April 11, 2010 – Weekend Extended Post

Do any of these emotions describe your protagonist? Feel free to borrow these adjectives, or any others we've learned in class...

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! It was good to see so many of you at school yesterday, working hard on perfecting your math and reading skills before the big test coming up in two weeks. I’m really excited for all of you to find out about the “deal” all the teachers will be making with you guys tomorrow… the reward is pretty awesome for you guys! 🙂 I won’t give any more hints.

This Saturday, we worked on character analysis, asking ourselves what each character was thinking and feeling in the passages we read. It seemed to help retell, in our own words, what the characters were experiencing BEFORE examining answer choices. So, in the spirit of test prep, let’s do the same thing today…


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. This weekend, I read __________ pages.

3. Summarize what is going on in your book right now. This should take at least 5 sentences.

4. In a new paragraph, tell me about your character. What kind of person is he/she? Describe his/her physical and emotional characteristics. What does he/she care about? What does he/she think about? Worry about? Want? Need? This should take at least 5 sentences as well. Really explain who this person is, examining the themes in the story as well. What were the author’s intentions with this character?

Good luck, happy reading and happy blogging!



PS – Sorry that the image is difficult to read. If you click on it, it’s a bit easier to see the adjectives.


46 thoughts on “April 11, 2010 – Weekend Extended Post

  1. Lord of the Clans, Christie Golden, AnthonyP2015. Tonight i read around 70 pages. SO far Thrall has escaped the cruelness of his master and now seeks to find out his history. First he visits the internment camps and recieves inormation about a orc called Grom Hellscream who has a small army underground. Grom and him talk about plans to escape. 2 orcs enter with a small package and lay it infront of Grom, inside it was a human baby. Grom tells the 2 “Slaughter it” enraged Thrall tells the 2 orcs to stop and tells them, “how are you going to murderer something that doesn’t even have a weapon, nonetheless knows how to fight?!” Grom acknowledged this as demanded the baby to be sent back… “He will come after us.. when war comes i wont be surprised if he is leading it” Grom tells Thrall.

    THe test was pretty easy, except certain questions like the polar bear one which i didnt understand at times. But besides that the test was fair.

  2. crsitina2015-i am reading marley by john grogan. This weekand i read about this main character named john. This story is about him and his dog and about his family. John and his father get along well in the begining of the story is was about how john and his father go out and buy him a dog and it means alot to him. I also read about how his father told him that he is going to have the dog for a long time in his life and that he is very important. He is the type of person who is very kind and fun to be with. He is always happy and active he moves alot and has fun with his friends. One thing that he really loves and cant live without is his dog marley. that dog means alot to him because he has had it since he was small and his dad bought it for him when he was young. He wants marley and wishes that anything bad would happen to him and that he would last for the rest of his life. A theme in this book is to show readers what really matters in life and what you should appriciate.

  3. krod2015.Ghost Town.Annie Bryant. Over the weekend i read about 26 pages a day. So far i read that some of the Beacon Street Girls are stuck in a spooky old ghost town. Well their stuck in this town, two of the cow girls met up with country music’s superstar twins, Niki and Sam.

    The Beacon Street Girls are the kind of girls who count on each other, and try to be their for each other. These girls think and act the same. When the other girls were in the ghost town, they tried their best not to get away from each other, this means that they count on each other a lot. Niki and Sam are two superstars that were spending some time with two Beacon Girls. Well i really enjoyed reading this book, i hope i could read other books like this one.:)

  4. Angeline2015: The Misfits by: James Howe. This weekend, I read 75 pages. In my book, Addie, Skeezie, and Joe are explaining how the 7th grade Forum goes. The Forum is kind of their morning meeting, in which their given a topic and then everyone gives their advice and what they think about that topic. In this part of the story, they’re discussing “Liberty and Justice for all.” Everyone picks what they want their nickname wants to be and their required to be called like that. Skeezie would now be called Scorpio. While everyone gives their opinion about this topic, everyone is surprised with Scorpio’s response when he says, ” The point is there’s no way there is freedom and justice for everybody in this country. It’s, well, I don’t mean it’s like a total, you know, a totalism kind of thing, whatever it’s called” ( Howe. 25).
    In my book, its really hard to find out a characters personality because it changes in every chapter. Theirs also more than one main character. For example, Addie is shy, and cares about everyone and doesn’t like to get in trouble. While Scorpio is more likely to get in trouble and is more careless and also likes to do things hes way. The other characters also have their own unique styles but they all have one thing in common, which is they always stick together and overcome their obstacles as a team. The author does this with all the characters in order to show that even though some people might be careless or shy or something else, when they’re with people they love they would always stand up for each other.

  5. sammy2015: I am reading I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter. I read 62 pages. So far, Cammie, Bex and Liz are assigned to a mission. The mission required them to get out into the streets and check out. During her mission, she finds someone unexpected. She has never been with a boy, until now. When she was out, she saw a boy and she was shocked. His name is Josh. Though the climax is just starting, I think in the end, Cammie will tell Josh her secret and Josh willbe her first boyfriend.
    Cammie, the protagonist, is very respectful. She has manners and very welcoming. She is patient and calm. She is also a good friend. Cammie always wanted to have a really mission and now her chance is starting. Also, one her dreams was to meet a guy she likes and have her first boyfriend. As her mission is starting, she gets to meet Josh. She doesn’t “beat around the bush” and just gets to her point. She seems to be very shy and a bit clumsy. The author creates this character to relate to teen girls now except with the secret of being a spy. This story is a bit unrealistic because of teen spy part but Cammie’s personality realtes to some girls now.

  6. Keema. The title of my book in “SOLD” by Patrica McCormick.I read a total of 52 pages. Iread of this weekend that the main character Lakshmi is a ajusting to the new job that her stepfather got her.This job is a job of prostiution.How would you feel if you were a 13 yr old prostiude, what would you do?Being a child you should be able to trust people, buy now Lakshmi cant trust many people b/c her stepfather betrayed her, she isnt clear if her mother new , and shes here with a man who bought her to do his dirty work.
    Lakshmi is a out going character who is lost betwwen to wolrds. She is also an Indian girl ,whos family is very spritcual.She cares most about her mother and her well beings.Lakshmi is thinking on how she can get away from this aful life as a prostitude.I think that the authors intentionson to this novel is to show that familes use their kids to support their family ,even if it can turn the kids life upside down.The author’s intention with Lakshmi is to show reader how a childs life is turnt upside down and how they can find possible way to turn it back a round.

  7. markos2015 this weekend i read The Hunger Games by suzanne collins and i read 65 pages. i read that only 6 people are left in the hunger games. (Katniss,Peeta,Thresh,the boy from district one,and foxface.) They passed a new rule that u can win and ur partner caan also win. so 2 people can win.katniss is a sweet girl and she is very good to play with,but she is lethal sometimes. she can get a arrow right through your heart with ease. she is very accurate and she is very quik in short distance running. she can climb trees quik too. she doesnt show it but she really cares about her younger sister Prim.(in the arens a girl named rue looked just like her and katniss pertected her well but not well enough. one theme that is really big is LOVE. katniss does alot of things for love even though she doesnt do it offten. she took prims place in the reaping, she almost saved rue from the boy, she is determined to win the hunger games becuase prim and her mom and rue told her to win.

  8. Keema .The name of my book is “SOLD” by Patricita McCORMICK. I read a total of 52 pages. This weekend i read that the amin character Lakshmi is struggling to learn in her new life to trust. Her stepfather sold his 13 yr old stepchild in the world of prostitution.Lakshmi is afraid of the new way she has to live, she has to ajust to this life of a prostitude and the harsh realties.What would you do if you were in this position.What would you be thinking.
    Lakshmi is an outgoing girl . She is a 13 yr old girl who is stuck between to worlds.She trusts her mother and cares about her very much.Lakshmi is thinking of an way to get away from this disturbing world.I think that the author’s intention to right this novel , is to show how familes across the world use the yung kids to support their family which is not the best way as possible.The authors intentions with Lakshmi , is to see the out come of a kid who’s world is turnt upside down just to support her family.


  9. I am reading getting the girl by Markus Zusak. This weekend i read around 70 pages. Tonight I’ve read about Cameron everyone is trying to figure out that he’s always following behind his older brother Ruben. The only difference is that Rubens taller natural and gets along with girls more often. Cameron never minds but when Ruben starts to date this girl Octavia that Cameron’s sees something special that Ruben usually doesn’t want to find in a girl. But since Ruben and Cameron are two different people, Octavia wouldn’t want to date a guy like Cameron, well at least that’s what Carmon thinks.
    Cameron is the kind of person that always sees every person in another way either the good or the bad, but mostly good. Ruben is the kind of person who likes to use people and gets peer pressured a lot. Cameron usually feels like he has to be like everyone else, but usually ends up not. He usually fells
    1. Obligated to do something.
    2. Annoyed when he thinks what others are doing is wrong.
    3. He feels like he has to know what to do all the time.
    Cameron only cares about the girl and how she feels about being with Ruben. .He worries for her, thinks he can be better for her, and knows that she derives better. I think that the author is trying to shows readers that you can’t worry about everyone, without really worrying what it’s going to do to you. In my opinion I would agree with it because Carmon worries for her all the time because he knows his brother, but needs to start worrying about his own needs sometimes.

  10. Jani2015- Im reading Girl 15 by Sue Limb. This weekend i read about how Ben, Mackenzie, and Flora are starting a band. They went to Jess’s house for a meeting when Jess’s mom wasnt there. Ben has always been Jess’s crush so when he asks her out for coffee she gets excited. When they get to the coffee shop, he asks her about Flora’s feelings towards Mackenzie and she figures out that he doesnt really like her and that he just wanted to tell Mackenzie about Flora. She starts not to like Ben because she thinks he’s using her.

    Jess is the kind of person who worries a lot about what people think. She worries about her looks and how people view her. She loves her dad and is more socialable with her family than with her friends. She gets embarrassed easily and is insecure with everything about her. The author tries to show people how when you arent confident about yourself you wont achieve most things in your social life.

  11. leah2015 this weekend i read 50 pages of 13 reasons why by Jay Asher

    What’s going on in the book now is Clay is understanding his part in the death. He is currently confused and is just trying to figure him self out.And as to why he didn’t get to know he better. He wanted to be more than just friends with Hannah but she killed her self, before he got the chance.And Hannah wanted t get closer to him too but couldn’t it’d hurt too much.

    Clay Jenson is a nice guy. He is social,get good grades and treats others kindly. Well in the book they don’t really do a good jod at describing his physical traits. They only tell how his perfectly good reputaion is the reason why he is on the types. Hannah couldn’t take hearing only good things about him. She wanted to ruin his reputaion. The theme is that becare becareful on how you treat others, because you never knw how they handle it.

  12. how did Orlando not notice he was writing in caps , because he should have at least looked at what he was writing.

  13. suni2015- Over the weekend I read the book Hunger Games by : Suzanne Collins. This weekend I read over 53 pages. In the book Katniss goes through harsh time where she is very dehydrated. Over the game Katniss was attacked by the gamemakers when they decided to lead her over others by having hidden deadly weapons pf thteir own. To her surprise peeta joined with a group of tributes to hunt her down. One night while she was sleeping in a tree, she woke up to find Rue staring at her and singnaling to move since there were traker jackers nest. As soon as possible Katniss cuts down the nest, which then cracks like an egg and traker jackers goes stinging alliances, which actually killed 2 from the group. In her luck one of the tributes that were killed had the only bow that she neeeded to suevive the game. Since Rue reminded her of her sister and saved her life she decided to team up with her, since she was also useful for curing and knowing what plants are no harm. My character Katniss is very talented, she always think about others and the things she could do to help herself throughout her life. In the book Katniss cares mostly about her life in surviving the arena, she also focuses in the lives of her family. She mostly thinks about how her problem are going to be solved in the arena. What she mostly wants and desires in the game is for safety . What she mostly need is health, because she’s getting all this kind of injuries. I think Suzanne Collins moral intentions with Katniss is to show how people go through danger inorder to sacrifice for their families. She is also trying to say that for you to sacrifice for your family you’l have to show courage and hope.

  14. hey clarissa i read that book about a moth ago. Do you like it? Did you get to the part with she bitting the bottom of her when she’s nervous?

  15. Ola2015- This weekend as a temporary book choice I chose to read a classic in my home library entitled “Anne of Green Gables”, by L.M Montgomery. I read in total 132 pages over the weekend. In the book so far I know that Anne Shirley is an orphan that was brought to the Green Gables by mistake. She is a loud and thoughtful girl who manages to get into tricky and embarrassing situations. Today during my reading in the book Anne messed up a cake by putting medicine in it, then in another event she fell from a roof, see what I mean. I realized that the protagonist has a caring and loving nature beneath her actions. 🙂
    The author of this book made the character of Anne Shirley to be fun yet over the course the book grow up into a young woman. She encounters difficult situations where she is forced to make tough decisions. But, she grows up (so far) to be a very smart girl. 🙂

  16. Arsh2015: This weekend I finished reading Some Like it Hot by Zoey Dean. I have read 145 pages this whole weekend. To make a long story short, in those pages I’ve read, Anna does some many things that he will regret. For example, she played a joke Maddy, and for some days she didn’t got back to school. Also, she made sure that Ben went to prom with her by telling Ben that Maddy didn’t like her, but Maddy really did. It broke Maddy’s heart when Ben didn’t ask her to prom.

    Maddy is a sweet girl who hates when she is pushed around, but is so weak that when someone does she cannot do anything. She is skinny and not very tall. By the descriptions in the book, I can tell that she is shy, but when she really gets to know someone they can see her real side that is really sweet. All she wanted throughout the whole story ids to fit in, and for Bev=n to like her. In the end, well I’m not going to say because, for those who want to read the book, I will not make the book worth reading. All I will say is that Anna will not be happy, and Maddy will no longer be pushed around.

  17. My user name is Adrian 2015. Overall, I read 55 pages.=]. I read these pages on the book Hunger Games. There is a lot of things going on in the book. Katniss scored a #11 on her performance with the gamemakers. She spent 8 hours overall getting ready for her interview. She spent 4 hours with Effie getting dressed. She spent another 4 hours with Haymitch on contact. Later on she is at the interview. Haymitch told her to lie about her personal things but she can’t lie. There about to start to start betting on the players. Katniss is the type of girl who is serious and thinks about alot of stuff. She is nice,kind and would sacrifice her self for her sister like she did in the Selection. She tributed. If i’m not mistaken she is an attractive girl. And she talks about Gale a lot. She cares alot about her family. But she mostly cares about her sister, Prim. Haymitch described her as not sexy,mysterious,fearsome,etc.

  18. Because I wanted to take a break from The Black Cauldron I decided to start reading the Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan. I read that apparently, Thalia, daughter of Zeus, has become a worthy ally to Percy, Grover, and Annabeth. First, they all go to a school looking for two demi-gods named Nico and Bianca di Angelo. But then a manticore (a mythical creature) kidnaps them. Percy tries to go after the manticore but then he’s kidnapped too. Grover, Annabeth, and Thalia all go to save them but, unfortunately, the plan backfired. Annabeth tries to attack the monster and they both fall off a cliff. By the way I read 65 pages.

    Percy is the type of person who cares about his friends, and will do anything to save them from danger. Percy is the son of Poseidon, brother of Tyson, the cyclops, and relatives of almost every character in the book. When Percy is in trouble he always needs either water, or his father. What he wants most is to put Kronos back into tarturus also he wants the gods to stay superior because the titans are way worse.

  19. IsraelP2015.During the weekend I read Homecoming by Cynthia Voigt. This weekend I read 59 page. Dicey Tillerman and her three other siblings, James, Sammy, and Maybeth are abandoned in a mall parking lot by their mother. With their mother and father gone from their lives, they decide to set off to their Great-aunt Cilla, who lives all the way in Bridgeport, miles away. With a map and a few dollars, the four Tillermans cross through cities and look up pennies and jobs. even though there not legally suppost to be working .When they finally get to Cilla’s house, they realize she had died so they live with her daughter, Cousin Eunice .The main character Cynthia is a very young girl who takes the responsibility to take care of her brothers and Sisters Cynthia is the type of person that realizes her responsibilities and notices when she has to take action. For example when she was abandoned by her mother she realizes that her mom wasn’t showing up so then she takes action. This only shows how children can be older, mentally, than physically. Cynthia is ready to take on a journey by struggling to stay alive without a mother or a father.

  20. Over the weekend I read about 80 pages of the hunger games. Right now the book is nearing the falling action part of the book. My main character or protagonist has changed from the beginning of the book in many ways. Now that she is the reaper she is afraid of many things such as dying in the hunger games,losing her friends in the games and most of all losing the love and trust of Peeta. Little does she know, Peeta is one big set up and fake, but Katniss being the kind of person she is doesn’t notice that yet. The author probably made her this way because she resembles a young girl that is very smart and innocent but she has many other intentions in life and in the hunger games. Right now Katniss is in the middle of two decisions,leave Peeta and try to survive or stick with him and try and make it through which wouldn’t happen beacause Peeta isn’t who Katniss thinks he is.

  21. RV2015:The Ladies of the Lake by Jennifer Allison. This weekend I read 65 pages.

    Gilda says yes to going to Our Lady of Sorrows, a school were a girl drowned. Still Gilda mom doesn’t know why Gilda wants to go, to investigate the drown of the girl. Wendy Gilda’s best friend doesn’t want her to go because she is going to miss her. Gilda send to her dad and tell him her true reason for going to the school. The last letter she writes to her dad is telling him that Tiara seems to be missing because no one knows where is and shes not at home.

    My character, Gilda, is very curious she loves to figure out mysteries and now is her time to find the mystery of the girls who drowned. Gilda has brownish reddish hair and wears glasses she is also very brave. Gilda cares about finding out what happened to the girl who drowned in the lake but she also cares about her friends and family. Gilda wants to figure why the girl drowned and what happened to her. The last thing is that Gilda is sneaky very that is the perfect trait for a a detective.

  22. Kdozier2015.Kendra

    This weekend, I read 70 pgs. In tonight’s reading I read about Kendra’s feelings towards Nashawn. Kendra has engaged in sexual intercourse with Nashawn. Even though he goes out with her best friend. She is having very strong feelings for him and cant stop thinking bout even though she has a bf (boyfriend) named Darnell that loves her a lot but she cares more about Darnell. As Adonna and Nashawn come back from a date she can’t stand to see them together she starts to cry and her dad Kenny tries to comfort her by trying to find out the problem but she not telling. So Kendra runs home while her friends and dad call after her. She doesn’t turn around she so mad that her and her bff Adonna argues so loud her grandma can her them. Her grandmother gets so mad she sends Kendra to live with her mom Renée.

    Kendra is the type of person who lets people do what ever they want to her. She caves in per-pressure easily. She is emotionally wrecked. She has issues and falls in love to quickly like the incident with Nashawn. She cares about too many people she needs to just worry bout her self. She wants Nashawn but she can’t have him and it has hurt her a lot. The author is showing me that you could get hurt easily and you got be careful.

  23. ClarissaC2015 – Im still reading Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Over the weekend i read about 35 pages. So far, as part of the audience, I’ve been along side Mel as she goes through the 1st quarter of 9th grade. The author decided to share Mel’s grades and they werent great but they also werent the best in the whole world. Mel still doesnt interact with anyone but Heather. She doesnt even talk to her dad. In almost all the conversations shown, she continues not to talk as the person adressing her carries on the conversation. I dont think thats healthy for Mel but it seems to be the solution to everything for her.
    The protaganist is very quiet. Like not normal quiet. It seems a little weird to me because she is a teenager. I keep trying to think of why the author of this book would make a teenager, of all types of people in the world, so quiet. The only thing i came up with is to have the audience observe everything with Mel as she goes on throw life. Im not so sure of whether or not im right, but the only way to find out is if i keep reading 🙂 .

  24. I just finished reading the book the Misfits, the book wasnt that good. The protagonnists of the book were mainly all the characters because they explain the names that they are called. For example when they called joe a faggot.the book was also about how sixth graders try to survive school as a sixth grader.one of the bbiggest bullies is named kevin.

    Many of the protagonist try to survive life throughout the sixth grade. I dont think any of the charracters are smart because if they are called names they just keep on arguing back. Most of the characters want peace but as they try to get it, fighting they wont get anything but more names. this book didnt seem to have any themes, but the fact of not calling other people names.

  25. diamond2015. Living on Impulse by Cara Haycak. Tonight I read 23 pages. My reading tonight was about Mia getting a job. Since she was caught shoplifting, her decided it was time to get a job. She would have to pay for the debt she took from the store. But Mia didn’t like the idea of getting a job. She argued it until she was sent to her room and grounded. On top of that her allowence was cancelled for good.
    Mia, the protagonist, is a cleptomaniac. All the clothes she owns she stole. When she doesn’t like what her mom says, she gets really agitated and slams her room door. The only thing she really cares about is stealing. One theme that came up was the truth can get you out of many things. I think the author intended Mia to set an example that would show readers what could happen if you become addicted to stealing.


  27. lourdes2015: I am currently reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read 42 pages. This weekend, I read about how Lindsey breaks into Mr. Harvey’s house and finds proof that he is the murderer. She was searching through his things and found the blueprints to the underground cave he made that was used to murder Susie in. Her father saw it and finally had something to prove he was the one. It wasn’t enough for the police. Mr. Harvey saw Lindsey running out of his house and figured she found something. He packed his bags and left. Two years later, Susie’s mom leaves them and people start getting used to life after the murder.

    Susie Salmon was fourteen years old when she was murdered. The author didn’t make it very clear on her personality. Her murder made it hard to see how she’s like on a regular day. Everyone liked her and was easy to get along with from how she was described. Many missed her and ever since her death nothing been the same. In heaven, Susie mainly thinks about her loved ones on earth. She is concerned and struggles to move on.

  28. Jm2015: i am reading Iron man 2. This weekend i read 30 pages. so far in my book Iron man is begging to figure out that there is more than one iron man.once iron man find out who is creating these duplicates of wit with other powers he will put a stop.He is not going to tolerate this. He feels like no one else can do his job better than him.

    Iron man is the type of super hero that saves the world and make it a better place. He do any and everything to make people and his self happy.He is a determined superhero. Iron man is made of red and gold iron. Iron man cares a lot about making the world a better place and keeping people safe.He thinks about saving the world. The one thing he think to be inspired about is making the world a happier place. also iron man is a great inspiration to young children .The authors intentions on iron man was to make him a person people can look up to.also he wanted people to see that not all supper heroes are evil.

  29. Jm2015: i am reading Iron man 2. This weekend i read 30 pages. so far in my book Iron man is begging to figure out that there is more than one iron man.once iron man find out who is creating these duplicates of wit with other powers he will put a stop.He is not going to tolerate this. He feels like no one else can do his job better than him. Iron man is the type of super hero that saves the world and make it a better place. He do any and everything to make people and his self happy.He is a determined superhero. Iron man is made of red and gold iron. Iron man cares a lot about making the world a better place and keeping people safe.He thinks about saving the world. The one thing he thinks about is making the world a happier place. The authors intentions on iron man was to make him a person people can look up to.

  30. my username is justin2015 and I’m reading Sammy by Matt Birkbeck. I read 30 pages. I read that Sammy was listening to what Sonny said to these other guys and his mom asked if Sammy was going to help the poor lady that came. Also that Sammy walked in dinner with a lady. When they were at the table he told his childern he was going to marry her and they were stunned. Tracey broke the silence and asked “why?” and Sammy didn’t have an answer. On page 27 it said,” The immediate ill will placed Altovise in the position of an inteloper, and it remained so during a tense relationship that often became adversarial, particularly following Samm’s death.”
    My characteelay on people because his mom is going to die soon and he dosen’t have alot of money. Some physical traits are that
    a man, he has a pacth on his left eye, and he smokes. His emotional traits are that he cares about music, he needs money and he has madness in his life. Sammy is a quiet person that doesn’t really speak to people accept his mom. 😦 Also that when he was eight years old he had a talent of danceing. The book said that he asked his dad what featuring means and his dad said,” Featuring means that he was so talented, they had to tell the audience tey were going to see something special.” Also, it said that little Sammy( the young sammy because his dad’s name was sammy) was so good, his father and his uncle incorporated him into their act and they wacthed as his skills blossomed before appreciative audiences, which threw money at the talented little boy, as wasthe custom of the day. Following most performances, Sammy walked off stage with his pockets full of coins. Sammy pobably has memories of some things because the book said that Sam and Will ( his uncle) couldn’t do anything about Sammy hearing the word nigga. When Sammy first heard the word and saw how mad his dad was he asked his uncle what’s a nigga? His uncle said it’s a nasty word some white people used to describe colored people. There was no definition of the word other than ” it don’t mean nothing except to say they don’t like us.” Afterthat he tryed to make them laugh to make their pain and anger disapper and that every one would see that by entertaining people, he could make all the hur feelings go away.

  31. AG2015. Sea Monsters. Rick Rodrain.
    This weekend, I read 45 pages.In my book Percy is having bad dreams and Groover is away too. Percy wants to go to camp half-blood but his mother isn’t allowing him to go. There is something seriously wrong in camp. It was Percy’s last day of that terrible school. He also has a big weird friend that he’ll find out who he really is.
    Percy is a hard working and a determined child, he doesn’t take no for an answer no matter what.He is also considerate he will take care of others before him.He is a strong child too, and he feels he doesn’t need help from his father, he’s an independent child too.He cares about friends and family before anything else he”ll sacrifice his life for them. All Percy can think of is how he’s going to get Groover back and how to fix camp half-blood. Percy is also worried that something is or might happen to Groover. Percy wants to help almost everyone and expects no consequences. I feel the author uses Percy because he is an adventure boy and he has him always wanting to save someone or trying to protect them not matter what, so when you read it you don’t really know if he gets killed or not because he’s always putting himself in those type of situations.

  32. Im Samaiyah2015 and i finished reading the book The House You Pass on the Way. the book was written by Jacqueline Woodson. the ending was a let down, especially since Woodson built up so much suspense and tension. Woodson kept the book a page turner, but all of that was cancelled out by the medicore ending. Trout’s secret wasnt all it was wrapped up to be. Also, Staggerlee’s character lacked dimension. she was a flat character and i could see Woodson idea of Staggerlee, but the idea wasnt really conveyed as well as I excepted coming from an author like Jacquline Woodson.

    Staggerlee, the protagonist, was a character who was lonely and depressed, but she puts herself in that position therefore I dont feel sorry for her. I actually find her a little pathetic at times. She wants to be normal, but she doesnt really reach that. Personally, I dont know what “normal” looks like or what a “normal” person does. Nevertheless, with this character, Woodson tried to create an image of a teen who is self – concious, and yes she creates it, but Woodson kind of over did this image to the piont where Staggerlee is just disgraceful and hopelessly lost. I guess it was a page turner because of Trout, as Staggerlee was just a lost cause. Staggerlee, in some way mirrors an inscure teen, but in an overly dramatic way.

  33. My user name is jasonb2015 and I’m reading “Go Ask Alice” by an anonymous person. This weekend I read a total of 52 pages. In the weekend’s reading, Alice has recently bought a diary where she writes her daily life after being asked out by a boy she likes called Roger, but then is rejected by him and becomes depressed. She then later finds out that her family is going to move out because her father will have to teach next year at a faraway college. While dealing with weight gain and not fitting in, her new community and school is not so nice and can’t seem to fit in with anyone, but later on meets a Jewish girl around her neighborhood and is curious about her religion. Desperate to go back to her own town, Alice leaves in the summer to go back home and live with her grandmother and grandfather for some time and is invited to a party by a girl named Jill who used to go to her same school. At the party, Alice plays a game that involves the drug LSD, which Alice did not know and drinks it and becomes a drug addict and loses her virginity with a guy named Bill. Later on Alice finds out that her grandfather is dying and Roger visits them and asks Alice out, but Alice doesn’t know how to tell him that she’s already had sex with Bill and is possibly pregnant. Alice decides to go back home to live with her parents and they comfortably accept her back.
    Alice is the type of girl who feels that she doesn’t fit in into anything and is a lonely girl. Though shy and friendly, she is badly influenced into drugs and is now an addict. I would say that the drugs that she has been consuming has turned her into a more lively person who doesn’t know what’s right from wrong. Now that she has lost her virginity with Bill, she is afraid that she will have to abort because she is not yet ready to have the responsibility of a mother. Now with the taste and feeling of drugs, she wants to do it again without stopping. She needs someone by her side to talk to and express her feelings, but has no one and cannot even trust her parents. As the writer of this diary, her message might have been to not commit the same mistakes as she did, but to rather learn from the incorrect choices of others. This anonymous writer portrays that sometimes friends are not really friends because of what they force others to do even though those decisions might hurt them and bring out terrifying consequences.

  34. Hey guys it’s dd2015! I just finished reading The Misfits by James Howe. I think this book was so boring. In the book the main characters are all the characters. They are explaining everything that they do in school. Eveyday their is some type of dialouge in the book of their school day.

    My characters are little sixth graders that are trying to get through the sixth grade . They all have different personalities. Since some of them are smarter than others they appears most in the book. I think the author did this to show all the sixth grade but out a spot light on the main sixth graders. This book to me wan’t that good. I thought that it was boring. Just dialouge isn’t really my thing. But that’s just my opinion! 🙂

  35. ae2015:The Rag and Bone Shop: Robert Cormier. This weekend I finished the book.
    There was an extremely big event that occcured which was the ending. The ending of this novel actually surprised me. In the end Jason, the protagonist, took out a butcher knife from a drawer and that is how the novel ended. My prediction is that Jason killed himself because of all that happened to him in the course of this novel. By that I mean that he was being accused of murder, but in a very sutble way. I guess that all that happened to him really surprised him which led to him killing himself.

    My protagonist, Jason, is a very unique. This is because he has a situation that not many would usually have. A girl was murdered and he was the last person to see her alive. This made him a person that was often worried. He seems like a good kid, but all the evidence is sort of against him. He tries to be calm about the situation though. He is a very patient person with a heart of steel. He tries to stay positive,but in his position it is very hard to be calm. He is also very curious of the whole situation and really wants to know what happened.

    • I read that book a few months ago… isnt it freaky how the detective made Jason confess when Jason didnt even commit the crime?

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