reading The Misfits ( ps- Daijah, you were right because this book isn’t too good). Anyways, I read 30 pages. The books narration is beginning to Sort of omniscient ( that is if there is such a thing as 1st person omniscient. Bobby is the narrator, but he knows what’s in the mind of others). I think that Bobby will lose the race. Although, this is a realistic book, books of these kinds don’t have realistic endings. They always end happily, but I hope this book will be the exception.
    I feel extremely stressed from the ELA practices and simulations. I think that we have got the point of the strategies and what not. As long as we use the strategies, get a goodnights sleep and eat a breakfast, we will do just find. I will comitt to doing all three.

  11. diamond2015. Living on Impulse by Cara Haycak. Tonight I read 18 pages. I read that Mia’s mom went on a date with their upstairs neighbor George. Mia thought it was wonderful because her mom was finally getting out. The only suspiousion she had was why she had choosen to go out with him now and not before. Mia just thought it was free time to get out of punishment.
    I think I did ok because I took my time on the passages and read the questions carefully. I think the differnt things I did was actually finding th who and the what and focusing more. On Monday and Tuesday I can promise to read the questions carefully and look for the answers that have the most proof.

  12. Janibell2015- I am reading the book The first part Last. Tonight i read 30 pages. I read about how Bobby is spoiling Feather. He gives her everything and is always carrying her. People tell him that it isnt good because she will grow up to be a naughty child. Feather`s mother died and she is supposed to live with Bobby. He is not enjoying his teenage life because of Feather.

    I think i did well on the practice RTP because this time i used process of elimination. I promise to check my work over at least twice when im done .

  13. krod2015.Ghost Town.Tonight i read 24 pages. In tonights reading, i read that the Beacon Street Girls met up with each other, and couldn’t stop talking the famous people that they met. Two of the Beacon Street Girls met Nik and Sam, which are real country music stars.

    I think that i did good on todays last RTP because i read the questions before i read the passage, and i took my time. On last weeks RTP, i didn’t take my time, but today i think i did better. On the reall deal, i going to take my time, and try my best because i know that i need to bring my grade up, so im going to try to reach the 3s and the 4s.

  14. suni2417- In tonight readin, g I read The book The Hunger Game by Suzanne Collins. In tonights reading i read 25 pages. Katniss gets cut in the forhead by Glover, when trying to get the medicine she was almost killed. Thresh kills her by breaking her skull. After that Katniss gave the medicine to Peeta, and then blacked out. When Peet got better Thresh got killed by Cato when he took his bag. I think id did ok. Because this time i read the passage very carefully. Im going to promise to read the passage more than 2 times. Also to pick carefully the answer.

  15. My user name is jasonb2015 and I’m currently reading “Go Ask Alice” by an anonymous author. Tonight, I read 25 pages. In tonight’s reading, Alice meets a boy named Joel who she really likes at the school library and her family is so interested and impressed by him that Alice’s dad offers him to get a scholarship. While filling in for Jan in a babysitting assignment, Jan shows up literary in a complete disaster, obviously she has been on drugs and Alice tells Jan’s parents what had happened and they take her away. Jan is soon angry at Alice and threatens to get her back into drugs again. Back at school, everyone seems to put pressure on Alice because they want her to be back on drugs, but Alice feels that that is not the best choice to make and does not do it. School is over and the students no longer pressure Alice to get back on drugs and then unfortunately her grandmother passes away and she is deeply saddened.

    On today’s last practice RTP I think I did very well because I used many of the strategies that you have taught us, Ms. Stabrowski. For example, on the last simulation last week, I immediately read the answer choices without answering the questions in my own head which made the questions a lot harder. Today, though, I covered up all the answer choices and thought about it in my head. I can absolutely promise you Ms.Stabrowski that on Monday and Tuesday I will find the WHO and the WHAT to help me on those main idea questions. I really hope to get a 4 because I know who I’m going to pie.

  16. Arsh2015: Today I keep on reading A Brief Chapter in my Impossible Life by Dana Reinhardt. Tonight I have read 32 pages. In those pages, Simone has gone to the hospital where she was born. She is trying to figure out who her mother was, but they give her no information. She goes back home hoping that the plan she is trying to pull off. She goes back to the hospital and her foster mother was there. Looks like she was trying to help Simone, but Simone didn’t take it so well. I think I did pretty well on the multiple choice, but not so well on the short response. The questions given were more like inference questions and not detail questions, like we did in writing class. What I did differently from the simulation was that I read the questions and title more carefully. What I promise to do on the real test is take my time and always do the 2ws and theme.

  17. Tonight in my reading Davids father was freaking about how David knows his secret. David told him he knows what he did last night. Now since his father was speechless David is now scared. I’m going to solve this mystery before the book even tells me. Thats how good I am.
    Today I know I did well on the test. I was focused and I didn’t have any distractions. I was on the roll. I PROMIS I will do the same thing I did today on Monday and Tuesday.

  18. Tonight I read the book Streams to Rivers. tonight i read chapter 23. What happened today in the book is that Sacajawea and the rest of the explorers had continued up the river and had finally got to the rough parts of the river where the Pacific ocean is meeting with the river. One of the boats get water in it , but one of the boats don’t because they stopped early enough. Captain Clark also kisses Sacajawea again. I think I did a good job on the last RPT test, and i thought it was easy and i think I got at least a 90%. Well i really did not do anything differently but I was more confident about this test than the other one ! I can promise to eat breakfast the morning of the test!

  19. Gianni2015.Dope Sick. Walter Dean Myers. Tonight I read 34 pages. I found out that the reason Lil j was doing all of the things like stealing and drug dealing was because he has a family to look after. I think I did well on the last RTP test because I understood all of the passages. I also labeled proof and attacked the questions. I promise to either get a hight 3 or a 4 on the test on Monday.

  20. AnthonyP, (my a and my c keys dont work ill use @ for a) tod@y in my re@ding of Stre@ms to the River… Sacagawea is encountering storms on her w@y to the P@cific Oce@n with the te@m. She desper@tly fights for her life @s the forces of n@ture @re @gainst her.

    Tod@y’s RTP was f@ir but it’s too much work @lre@dy. I think we all deserve a break atle@st from RTPs. But besides th@t the RTP w@s pretty re@son@ble.

  21. Hellerzzzz Orlando G 2015 here.Today I read the book Little Br0other X by Cory Doctorow. Tonight I read about 18 pages of the novel. I learned that my characters name is Marcus but they call him “Win5tOn”.He is 17 and he goes to Cesar Chavez High School.
    I dont like my score in the rtp today because I gt an 80% and Ithink I could have a lot in my rtp but i think i slacked off i have to promise to take my time and not rush during the test that is what messed me up the most. I think that I have to focus more because that slows me down too.

  22. Adrian 2015. Hunger Games. Suzanne Collinnz. Tonight i read 2 chapters of Hunger Games. I read that Katniss and Peeta won the games and are on a trian home. On this ride the are talking about Haymitch and how he was won the Games. They figured out that he outsmarted all the others. So since they didn’t want to kill each other they faked it to sabotage the games. Now they just got caught by a Hover craft. And when they threw down the ladder they got electricuted. Now the are in a cell in different rooms.Katniss is being monitured and is being watched. There they gave her jail food. Fast fowarding on Peeta and Katniss kiss.=]. Today’s RTP test went fine b/c it was easy to do. I did nothing differently today. I will promise to show all my strategies

  23. leah2015

    Also in my reading she wants to send home the ruppees,money, to her family but they ,her keepers, aren’t letting her do so but in a way that isn’t so bad. And her drems of home,and wants to be home but her keepers say she won’t see home for a while.

  24. Freddy P2015. Today i read 25 pages. In my reading today i read that marcus is getting wasted and is seeing things. A cause of this brought very bad consquences toward him by him embarrising him self in front of a girl who he realy liked. Also what i read was that many people are coming to the motel there in and getting very high and having sex. Rhis parting and drugs cause a death of a friend who had a overdose. In the RTP i think i did very good and i think that was a good practice. what i did different was today i read more than skipping parts and i found more proof. I can promise that i will find proof and not guess on questions and also get a 3 or 4.

  25. leah2015 Sold by Patricia McCormick tonight I read 20 pages

    In my reading Lakshmi gets to travel to India, but very little does she know she is being sold from one person to the other. On her journey her “Uncle/husband” tells her to call him that and for her to tell the border men that he is her husband. Once they reach their desination he takes her to a ladie’s house and right there she is sold into prostitution, and for only ten thousand ruppees. I think that I did great on the last RTP, because I got 80% on it. What I did differently this time was that I carefuly read the passage, and from there on the answers weren’t that hard. Next Monday and Tuesday I can promise to write down the two w’s(wh and the what with the theme), so htis way I can get a better understanding of the passage.

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