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Peaceful protesters attempting to resolve a CONFLICT, calling for an emphasis on education, not war.


Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Thank you again to all of you who came on time and in uniform to Saturday School yesterday. Your dedication to your achievement, especially on the state exam, is unparalleled. Thank you.

Unfortunately, it seems as though some Blogsters are not reading the notes I write, and are skipping straight to the Criteria for Success. For full credit, please include your book’s copyright date next to the title of your book in the Criteria for Success. Thank you!


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. This weekend, I read _____ pages.

3. In a minimum of 5 sentences, summarize what you read this weekend. Tell me the who and the what within your retell. (Good practice for the state test!)

4. Tell me about the major conflict in your book. What is it? How did it start? Who are the people involved?  How does it get resolved, or if you haven’t finished yet, how do you think it will get resolved?

5. In a 3rd paragraph. Evaluate the conflict. Is this realistic? Does it teach the reader a lesson? Does it relate to a universal theme or major social issue? This is your chance to really critique the author’s choices in creating the plot. Be critical.

6. What book would you like to read next?

Yes, it’s a long post. But I’m worried that some of us are getting lazy so please do your best for full credit.

Happy reading and happy blogging!




41 thoughts on “Sunday Post – April 18, 2010

  1. I did this last night but I had fell asleep doing it and never posted it,so I will bring a note saying that I read and I had di my blog earlier but I feel asleep!

  2. The name of my book is SWEET16 and I amd finally finished wmith the book.I read about 80 pages over this weekend throught that book to finish! The retell on my nook is thatin the begginong of the story the manin character Teegan was always richn and she was having a Sweet 16! Her friend/enemy was having her sweetb 16 the same day, and they were bother fighting to get all of their friends to go to their sweet 16. At the end of it all Teegan was fighting so much that she had lost her best friend , and her concious had actually came to life and took her around to her bestfriends house? And all the other people she had disrespected trying to have a better party than the ashley. At the ebd of the story she apologizes to the girl and then they go to her party , but most people went to the Ashkey,s party because of the way Tegan disrespected them!The main conflict in the story is that a rich girl is having a sweet 16 and she trys to outdue the Ashley, because she wants everyone to come to her party. Teegan ends up trying to outdue Ashley so much that she pushes away her best friend, who no longer wishes to speak to her because of how she treated her!this is a very realistic conflict for anybody, because any girl can have a sweet 16 and push away people trying to outdue herself or a friendemie! The conflict got resolved when her concious took her around to see everyone that she did wrong to and she gave them a heartfelt appooligy and talked to them about their problem.(He clonflict teaches a lesson of stressing yourself over the petty stuff because you will end up losing a good friend or drive them away. I think this is a major social issue. I want to read 13 reasons why!

  3. Heyy! : ] : ]Tonight I read if I have a stepmother, where’s my prince. I read 43 pages this weekend.
    Who: Lucy’s dad remarries to a wicked step mother and is now stuck living with her dad, wicked step mother, and step sisters.
    What: she’s is stuck on finding herself and a prince [a guy]. Also trying to live with her evil stepsisters, will make that hard.
    I think that the conflict was trying to get over the fact that her dad has moved on, and living with new people she hasn’t known. She is also getting older and she is trying to find the right guy. While living with her dad she also has to worry about her mom.
    I think that the conflict isn’t so realistic because most people know that not everything in life is going to be perfect. But I think that the overall message of this story is that most things aren’t going to be happy endings. On my opinion, so far the author is doing a very good job on giving a message in the book.
    I think that I will read a mystery book next time.

  4. I just finished reading I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You (copyright 2006) by Ally Carter. I read 138 pages. (I had a lot of time to read) Cammie and Josh develop a good relationship but Cammie lied to him a lot because she had to hide her secret. She lied about the majority of her life: where she goes to school, her parents, siblings, etc. Cammie and Josh break up after Josh finds out Cammie has been lying to him. Josh finds out about Cammie’s secret by one of the Gallagher Girls. The ending was weird. Cammie tells Josh she is leaving, but his response was “I guess I’ll see you around. Oh, tell your mom thanks for the tea.” It was weird because it seemed like he forgot all about her secret. The story doesn’t explain. The who is Cammie and the what is that she wants to keep her secret even from her boyfriend.
    The major conflict in this novel is when Cammie haas fallen in love with Josh and still has to retain the secret from him. She made many excuses to him. When Dillon came in the story, he changed things. He was the one who got suspisious about Cammie. He was the one who found the truth of which school she went to. She use to say she was home schooled but now part of the secret was revealed. Josh breaks up with her because of this lie. The people in this is obviously Cammie and Josh but Bex and Cammie’s other friends are included too. It started with Cammie lying to him about everything and in the end, their relationship was over. Josh found out about Cammie, though it seemed like he forgot. The book ended in a strange way that I didn’t expect.
    The conflict isn’t very interesting because it isn’t a universal theme AT ALL. A teen spy doesn’t relate to girls now. There is no lesson in this story. For “teen spies” it would be falling in love with someone and keeping a secret at the same time, is the most dangerous secret of all. This story wasn’t as great as I expected. It was nice because it’s for teens to read for fun but it has nothing that can relate to the world or that can be taught to people. The story was realistic fiction and a good book to enjoy filled with Cammie’s love and secretive adventure. This is a teen book that people would enjoy but not a book that can connect with the world. From a scale of 1-10, I would most likely give this book between a 5.5 – 7.5 but nothing higher. I am now gonna read The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I hope this book turns out better 🙂

  5. Janibell2015- I am reading the book Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper. I read about how Romiette had a dream that she was drowning and a guy saved her. She woke up and started writing in her jornal to get her mind off of what the dream might mean. She gets to school that morning and tells her paranoid friend about the dream. Then, the story introduces Julio and it reveals how he’s a mexican trying to adapt to the cold weather of Cincinnati. He was the new kid at Romiettes school and got into a fight on the first day.

    The major conflict in the book is that Romiette wants to find out if Julio is her soul mate . It all started when it was their first day back to school from winter break and Julio got into a fight with a guy and Romiette notices him. Romiette got a feeling that he was the guy from her dream. Her friend Destiny thinks that its a premonition and that her dream will actually come true.

    Yes, the conflict is realistic but i dont think it teaches a lesson. This is a social theme about love. I think that this theme isnt really important because it doesnt teach the reader a lesson about life. Instead, this book is more for entertainment and fun. The author had an intention to show the reader how the love of two teenagers brought conflicts with their parents and friends.

    I would like to read Tears of a Tiger next because its also by Sharon Draper and i like the creativity she puts into her writing. It really shows her opinions and her perspective on life.

    Ps) – I read 112 pages and the copyright date is 1999.

  6. Angeline2015: Tonight I’m reading Streams by the river, River to the Sea by: Scott O’ Dell. This weekend, I read 56 pages. I read that Sacagawea was starting to get a fever. Captain Clark was taking care of her while Charbonneau was complaining. Clark and Lewis took good care of her because they knew Indians wouldn’t attack them if they saw a women and a baby. This was also a symbol that they came in peace.Charbonneau and Sacagawea got in a fight and he tried to run away with their son. He’s stopped by all of them. The reason why he did this was because he didn’t want to work with Clark and Lewis anymore. Luckily they found him on time.
    The major conflict in this book is that Sacagawea is sick. She still has to keep going and finishing her work. In this part, Sacagawea, Clark, Lewis, York, Charbonneau and the baby are involved. I think at the end of the book she’s finally going to meet her family again. Also, she should stay with Clark since they both love each other.
    The conflict is realistic. This book is telling Sacagawea’s life. It teaches the reader a lesson. For example, you shouldn’t trade your family for a place where your rich and lovable or saying how Sacagawea’s overcoming and fighting for her life. It does relate to a universal theme. The only thing I would say, is that they should have written something that pointed out just one theme at a time and not more than one because it makes it hard for the reader to stay in topic.
    Next, I would like to read thirteen reasons why or the hunter games.
    Copy right date: 2008

  7. i read 80 pages on walter dean myers on dope sick and i read that rico is untrusted by lil j becuase he ratted lil j out. lil j is trying to restart his life from the day he got cuaght selling drugs and shot the police.
    one major conflict is that lil j is tryin to escape but rico keeps getting into his mind.he is tryin to forget about rico and he also believes that god has given him a chance to restart life.
    i think its is realistic cuase like big brother l u can change ur life its never too late. some kid could mess up really bad but he can still change and show he is really sorry.this can relate to the world cuase people have done somethin bad but changed. one would be Malcom X.

  8. Freddyp2015.This weekend I read 29 pages in my class novel for history class.The copyright for the book is 1986. Over the weekend my reading has been very interesting reading my assinged reading. What I read is that ther frenchmen is trying to escape and go away home and do trade but it sees like he aint make it far. Also what happen was that the frenchmen lied on his own wife saying that she was the reason he wanted to escape which was a bigg lie. Also what happen was that Sacagawea told lewis that she wanted to go with them and not with her ungreatful husband. Lastly what happen was that they have meet a lot of blackfeeet which are very deadly NA. The frenchmen tried tob set eveyone up by saying they people they saw were not blackfeet so they would walk into there trap. One major conflict in my book is trying to survive a very dangerous trail to explore the west and to make history. This conflict is very iportant because one it shows a good part of our history and could show a bit of forshadowing to some readers. Another reason why this is a very important conflict is because ir draws the reader to read the book more like me. The conflict brings a lot of suspense what will happen next will sacagawea n crew survice or will they die. That’s what I really like about the conflict. This book could be very realistic because it is realist. LOL but mainly its realistic because it takes place in a really important time in history and how we increased our countrys siZe by 2. Also my book could be realsic because sacagawea is a real person and the book takes place in her point of view and from her diray.Lastly my book could be realsitc because it has a lot of themes many people could relate too. LASTLy the next book I want to read is Thirteen Reasons Why. WOW THAT WAS LONG. SHHHHHHH!. LOL

  9. RV2015: The Ladies of the Lake by Jenifer Allison. I read 68 pages. Copy right Jenifer Allison, 2006.

    What I read was that Gilda go together with Wendy for Halloween. They were very happy and were at a dance together looking at cute boys. Gilda also started writing stories of the parts of her investigations she has found. She wrote the story and told them in front of the class though they do not know what it is about truly. The paper Gilda writes for started the same thing we do with the dear Tiffany letters.

    The conflict in my book is trying to find why or how Dolores is dead drowned in the lake. The problem started after Gilda’s mom told her about the school and Gilda started learning more about it. That is what Gilda is trying to find out who is involved and why. I haven’t yet finish but i can’t wait to see what happens.

    I like the book it keeps me really interested but i really don’t think there is a good lesson or just no lesson at all. The book is great to read because it keeps you wanting to know so you keep reading. I think the writer did a good job of writing but not of teaching. Still I will keep reading it because it is a good mystery book to me. Next book I want to read is Before I die.

  10. Keema .I read a total of 29 pages from our whole class novel we are reading in History Class.In these chapter I read How Chonnbeoua baciaslly abuses Sacagawea. He isnt a good husband. He treats Saca’ with out and respect. She doesn’t have a right to say her opinion.
    This weekend i sppentit with my 2year old nephew “Zair”. He so halrious.Iaslo spent it with my brother”Hakeem”.Zair is one of my nephew’s that i haven’t seen in 1 whole entire yeaar.
    The majior confilct in this story is completingthe juior of the Louisiana perchures. That Thomas Jefferson gave them to complete.Sacagawea is also is a main conflict b/c she has to start over a new life, with her new son. She faces the fact that losts of men in the indain tribes are atracted to her.
    To me this isnt really a univeral theme b/c not everyone around the world’s president is buying a country and sending perople to descorve the goods and the bad of the country.
    The next book i would want to read is the lighting theif part 2. This is because i thought that book one was very intersting and had a new experince to abook that i have never read before, and plus i saw the movie that was preety interseting to me. iHOPE A PART TO COMES OUT TO SEE

  11. mark2015- i read 80 pg and i read that lil j is tryin to restart his life from the day everything went bad. a problem is starting with lil j and rico. one conflict is that lil j set up the cop and he was selling drug. i think he will get intruoble couse rico might hate him. people involved r rico lil j and the police man. i think it’s a real conflict cuase

  12. I am reading the Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan. I read 77 pages. I read that Percy tried to go after Zoe but when he caught up with her he found out that someone had poisoned her. Because of this she dies the continuing chapter. Annabeth’s dad saves them from a monster using celestial bronze bullets. Annabeth figures out that Luke is really under a spell from Kronos.

    There is no conflict because it was already solved. But it was to find Artemis and Annabeth, which they already did. It was and it wasn’t realistic because they finding a god and also it was realistic because they wanted to help a friend. The theme is friendship or family.

    I would like to read The Battle of the Labyrinth next because it’s when Percy fights Kronos.

  13. Ola2015- This weekend, I read Here’s to you, Rachel Robinson. This weekend I read 64 pages. Now, in the book so far, she struggles with the thought of dealing with her brother who has gotten kicked out of boarding school. She also deals with school and at home dealing with her parents and of course her brother. She also has her friends to stick by her side if she can keep her relationship healthy.
    One major conflict in the book right now is Charles. He is rude and selfish and seems to want a lot of attention. He has been expelled from school and is taking it so lightly it gets his family pissed off. This does seem like a realistic situation where someone is expelled and is acting very… rude, it can be interpreted as a cry for help emotionally. =..(
    The author chose to make problems for the character that will eventually sum up into one problem that will be physically and emotionally solved. (Of course I have not reached that part yet) I would also like to read next “Before I die” it would be interesting.
    I forgot to say the copyright here: 1993

  14. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “Go Ask Alice” by an anonymous author. This weekend, I read a total of 42 pages. In the weekend’s reading, Alice is seen at every move that she makes and that frustrates her and later on decides to go to Oregon with other fellow drug users to continue with her drugs. Then a girl named Doris allows Alice to stay in her apartment and is deeply saddened about Doris’s stories about how her step-father sexually abused her and her foster family siblings. Later, Alice and Doris move to Southern California and at a rally there, she meets a girl who is pregnant and wonders if she’s pregnant now that she has not been taking her pills. Apparently, Alice feels bad about her fellow drug users and wonders why many teenagers run away from their homes. She regrets the fact that she left home and calls her parents to meet her in the city and take her back home. Once home, she decides that she will help young adults who are drug users to get out of drugs and to recover their lives.

    The major conflict in the story is Alice’s drug use and her habit of running away from home. It all started with the invitation of and old friend who made her drink a cup of coke that without her knowing had drugs. Alice soon liked the smell and taste of the drugs and began to use drugs more often. I’m not yet finished with the book, but it seems that the resolution is that Alice is suddenly realizing the bad choices that she’s made and will attempt to help other individuals who have dealt with the same situation as her.

    The conflict is very realistic. It teaches individuals to think before making decisions. Sometimes one may be encouraged by friends to do something when the truth is that the actions that you make may not be the right choices. Alice was encouraged to try drugs and that lead into more serious problems such as losing her virginity and getting pregnant. The anonymous author writes these diary entries to reveal her shameful choices and to teach young readers to not commit those same incorrect choices. One has to think about those who they love before making the wrong decisions.
    Next up, I am looking forward to reading “Thirteen Reasons Why.”

    By the way, the copyright year is 1971.

  15. Hello this is elianny and I read Dreamland by Sarah Dessen. I read 56 pages this weekend. This book has to do with relationships like most of her books. Caitlin is going out with Rogerson Biscoe. For some people this is good but for her it not. Besides being a pot head and drug attic, he abuses her. She is so scared of might what might happen that she doesn’t say anything
    One major conflict that he hits her and she doesn’t now who she should tell or what she should do. Caitlin is stuck in a position were she can go left or right. In this case left is just staying there and fighting through the pain and right is telling someone and dumping that jerk.Rogerson is really in love with her than why does he do this to her. The question that is running through my head is what she is going to do.
    This conflict is very important especially to women that go through this every day. This teaches a valuable lesson. Girls and young teens should read this book so that they should learn that they shouldn’t let any of this happen to them. They should be prepared for things like this. I would like to read 13 Reasons Why next.

  16. emanie2015. evermore. 2009. alyson noel. over the weekend i read 37 pages. last night i read about how the main character, ever bloom got into a horrible accident that changed her life a whole lot. at the age of 16 she can see peoples auras and she can hear others thoughts and she knows people life by touching them. now that she is in her new high school, people think she is crazy. but not until she meets a kid by the name of Damen Auguste. Damen is gorgeous, exotic, and wealthy. he can relat to her in many ways because he can silence the noise and random energy.
    The major conflect is that she can hove these powers that other cant and she feels different and wants to be treated like a humand.It started when she had gotten into an accident. there is no one really involed in her problem with the powers because it is her and she is the only one that can controll her powers. the only way i think that it can get resolved is by her going and seeing a theripest or a doctor.
    i think that the book can be relistic in a way. the reason is because some people may believe in it and others dont. i dont think that it teaches people a lesson because what lesson is there to teach. =[. it doesnt have a theme or anything because it is not a ficitonal book. i can judge the author because i think that the book could of have a theme weaved into it.
    i would love to read thirteen reasons why next because it seems like an intresting book that i can enjoy and not abandon… so yea i would like to read that book…. so tired lml (laugh mad loud)… bye p.s get a good rest ela tommrow =] everyone loves the ela test its awsome sneeze, cough =]

  17. suni2417- In tonight reading I read the book The Hunger Game by Suzanne Collins. Over the weekend I read over 25 pages. In the book Katniss and only 8 tributes are left. One of the tributes from district 11, Rue join with Katniss in the game, she later was killed by a boy from District 8. In the book it was announced that 2 tributes might have the chance to stay alive if they are from the same district. Peeta was hiding himself by covering his body and face with mud, since he was in a very serious case, in which his leg was cut where you could see his bone. Katniss spend most of the time in the game trying to cure Petta. When Peeta was really sick Katniss had to go get the book bag in which contain the medicine for Petta to get better. The major conflict in the book is when Peeta is about to die. It started when Peeta and Katniss were hiding in a cave and Peeta had a very high fewer . The people involve in Peeta sickness was Cato, because he was the one that cut him in the leg for letting Katniss run away. It got resolve when Katniss found him.It is realistic and it teaches Katniss a lesson.This is a social theme, because it shows Katniss that that you should always help people. I think that the author plot was to show how a person sacrifices to help others. I would like to read the book 13 reasons why.

  18. my name is shemar2015. im reading the book the bully by paul langan. i read 42 pages total this weekend. my character, darrell, transfered over to a new school and because he a new kid they bully him alot. he tries to find an alternitives to fit in for example joinig the basketball team but it does work cause he isnt nice enough. he goes to the teachers ,but that only makes it worsethe only thing that seems to work around bluford high is standing up for yourself. when darrell earns the courage to stand up tohim, he ends up embarring lincoln by making fun of his appearance and his family. darrell earns his respect from his pears. this conflict seems to go on alot in todays comunity. this problem of bulling is getting worse everyday. the kids that are getting bullied are committing suicide because of the bulling. the book doesnt really seeem to help the cause of it.

  19. Gianni2015.Dopesick(2009). Walter Dean Myers. Today I read 80 pages for the whole weekend. This weekend I read that Lil J tried to redo his lif all over again and for some reason he gets feels lie god is giving him another chance and supposedly tries to convert in to really believing god. I also read that Lil J can’t really trust Rico. He can’t trust Rico anymore because since he ratted Lil j out so that he wouldn’t have to spend more than two nights in jail. The major conflict in my book is That Lil J and Rcio got caught and set up by a cop to find out who was selling drugs. The people involved in the conflict were Lil J and Rico. I think that the problem is going to get solved by Lil J finally doing his life from the day that everything went bad all over again. The problem in my book seems pretty realistic but the only part that seems fictionlal is that he keeps getting second chances over and over again. The problem is a universal problem because everyday people get into problems with drugs and somebody always ends up dying in those kinds of situations. The next book i would like to read a action horror book. Well thats all I have for today see you guys tomarrow.

  20. hello Orlando g 2015 her . today i read the book the absolute diary of a part time Indian by sherman Alexie(2007).i read 54 pages through out the week end i read about a character junior calls Mr.P he is one of juniors teachers. i also read about some of the rules that junior and the other Indians need to fallow in the reservation . Most of the have to deal with either fighting for honor or beating people up.I also read about junior grandma and how she tried to give junior some advice and her belt i really funny.
    The problem in the book is that junior has issues the doesn’t look like the other people in the reservation so he gets picked on a lot and he gets beat up . the problem started when he was born he was born with too much brain fat so he needed surgery.i think this will be solved in the end of the book some one would end up liking junior for who he is .
    i think the problem is fairly realistic it does happen a lot in the real world and some people end up killing them self’s because of it. it could be a really good universal them and i think we should all be treated the same.
    The book i want to read next is before i die but that would be for partner reading.

  21. s.brownie2015. Demon Thief [copyright 2005]. Darren Shan. This weekend, I read 55 pages. Who: Kernel What:has to save himself and his brother from Lord Loss, a demonata that had held them as a hostage. So far, Kernel is in the middle of playing a game in “the board” and he found the demon Cadaver and pinned him down to show Lord Loss his guess. Kernel had been sent into the board by Lord Loss to find a “demon thief”. Lord Loss gave him three guesses to find them. He was told that Cadaver stole Art, but he wasn’t the one who thought of the plan. Kernel had thought that Lord Loss had created the plan so he had guessed him as the demon thief. He was incorrect for the second time. He had one more guess. But… I’m not gonna tell you who it is…
    The major conflict of the book is that Kernel had entered Lord Loss’s domain before and has no memory of it. Lord Loss now has something against Kernel and he doesn’t know what he did to anger him. This conflict isn’t realistic because a person usually would remember part of whatthey did. It isn’t realistic becausethe demonata don’t exsist, in the first place. I doubt that this book relates to any unversal theme at this point … possibly trust can be a universal themebecaus e Kernel went into the board and their survival depended on the three guesses and Kernel wasted two of them. They still trust him, regardless of his bad choices. Actually, I’d like to read the second and third books of The Hunger Games.

  22. mm2015 : This weekend I have continued to read Vampire Kisses( copyright date : 2003 =] ) by Ellen Schreiber. I have just finished reading 61 pages this weekend. During these interesting pages , Raven has tricked the hottest guy in the school, Trevor. He had taken her into a small forest while a party was going on on the day of Raven’s birthday. During this short period of time he tried 2 force Raven to have sex with him , but she didn’t fall for his idiotic trap. She leaded him onto thinking she was falling for it , but instead she told him to close his eyes and ran off with all of his clothes.
    As far as I have read , the major conflict in this novel is that while Raven and Becky , her best friend, were on there way home from the party , Becky has crashed into a “human” , but it has spontaneously disappeared. Raven and Becky are the only people who actually now about it at this point , but i predict that other people will get involved . I have not yet come to the resolution of this story , but I think that the object that they hit was actually a vampire. Honestly , I do not think that this is a realistic conflict . In the real world , mythical creatures like vampires don’t even exist . Much less is it even important to search for one. My main point ; I do not think that this conflict teaches a valuable theme or a unique lesson.
    During my next novel , I will look forward to reading 13 Reasons why.

  23. Hi I am Samaiyah2015 and I fininshed the book True Beliver today whose copyright is 2001 :).Who: LaVaughn What: Expresses her problems, hopes and dreams through poems. It was written in first person with the entire story in the format of poems. We see the friendship of LaVaughn and Annie and Myrtle deteriorate, but a long time friendship finally blooms into a far from cliché romance. This all takes place in a poor urban community similar to the poor communities of NYC.
    There are many problems that the protagonist, LaVaughn, face. One of the most apparent problems is her deteriorating friendship with Myrtle & Annie. They have been separeted because they have different classes, but there are two main reasons. The first real reason is that LaVaughn isn’t a Christian while Annie and Myrtle are devoted to Jesus. Also, Jody, the boy Annie truely and deeply hates, seems to be interested in LaVaughn and vice-versa.
    Yes, both reasons to the conflicts are very believeable, in fact one of them happened to me and even though it had a different result, I could certainly relate. Yes, it also teaches a valueable lesson that you should be careful who you concisider your friends. You may think they will be there for you, but in the end, the only things LaVaughn can depend on are her brain, her mother and the dollar in her pocket. The only bad thing about the book is that the poems don’t have a rhythm. The poems to have to rhyme, but the stanzas and lines feel awakward and don’t have a beat to them.
    I don’t know what book I want to read next. Does anybody have suggestions?

  24. Hey guys! I read 44 pages of The Absolute Diary of a Part Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. (copyright 2007). In my reading Junior is now going to a different school with white people. Him and his dad is freaking out. Once he got there the white kids surrounded him outside. They weren’t the only one surprised. Junior was surprised how white they were. He said ” I could see the blue veins running through their skin like rivers.” The major conflict in the story is the fact that he is in a new school.
    The people involved is Junior and the white people in his school. I think it’s going get resolved with Junior going. Back to his old school where he needs to be.
    The conflict in this book is ok but it really doesn’t teach a lesson. Though, it is a universal theme. Everyone has a school problem once in a while.I don’t think is the best conflict but it can happen to anyone.
    The next book I want to read is before I die.

  25. AG2015.Streams of the River, River to the Sea.Scott O’ Dell. This weekend, I read 10 pages. Sacagawea has to deal with Charbonneau, because he likes to lie about him and he also wants to take his son and leave. Sacagawea feels that she still wants to travel with Clark and Lewis. I really don’t like Charbonneau either because he is a terrible man. He lies a lot too, and why does he only want his son. A major conflict now is that Charbonneau wants to leave with his child and take him from Sacagawea because he likes him more he never really liked Sacagawea. It started because he never truly liked her. The people involved were Sacagawea, Charbonneau, Lewis, Clark. I think it will get resolved by they keep following Clark and Lewis and they will never let Charbonneau leave again with her child. This conflict is realistic you can tell because it was from the past and there are men that try to get a child and leave their wife to keep their child only. It sort of does, because it teaches them to learn how to be treat or to no do things unless you feel like doing it. Back then you didn’t really have a choice if you were captured too. It does relate to the big major theme or conflict. I feel that they should have added more true details too. I plan on reading Percy Jackson part III even though its its not related to the story.

  26. Arsh2015: Today I am going to post about Streams to the River, River to the Sea (copyright date: 1986) by Scott O’Dell. I have read 23 pages, and in those 23 pages, Sacagawea gets sick and Charbonneau wants to leave “because of Sacagawea”. When he is caught trying to escape he blames it on Sacagawea. Clark gets angry that Sacagawea wants to leave, but she tells him the truth. She didn’t tell him before because she knows not to say anything in front of her husband, especially if it is going against him.
    I think that there are many conflicts in this book, but the major conflict is Charbonneau. I think this because Sacagawea questions him. Sacagawea didn’t even want to marry him. Now he wants to leave the trip and that seems suspicious to Sacagawea. We have not gotten to the resolution, so I don’t know what Sacagawea will do about this.
    Thos conflict is realist because there are a lot of husbands who hid things from their wives. I think that the lesson thought hear is to not trust everyone because people have secrets that can effect your life. This relates to the social issue of trust because the truths not being told hear.

  27. Lourdes2015: I am almost done with The Lovely Bones- Copyright date: 2002 – by Alice Sebold. I read 40 pages. Who: Susie and her family. What: This weekend I read about how Susie’s father is still in the hospital after having a heart attack. Susie’s mom came all the way from California to see him worried that he might die. Everyone went to see him except Buckley, who wasn’t allowed due to his age. Buckley cursed at his mother when she tried to help him get in. He was mad at her for leaving them and especially him since he was only 6 years old. Len Fenerman was the detective who worked on Susie’s case and still continues to work on it. After finding out her father was right about Mr. Harvey being the murderer, he tried to track him down. It was difficult since Mr. Harvey moved seeing the suspicion of the neighborhood. Len went to the hospital to tell them what he had found. It was a Pennsylvania keystone with Susie’s initials that her father bought for her. It was one of her charms from her charm bracelet. It was found in a cementary. George Harvey still wasn’t caught.

    The conflict in the book is how Susie’s loved ones must adjust to life after her death. The problem all started when Susie was murdered. It’s currently 9 years after her death and they are still grieving. The situation seemed to just get worse. Their mother left them 2 years after not being able to stay because it reminded her of Susie too much. Their father had a lot of health issues since she died. He kept saying she wasn’t dead and asked for her in his hospital bed. It hurts Susie to see how much if an impact it made on everyone in her family. Mr. Harvey moved away running from the police and it seems like he will never be caught and get what he deserves after what he did to the Salmon family. I think it will be resolved by how her family members’ lives begin to finally get better and how Susie accepts her life in heaven. Hopefully, it will also end with Mr. Harvey being arrested by the police.

    The conflict of the book does seem realistic. People experince having to deal with a death of a family member in real life. Sometimes it is of someone not that close, but in this book it shows how hard life turns after someone very important is murdered. The author teaches readers how the obstacles of facing a death of someone you love will make you stronger. This relates to the universal theme: dealing with the death of a family member. This theme can relate to many people who faced it sometime in their lives. The death of Susie effected many people around her like it does to people in real life. Another theme is acceptance. Although this is a situation Susie deals with, it happens to those who don’t want to admit the death of someone. It was focused mostly in the beginning of the book when Susie was upset about being dead and wanting to be alive again. Sebold used her to show how some people don’t move on (in a different situation). The next book I would like to read is something as moving as The Lovely Bones. One book recommended to me was The Color of Water by James McBride.     

  28. My user name is Justin2015 and the title is Deconstructing Sammy 9780061450679. The author is Matt Birkbeck. This weekend I read 43 pages.

    Who: Sammy, Sonny, other people. What: Sammy and Sonny are getting alone and working together to get money for important things. I read that Sammy meet Sy Marsh and Sammy was her favorite client. He was her favorite client because she would wacth him storm out of places and she would try to calm his anger. I also read that Sammy borrowed 100,000 from Chicago mobsters and that he has ti pay back the money by paying 20% of his earings for 15 years. A major conflict that happen is that Sammy’s mom died. It started when his mom had cancer. The people that are involed are Sammy, Sonny, and other people that were her friends. It got resloved by people helping Sammy and Sonny out with money or food etc.

    The conflict is realistict and it teachs that sometimes when people die other people of friends help ouy with important things on life if you’re not on track.

    The book i’ll read next is a book with a mystery or any book.

      • My username is J.alcantara2015. The title of my book is Hoops (1981). The author of my book is Walter Dean Myers. This weekend i read 45 pages.
        Who: Lonnie, Mary, Coach Cal, And the basketball team. What: Lonnie is a basketball player. He finds this coach that only knows about basketball. Lonnie is also in a basketball team which is coached by Cal. Throughout the book Lonnie is encouraged by his girlfriend Mary and his coach.
        The major conflict in my book is that Lonnie is being benched in every game they have. The coach Cal, leads Lonnie and the basketball team to a championship game. Cal, believes that Lonnie has the chance to make it to the NBA. While in the championship game, Cal thinks about putting Lonnie in the game, but he thinks is going to be a hard decision because Lonnie hasn’t been practicing as much as the team. The way all of this started was by Lonnie being lazy and not wanting to practice. In my opinion i think that this is part of Cal’s fault and Lonnie’s . At the end of the book Cal gives Lonnie a chance to play and Lonnie shows Cal that he can handle a game without practicing.
        I think that this is an okay conflict. This is kind of realistic. This is because it contains fake character and the setting is real. This really teaches the reader a lesson because throughout the book Lonnie does bot want to practice which is not okay because is good to practice your sport in case of an event coming up. yes, it relates to a universal theme. This is ALWAYS THINK BEFORE DOING THINGS OR MAKING THE WRONG CHOICE. In my opinion i think that Walter Dean Myers did a good job throughout the book by making the characters the way they are and making the setting interesting.
        I would like to read a mystery book next or a fantasy book.
        P.S: Ms. Stabrowski thanks for being a great teacher.

  29. ClarissaC2015 – Its been a long time since I’ve blogged, but I’m back =] . I’m still reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read 42 pages this weekend. In the beginning of my readings, I read about how Mel feels about her parents. She thinks they are normal people that are dressed in secrets and lies. She feels that her parents don’t love each other anymore but are staying together for her. Mel begins to think of herself as a mistake and not a joy to her parents. If i were her parents I would want to assure her that that isn’t true, but in this book they are hardly around to even know whats going on with her.
    As you can see from the paragraph above, her parents not being around is a major conflict. I would say that it started by Mel not communicating with her parents in the 1st place. The people involved in the conflict are Mel’s parents and of course Mel. I think Mel’s parents will finally sit her down and talk to Mel. They might explain why it seems as if she isn’t important to them.
    It affects Mel though because she doesnt really have a secure place to go to talk about her problems. It also causes her not to talk much either. This is maybe the reason that the book is called Speak. Mel probably lost reason to speak because her parents weren’t there for her or argued a lot.

    PS: Copyright date – 1999 🙂

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