Tuesday April 20, 2010 – No Post Tonight! :(

Hi guys,

Because of your excess of RTP passages, tonight’s IR assignment is cancelled. If you read and would like to post for extra credit (like Daijah) you may do so. Just include all of the usual information and practice a skill you haven’t done in a little while.

Good luck on your passages! Now, go back, check your work and make sure all of your proof is labeled!




One thought on “Tuesday April 20, 2010 – No Post Tonight! :(

  1. Yeah I get extra credit. Tonighte in my reading I read 15 intense pages in the new hot book in the library. The title is First Shoot. In my reading tonight David has this feeling that his father killed his mother. He had this suspence when his father came sneaking from the backyard with a shovel. At school him and his father had an argument about shooting. Its Weird! But he ended the conversation with ” I know what you did the other night.” His father turned white and thats when the mystery begins.

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