Monday April 19, 2010


Take a walk in your character's shoes...


Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you all met or exceeded your goals on today’s Math Simulation! It seemed like most of you were doing a great job and felt pretty confident. I hope you all excelled!


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. I read _____ pages tonight.

3. Summarize what you read this evening in 3 sentences or more.

4. For tonight’s skill, step into your character’s shoes and walk around a bit. What does your character think and feel? What are his/her actions? What motivates your character? If you were your character, what would you do, given the conflict and issues that have arisen thus far in the novel? Why? Would you do things the same way or differently? Why?

That’s it!

Happy reading and happy blogging!




27 thoughts on “Monday April 19, 2010

  1. sammy2015: I am starting to read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read 34 pages tonight. In tonight’s reading, Susie was going home from school and made a mistake. Susie had just died from being raped and then brutally murdered by her neighbor. She ends up in “her” heaven. She seems to be seeing everything happening currently in the human world. Her parents went out for a search but her neighbor, Mr.Harvey, didn’t leave a trace. My character, Susie, is gullible. She believed and seemed to trust Mr.Harvey at first which led to her death. She feels angry for falling in Mr.Harvey’s trap. Sussie was leaving but her curiousity of what Mr.Harvey built and being asked constantly, she decided to finally agree to see what Mr.Harvey had created. If i was Susie, I would have never given in to see what Mr.Harvey did and would have just kept walking. I wouldn’t be rude but I would kindly say goodbye Mr.Harvey. If more pressure comes from him, I would just run and tell my parents. She would have been alive if she had just walked away and ignored Mr.Harvey. She should have just listened to her mom and gone straight home.

  2. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “Go Ask Alice” by an anonymous author. I read 24 pages tonight. In tonight’s reading, Alice feels happy to begin her new life and spend all the moments of her life with her family. She soon decides that she wants to to be a counselor, helping people with their problems and help them recover just as Alice recovered from her drug usage. While celebrating Mom’s birthday, Alice flashes back to her memories of when she tried drugs and can feel pain. To worsen the situation, Alice’s grandfather has a stroke and dies.

    If I were in Alice’s shoes, I would try to spend as much time as possible with my family and help them out in every way possible as a sign of gratitude for all the trouble that her family went through for her and her drug use. Alice is a very nice girl and she has what it takes to make her family feel loved. My character is very strong and all this time without her family motivates her to love them even more. She should show love because they are her family and they’ve all had to go through the same struggles.With her recovery, if I were Alice, I would show my appreciation toward my family for all the troubles that they had to go through, protecting me from the evilness world of drugs.

  3. Ola2015- Today I read 22 pages of a book called “If you come softly” by Jacqueline Woodson. In the book, Miah is black and Ellie is white and they are in love. Ellie appears to be Jewish and it seems in this time and setting love between races is not appropriate. I think if I were Ellie I would choose to follow my heart and pay little attention to people’s verbal opinions. I would also feel a sense of discomfort but also love too. I would kind of feel discomfort because of harsh words directed at me from another person, who thinks the choice that I am making is wrong. But other than that i would still stay strong. 🙂

  4. Angeline2015: I’m reading Streams to the river, rivers to the sea by: Scott O’ Dell. I read 17 pages. This evening, I read that Sacagawea saw signs of her tribe . Aspy was sent by the shoshones to see if they were friendly or not. Sacagawea was really happy to see what was left of her family and friends, but specially how her cousin Running Deer had changed.At this point of the novel, Sacagawea feels very excited and anxious because she would get to see her family again. Something that motivates Sacagawea is that she knows that she has a possibility of going back with her tribe if she helps Lewis and Clark in their expedition.

  5. lourdes2015: I finished The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read the last 32 pages. Tonight, I read about how Susie goes back down to Earth. She fell and went into Ruth, a friend who sensed her after she died. Ray, a boy who liked her (she liked back), knew it was Susie in her body. He called her by accident because it felt like it was Susie. Later, Lindsey and Samuel got married and had a baby, which they named Abigail Suzanne (after her mom and Susie). Susie begins to watch her family less seeing they are happy. She then watched Mr. Harvey with her grandpa. Mr. Harvey was killed by an icicle when he tried to rape and murder another girl. I’ve noticed that the same way Mr. Harvey was killed was the same weapon Susie picked for the game: How to Commit the Perfect Murder- ironic. Susie right now is calm. She excepted her place in heaven by the end. Susie tried to call Buckley, but she was slipping away back away from Earth. If I were her, I would have written it on something or given him a sign. Other than that, I would not have changed any of her actions. Susie got what she wanted to have the most: being back on Earth for one last time.         

  6. Freddyp2015. Today I read my new book suckerpunch and they were very funny and serious. In my reading today I meet the character marcus is a teen who is wild snd crazy. Marcus the main character I learned wants to kill his father soo badly for some reason that he hasn’t mentioned yet in the book. Also I read that Marcus is at his friends dadz furneral and he wishes it was his dad in the casket. Lastly I am up to the part were marcus and crew are getting wasted and tsking pills. I sense something bad is going to happen. If I were Marcus I would just talk to my father to resolve the issue to let us have a better relationship. Instead of having killing thoughts and hating him so much. That’s what I would do if I were in Marcus shoes. THANKZ

  7. if i was kelly i would actually rise the climax or the rising action by like lieing to him or actually let him do what ever he wants. kelly is really a good friend that has been friends wit lil j for a long time

  8. markos2015-i read 20 pages on dope sick by walter dean myers and ive read that lil j has been tryin to go to church and really wants to restart his life. he is not alone his friend kelly helps him try to keep his life on track and restart it. if i was kelly i would show how to be nice or not be easily torn by just this. to not let it affect u.i would also show him how to avoid going back

  9. krod2015.Streams to the River, River to the Sea.Scott O’ night i read chapters 19& 20. In this book, so far, Sacagawea and the guys, are headed back to Sacagawea’s home place. She went their to see if any body was left in her island, and just to check up on the place.

    If i were Sacagawea, i would tell the men if i could lead the way, because you would know your island more than the guys on the boat. The guys don’t want her to lead the way because she has to keep an eye on the baby, Mekko(thats what Sacagawea calls him), and when they are on their way, the baby needs to be feed a lot. Right now, i think that Sacagawea’s feels in these two chapters are happy, because she is going back to see whats left in her island, and maybe to see if Running Deer came back safe. I really enjoy reading this book, I cant believe we are almost done with it.

  10. My name is ashley and tonight I read streams in the rivers rivers in the streams by scott o dell. Tonight the retell.of my story is that Sacajawea is in the land of the Shoshone, and she has reunited with her peopl such ass running deer the person she was captured w| and her brother chief cameahwait ! She also gets slapped by charbeenou and he gets jealous when he sees Miko’s uncle w| him in the water playing w| his son and takes him from his uncle. Sacajawea is a very nice chararcter that wiLl do anything for anyone as long as she has her basic needs of living .she also doesn’t like the fact that 9harbenou hots her and beats her she is only continuing for her lobe for Captain Clark and running Deer knows it !

  11. Tonight I read 36 pages and finished the book called The Titan’s curse. I figured it out now, It’s called the Titan’s Curse because all along Kronos had a spell on Luke. So, tonight I read that the gods know that Kronos is gathering armies and Atlas is trying to escape from his imprisonment. Percy is listening to the gods argue and Ares, of course would like to blow them to bits. Poseidon and Zeus get angry and tell him that their kids are dangerous but they can be trusted. Artemis offers Thalia a spot as the new lieutenant of the Hunt. Percy then figures out that Luke isn’t only allies with Kronos but he’s also for Oceanus.

    Percy is the type of person who does anything as long as it’s reasonable, or if someone is in need of something. He loves to be around water, and his friends. If I were Percy I’d continue what he does because what he does is he follows his instincts. I’d do it the same way because last time I checked he’s still alive. So, basically that means that his instincts keep him alive.

  12. cristina2015-i read the first 20 pages of my book and i have just started Birds by Angela Johnson. what i have read is that the main character is named birds and she had a family. she is very determined and she doesn’t like her life because she has lost her two fathers and a girl named cecil. she also doesn’t like her life because it rains around where she lives and she seems to be poor so she always gets soaked. if i were bird i would take my life easy because she just too young to be dealing w. life problems that big. if i were bird wouldn’t worry about cecil because it was a life decision that she decided to do. bird shouldn’t go looking for her because she worries too much. she has life problems and doesn’t aprriciate her life of how it is.

  13. Gianni2015.Dope Sick.Walter Dean Myers.Today I read 25 pages. What I read today was that Lil J and Kelly were trying to figure out away that could have gotten Lil J’s life back on track. I also found out that Lil J is really trying to go to church and convert in to beliving in god. If I was Lil J I would try not to impress god but to let him know I am begging for forgivnes so that he could forgive the sins that i have made.

  14. i am so sorry my first blog was too short so i have to add on and i forgot to mention that Shaun himself said that he would have to train a lot harder . and he said that regularly he would train about 10 hours but now he would have to train up to 14 hours.
    To me i think that Shaun really cares about winning if he didn’t he wouldn’t train as hard so i say Shaun is very determined and he always may be smiling but i think he always has a mind set of winning.

  15. Hi I am Samaiyah2015 and I just started reading to book Misfits. I read 27 pages tonight. In tonights reading, met 4 middle schoolers who don’t really fit in with the rest of the school’s students. They know that they can’t really help it, so all they can do is face it and live with it. They seem to be unnoticed, and if they are noticed, it is at the expense of their dignity or sanity. If I were Bobby, I would’ve never been in this position. People only treat you the way the way you allow them to treat. If you are a loner, that is partly your fault for not being social or isolating yourself. Yes, it is a common issue that is rising, but in real life people always blame others, but at the end of the day, we can only change ourselves. That is something I would have done and so far the characters are seemingly doing the opposite by mopping around and having meetings where they complain about the way tger are unfairly treated.

  16. Justin2015. Sammy by Matt Beckbrick and read 20 pages. If I was Sammy I would not be so depressed about my life beening hard because some point in my life, my life will change if I depend on it. Also that I wouldn’t be so sad when my mom dies because things happen in life.

  17. Hello Orlando G 2015 herre.Tonight I read a Sports Illustrated issue entitled winter wonderland.this issue is by Justin Tejada.This main concentrates on snowboarder Shaun White this article shows how Shaun felt knowing he would be competing at the winter Olympics.
    If I were Shaun i would feel really anxious and have a lot of pressure . Shaun is a snowboarder and that is what he does most of the time. if i were Shaun i would train a lot harder because now it’s a lot different you are representing your country so i would train my butt off if i were Shaun.

  18. ClarissaC2015 : Im still reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I promise i will finish soon! Tonight, i read 20 pages and Mel is still having this problem with the world around her. How come she doesn’t speak yet? I think that Mel is a very smart and observant person but the gift doesn’t work if she doesn’t express herself. If she says what she thinks, more people will praise her and respect her for her intellectual thoughts. Now, I’m going to step into Mel’s shoes. I can relate a little because I rarely raise my hand in some classes. I think Mel feels like an outcast because people haven’t talked to her. She doesn’t even talk when she is spoken to because she thinks no one cares about her opinions. If i were Mel, i would try to express myself more. Especially if I was Mel was in the book Speak. I would raise my hand a little and be like a mini social butterfly. I would talk to every clique there is so that i can be able to say that i learned something from each of them. Or at least have a group of friends that i stick with instead of one that comes and goes or isn’t really there for me all the time. Almost done with the book so I’m going to continue reading. Good night, bloggers =]

  19. Arsh2015: Today I start reading A Brief Chapter in my Impossible Life by Dana Reinhardt. The part that should out of me the most was when Simone was talking with her foster mother and she wanted to find out who her birth mother was. Her foster mother felt really bad because she thought Simone didn’t love her any more. This someone thing not many can relate to, that’s why I found it interesting. Simone said it in a way that she wanted to leave, not needing help from her foster family. This is the family that has taken care of her for 16 years and she wants to go. If I were Simone, I would have asked her foster mom nicely to tell her about how she was adopted and go on from there. I would have also use d them for help because they might know more than if she tried to figure this out alone. This would help her without hurting her foster family. I would not like this to go the way it did in the book. I hope she fixes it because she did was wrong. Simone was mean and selfish for no reason.

  20. Hey guys! I just finished reading The Absolute Diary Of A Part Time Indian. In my reading tonighte Junior’s sister died because of a party. During the party Junior’s sister had gotten drunk and she passed out. Once passed out the house caught on fire and she laid there and burned to death. If I was junior I would’ve taken the fact that my sister died more seriously. The fact that he was laughing once he heard that his sister died shows no respect to his sister. BAD!

  21. diamond2015: Livng on Impulse by Cara Haycak. Tonight I read 23 pages. In my reading tonight I read that Mia passed out in the club and got the band there playing in trouble. The owner resued her from almost getting raped by an older college student. He realized she was 15 and said she better go home or else the cops were getting called,but her would have to be called first if she doesn’t.
    I think Mia feels as though she is a total screw up. Since she snuck out to a club, she must have thought that she was cool and there wouldn’t be any one that would find out. The actions she has is to go clubing and to get drunk. The only thing that would motivate is to stop and think if she is being too impulsive or if she is not impulsive. Even now she is way too impulsive. If I was Mia I would try to think about how much I would be hurting my mother by stealing things and sneaking out all hours of the night. I would do this because I’m the one hurting the person I love their not hurting themselves. I’m the only one making it hard for them to understand me more.

  22. Jm2015: I am reading Chicken Soup for Girls Soul by Irene Dunlap. I read 25 pages. Tonight I read about how girls around my age goes through puberty. I also read that when girls go through puberty they deal with issues that they have in numerous ways. I found it very interesting to read about how others girls my age that goes through puberty how they become a different more mature teen. If I was one of the girls in my book I would countiue to face the difficult changes through puberty. In my opoion I believe that going through puberty is your body telling you that you are developing and becoming a young adult. All of my characters in my book have different effects and actions while going through puberty. For all of my characters it involves physical changes and also it involves emotional changes. If I were any of my characters I would honestly be more aware and more concerned because some characters in my book just don’t care. I would care more because that’s just the type of. Person I am.

  23. Keema . Iam blogging about our whole class novel we are readin g in history class. Tomingt , or i should say this eventing i read a total of 25 pages. Tonight i read that Sacagawea is now reuniting back with her peolple the SHESHONES.I now understand that with out Sacagawea this jonerney that Captian lewis and Captain Clack are on would not be possible with out Sacagewa.
    If I were married to Charbonneau i wolud try my best to act as the worest wife a man would ever wish for. Even wores than the than the wild wife, who pulled out a gun on her husband.I would ask this way to Charbonneau b/c her treats Sacagawea as if she is a peice of rag.Right now as i read this novel , i think that Sacagawea is thinking that ,she wants to complete this journey for her son Meeko. Ithink she wants to bust Charbonneau in his trought until he is unconcious. Iwould do thing differently from Sacagawea, I would have left baby meeko back at the camp site if i was given an option for someone to watch him for thaey day. I would have done this b/c it would keep my son or baby girl safe, and so they have to see their father get hurt.

  24. ae2015:DEMON THIEF:DARREN SHAN: 32 PAGES. Tonight in my reading, Nadia, Raz, Sharmila, and Kernel are still dealing with magic. Beranbus, who is like the chief of magic, has caught the gang in a small adventure. Their question is what in the world are they planning on telling Beranbus. Kernel still has big issues with is power of seeing colors and people beliveing him which is kind of sad.
    If I were Kernel I would do so many things differently compared to how he deals with situations. If I were Kernel I would only describe my feelings to the people who belive me (i.e. Raz Nadia,and Sharmila).These are the people who he can trust with his powers. Also, if I were him I would have thought of a plan just in case they got caught by Beranbus, which did happen. I would do this so that I would not have so much emotional and sort of physical pain.

  25. Anthony P, Night of the Dragons. Ended at page 311. At this point in the book Sintharia was defeated by Korialstrasz and Kalecgos (-strasz or -strasza = red dragon, -gos or -gosa = blue dragon). While Kalec and Krasus escaped so did Rhonin, Vareesa, Grenda and the dwarves, all escaped. Under the rubble of Grim Batol… deep under it lay Deathwing. Deathwing must’ve been plotting this for so long. Now he will cause cataclysm on the world of Azeroth.

    If I was Iridi (the Draenei who lost her life during the collapse of Grim Batol) i would just lay there until Dargonax ended my life because what use is there to keep trying if you know that there’s no hope if you try.

  26. leah2015 Sold by Patricia McCormick
    To night i read 37 pages.
    In my reading i read about the family’s struggles with the weahter and money. In the book the father has a lot of debt to pay off but he doesn’t have the money. And instead of getting a job he goes up the hill, drinks tea, and play cards. The reason he in so much debt is because he love to gamble and he does it alot. I think the main charcater Lakshmi feels ok and willing. She feels ok because she not sad but she isn’t too happy. She wishes for a tin roof so that they can surive the harsh rain. She is also willing to get a job in the city and work as a maid for a rich faimly, and from there on she will send she wages to her house. What motivates my character is the tin roof. She and her mother want it so bad. If i was Lakshmi i would try to find a jod in the city as a maid any way. Even if i did have a self-fish stepfather, just so my mother and my baby brother and i could have that in roof and won’t die. Well in her case i might do things differently because, i have my own ideas on how things go. And she seems like the kind og girl that is scard to think outside the box.

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