Making More of the Text – April 8, 2010

Wouldn't it be nice to find a sunny spot to read in?

Hi KIPPsters!

It is getting so hot outside, I can’t believe it’s finally spring! Today, let’s focus on getting more out of our reading,  just like many of us are getting more out of our days now that it’s hot outside. 🙂


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. Tonight, I read _________ pages for _______ minutes.

3. In 3-5 sentences, summarize what you read this evening. Give me details like you would in a short answer.

4. Pick out a symbol, character or event in the book that is extremely important to the author’s message in the book. Explain the symbol/character/event with details. What does it mean? What does it represent? How does it connect to a theme or message?

Good luck and happy blogging!




35 thoughts on “Making More of the Text – April 8, 2010

  1. My book that I am currently reading is Beowulf. The last time that I did a blog I was saying that a very evil and punishing monster that sweated out the whole entire land and now they want it back was actually wondering they would take it back any ways. Now I have read that a man called Beowulf and his king wants to help get their land back. But the only problem is that they don’t want to fight with any armor, swords, or even shields so I am very interested in seeing what will happen when they fight the beast by hand which I think is very impossible. This better work out even though I doubt it’s going to.

  2. Freddy2015.Today I read my history class class novel. Over the weekend I read all 3 chapters of my reading and they were very good and e wanna read more. Today I read that sagcawea was captured fro her village by a man that calls him self big man! Also what happend was that he took sacawea and her sister by tha neck with a rope were they were draged by a horse. One symbol in my book could be that there is always a new statrt when most of ur family is gone. See u tommorow and I injoyed my book. PEACE

  3. s.brownie.Demon Thief. Darren Shan. Today I read 45 pages in 30 mintues. Overall the story is about a kid named Cornelius [who called himself Kernel because he couldn’t pronounce it] who could see forms of energy which he calls “the lights”. He had explained the lights to others as a young child and was considered crazy and was offered a psychiatrist at multiple points of his staying at the school. Later into the story,Kernel is found adjusting the lights around he noticed that tehy were pulsing and he kept at work putting them together and it created a portal. Some sort of monster came out of it and tried to kill him. He fought it away and on the next day his parents found his younger brother Art missing. He was then found next to Kernel, sleeping. Their parents were so scared about Art’s disappearance, they moved to a village away from the city [and everything]. In the village,though, there was a ‘witch’ who everyone steered away from whose name was Ms. Egin. Kernel finds out she saw the lights as well and she then creates a portal that lets out a large demon that kills 11 children and kidnaps Art. Art seems to be a symbol of growing up with instinct because he doesn’t talk at age three and has the ability to understand [but not emulate] Kernel’s speech. He seemed to have known what he did when he went to approach the monster and it didn’t kill him. At that point in the book I knew that Art was going to be an important part of the book. Shan shows his readers that one can never be too young to know what to do to protect themselves even when it is unintentional.
    hearts,stars and whatever else,
    s.brownie 😉

  4. Ola2015- Tonight during my reading I started a new book called Sold, by Patricia McCormick. I read the whole book in an hour and approximately 39 minutes (I just love reading). To give you a short summary of the book I am going to state the main events. Lakshmi is 13 yrs old and is a poor girl from Nepal. She goes to India for what she thinks is a maid job, when in fact she is being sold to work as a prostitute with little or no pay. The Americans in this story symbol hope and escape for Lakshmi. Towards the end of the book the American comes back for Lakshmi and that was to take her to a good place.

  5. Sammy2015: I am reading I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter. I read 28 pages tonight. Cassie and Bex were instructed to give the senator’s daughter a tour of the school. Her name is Macey and she is smoker that is badly mannered and is rude. Macey cursed at Bex when she was told to leave a room and she also disrespected Cassie’s mother. Cassie’s mother is the headmistress of the school and is described as pretty. Becasue of her looks, Macey assumed male teachers got their jobs for “being with” Cassie’s mom. Macey isn’t hated by both Bex and Cassie. Macey seems to be getting a chance to be at this school because she is the senator’s daughter. Though she doesn’t have potential to attend this school, she will probably get in since she has been rejected everywhere else.  

    A symbol in this novel would be school. This  school is described to parents as an educational school and hard working. Once the kids are in, they are taught well but instead as just books and normal class, they are taught as spies. The school is where everything happens. The novel I so far all taking place in the school. This story is about Cassie, a sophomore and a spy in training, that attends a school that her mom is in charge of and is taught how to be a spy. There is no real theme yet because so far in tje novel it is just explain the background. According to the title, it seems as if Cassie will find a boyfriend and her spy secret would interfere with their relationship. 

  6. My user name is jasonb2015 and I’m reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. Tonight, I read 27 pages for 35 minutes. In tonight’s reading, Ralph encounters himself with the sow’s head, the Lord of the Flies and removes the stake impaled on its head to attack Jack. Jack’s group of hunters though, chase Ralph and Ralph manages to hide in a thicket. The boys savagely look for Ralph, but can’t seem to find him and with all of Jake’s anger, sets the jungle on fire. Ralph runs for his life back to the beach where he finds an officer. He immediately knows that they are safe and Ralph is really overwhelmed and begins to cry. Their long journey has ended and those terrible memories will forever remain in their hearts.
    A symbol used throughout the entire novel is the conch. The conch shell does seem to bring out evilness in the characters and even forces them to act like savages. As a small civilization in the island, the group of boys have not yet highly been able to adapt in the island and seem to treat each other in complete chaos.Through the conch shell, William Golding reveals that evilness is affected by the situation in which one is in. Such as the boys who struggle for survival to get off the island. Instead of trying to get rescued, they act like savages who do not have human traits, but rather the traits o something out there in the world that is evil, but can’t truly be understood for it secrets are infinite.

  7. kdozier1.Kendra by Coe Booth. Tonight i read 44 pg in 3t5mins. in tonight’s reading i read about Kendra’s feelings towards Nashawn. Kendra has engaged in sexual intercourse with Nashawn. even though he goes out with her best friend. she is having very strong feelings for him and cant stop thinking bout even though she has a bf(boyfriend) named Darnell that loves her a lot but she cares more about Darnell.

    Kendra is a symbol because she lets people do what ever they feel like to her and she does nothing to stop them. Kendra is the perfect example of per-pressure.

  8. AG2015. Superfudge. Judy Blume.Tonight, I read 45 pages for 35 minutes.Today Fudge is being retarded he doesn’t know what fudge is. To me the boy is clueless and he’s always making up something weird too. I don’t know how his brother deals with him. A symbol is his brother and the ridiculous things he does. This really irritates his brother and its difficult for him have to deal with him. He is always doing something he’s not supposed to, he doesn’t to his brother either so it makes it even worse.Also his brother symbolizes difficulty in Peter’s life so its harder for Peter to live his life without worrying about his brother’s or without getting in trouble.

  9. lourdes2015: I am currently reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read 31 pages. I read about how Susie’s father attacks her friend, Clarissa, thinking she is Mr. Harvey- it was dark out making it impossible to see anything clearly. Brian, also one of Susie’s best friends, hit him with a baseball bat not knowing it was Susie’s dad. Her dad ended up in the hospital and it lead the police to believe he went insane. While in the hospital, Susie’s mom kisses the police offiicer, Len. She was in desperation and still devastated from Susie’s death. The author uses Mr. Harvey to show the pain death cauese a family. Every time Mr. Harvey comes around, her dad is reminded of her death (he believes Harvey is the killer). Their father’s actions effected what happened to the family. It connects to the theme of death of a family.

  10. Angeline2015: I am reading The Misfits by: James Howe. Tonight, i read 39 pages in 35 minutes. I read how the narrator is a twelve year old girl that’s trying to find a job. When she goes into a store all the men says back is, ” its highly irregular to hire a twelve- year- old as a tie salesmen.” She ends up getting a job as a stock boy since she has worked on that before. The manager of the store was OK with the reason that she had a good record and she seemed to be a nice person that didn’t have any problems. A symbol in this book is the records. In the story, in order for people to end up getting jobs and working hard they would need to have a clean record. When I say clean record I mean that person hasn’t had any problems or anything. This is a big deal in the story. It connects to a theme because its a town that’s poor and kids take time to work and earn money.

  11. my name is justin2015. The title of my book is called Sammy and I read 20 pages. Tonight I read that Sammy only went to his Beverly Hills home to die. The book said that Sammy and his mom wee very close. His mom had caner and his dad was on a trip. A symbol is madness because Sammy is having madness in his family because Sonny( a boy) didn’t like his music, his mom had cancer, and his dad wasn’t around. I haven’t got to the theme but it represents the hardness he is having in his life.

  12. IsraelP2015.Homecoming. Cynthia Voigt. today during my reading I read approximately 35 minutes as expected. During the long drive Dicey’s mother pulls into a mall, tells her children to wait in the car, and goes inside. Dicey and her siblings wait for a few hours but their mother does not return as she promised. Dicey then decides to take the matter into her own hands. She feels as if she has to be the responsible one, since she’s the oldest, and take action and go find her mother. Dicey shows bravery by going out and looking for her mom.

  13. Janibell2015- I am reading Girl 15 . I read 28 pages today. I read about how Jess left her house. She left because her mom is giving her room to her grandmother without even asking her. Her room is her most private place and now its being taken away. She goes to her friend’s house where she finds out how it feels to live in a household where a father is present. A symbol in this book is Jess’s body. She feels insecure about it because her friend Flora is perfect in her eyes. It represents how nobody ever accepts how they are and they always want to be like other people. This happens mostly to teenagers because of all the rivalry between genders.

  14. my book is called Sold.Tonight i read 35 pages in 35 minutes.I read that a thirteen year old girl named lakshmi was sold into prostitution byher own father.Lakshmi lives in a small but poor village.Lakshmi had a simple and happy life, but she was introduced to a stranger that tells her she can become a maid in the city.That perfect stranger lied.A symbol in this book is lakshmi life because it shows that when you live in a poor community, your own family will use you to get money even if it means using you.

  15. I am reading The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander. I read 23 pages in 30 minutes tonight. It seemed as if all the characters almost or actually kill someone or something by accident. Taran almost killed Ellidyr because he was making noises in the bushes. Melynlas actually shot some horses when the roared and she got scared. Unfortunately because they worried about the horse hunters tried to capture them and they were unable to defend themselves. The event/symbol is when M. almost killed the horse and tried to care for it because it was her doing. It symbolized that even in the Dark ages, everyone still makes mistakes and unlike some people to day they actually try to help the situation. It connects to– not instigating in a problem you created.

  16. Arsh2015: Tonight I keep on reading Some Like it Hot by Zoey Dean. I have read 30 pages, and in those 30 pages there isn’t munch important to say. The only thing is that Maddy finally got the guts to come to school, and Anna sees her for the first time, and she doesn’t take it so well. Other than that it talks about a fight with two girls at a collage, and about Ben trying to stay away from Maddy at school. The main character, Anna, is one of those characters who only care about themselves, and typical for the teenage drama based novel. Though her actions are not all great, she shows some kindness with the people she knows only. Others she doesn’t like, well let me just say you don’t what to be around her if she doesn’t like you.

  17. suni2015- Tonight I read the book The Hunger Game by Suzanne Collins. In tonights reading I read 23 pages in 45 mins. In the book Katniss and the others competitors are beginning to prepare themselves to fight against each other when the arena opens. When all 24 players are released they begin to fight for supplies like water, or materials to kill each other. Once Katniss enters the arena a boy attacks her trying to grapple the orange backpack wich can hold anything. She is surprise when he cough out blood in her face when being striked by a knife on his back. In the book Katniss shows the strenght and hope that she has towards the game. For example, Katniss showed alot of hope through the game when she was being interview base on her skills. This mean that she still believes in herself , because she is confident on what she does. This shows that she is being independent of herself on how well she acts. This mainly connects to a universal theme because it shows that you should always believe in yourself nomatter what.

  18. Hi I am samaiyah2015. I am reading a Jacqueline Woodson book called The House You Pass on the Way. I read 15 pages in 16 minutes and then I read another 17 pages in 19minutes ( I ate in between). It was foreshadowed even from the first chapter, but I am finally realizing the real reason why Trout came over to Staggerlee’s house. I won’t say because I’m not completely sure and plus I don’t want to give away too much of the plot :). I am also seeing why Staggerleeis so quiet and timid. She doesn’t like the way she looks and is very self concious because she wants to be normal, but she is naturally unique, not because of her personality, but because of her family, which is something you can never change. I think that Woodson is sending a message to all young teenage girls that we all have beauty and we may not look like supermodels or the actresses on tv, be we all have something beautiful about us inside and outside. Young teenage girls should help and inspire each other, as some of us may not have a great role model in our life. Through Trout, Woodson shows that women have to know there place- but that place isn’t at home in the kitchen or timid behind a man. Staggerlee has a role model, but the only caution is to make sure we chose our role models carefully. To me, there is something suspious about Trout and I think it has to do with the real reason why Trout came to “visit” Staggerlee’s family.

  19. Is anyone looking forward to either seeing the hunger games or thirteen reasons why movie? They should be coming out in late June, but in the meantime, watch the trailers on youtube. 😉

  20. Is anyone looking forward to either seeing
    The Hunger game movie or Th1rteen R3asons Why
    movie? They should be coming out in late June, but in the meantime, watch the trailers on youtube. 😉

  21. Kai2015: Today I read 37 pages of The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Today I read that Peeta was cut with a sword in the Cornucopia, the hunger games arena. Katniss is trying to take care of Peeta next to a stream but, she doesn’t know what to do because his cut is really bad. A symbol in this book is the mocking jay. The mocking jay symbolizes district 12 and i think it serves as a role of communication between Katniss and Rue. This connects to like a “good luck” charm. Katniss was given a pin with the mocking jay on it for good luck in the beginning of the book by Katniss’s friend Madge.

  22. Tonight I read 30 pages in 35 minutes of the book Hunger Games. I read that Katniss actually has deep feelings for Gale and she has been thinking about him. But before that happened she thought shooting at the Gamemakers was a bad idea when actually she got higher than the highest number. She was surprised at first. Then she felt weird because the Gamemakers gave her a high score. I found out that Gale’s father got blasted just like Katniss’ father also got blasted. I think a possible symbol to my character is those numbers that they flash up. I think this is important because those numbers really affect the character. It connects to the theme and moral because if you get a very high number the chances are you will survive and win the Games. However, if you get a low number chances are you might get killed. =]

  23. gianni2015. The Carbon Diaries 2015. .Saci lloyd. Tonight I read 30 pages. I read that Carbon lives in a town that is ruled by leaders that a re like 1 big giant gang. I also learned thatCarbon is trying really hard to stay away fro that gang but, it seems like they know where he is going to go next because they say that he can get the gang new weapons so that they can go on riots. A symbol in my book is Carbon’s diary because it is the only place and thing that he can use to get away from the real world. It conects to the theme becaus eit shows you can always have your self to fall back on.

  24. Tonight i read Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. I read 18 pages and i read for about 30 mins. Im basicially inside the protaganist’s head. She really says nothing at all. Hardly any diologe but she is so smart and she thinks almost like an adult. Its crazy how she decides not to talk when she has such smart ideas. In the section that i read, i see the protaganist interacting with Heather. She decribes Heather as “happy, driven and aerobicially fit”(page 24). She says she used to be happy. It makes me wonder why she is unhappy now. Is it because of her ex bestfriend, Rachel? The only way to figure it out is by reading on =] . Im going to choose Heather for as a character for tonight. She seems to represent happiness. This is almost the only happiness shown so far in this book between the protaganist and other characters in the book. Heather seems to be a symbol of friendship and happiness as she helps the protaganist through her first year of highschool .

  25. My name is Jerick and i’m reading The City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. Tonight i have read for 35 minutes and i read 25 pages. Today i read about Lina’s first day at work as a messenger. What’s interesting is that Lina has received over 18 customers. She says that some of the customers asks for silly stuff and some asks for good and serious stuff. Lina wants to tell the mayor a secret. When She is in the mayors building she goes through the building and finds the book ” The book of The City of Ember”. She found it as if someone was actually reading the book. She goes Through the flights of stairs and finds the path to the roof. She enters the roof and gets people attention from the top of the roof. A symbol for the book is the CITY. The city in the book is a good symbol in the book, because it explains the way the city is and the way families live because of the city.

  26. leah 2015 Th1rteen R3asons Why by Jay Asher

    Tonight I read 50 pages in 35 minutes. In my reading Clay just found out about his part in the death of Hanna Baker. It was that he made things so nice for her. She wanted to tell him every thing about her but some things were just too painfut to talk about. And that hurt her alot. So she wnet to a party just so she canget close to him. The chance that they didn’t get at school or at work. The symbol is Hanna Baker’s list, and the connections on the list. Because every person’s name on the list has a connection to one another in one way or another. Like with Justin,a boy onthe list, he connects to Clay Jenson. Because she had her first kiss with Justin and kissing Clay made her feel like she can just start all over but she didn’t know how to and that hurt her to the point in even making the list and killing her self. The list connects to the therme because with out their is no story, she had to write the list.

  27. my name is markos and i am reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. tonight i read 52 pages for 60 min. i have read that katniss a peeta are in the hunger games and all that talk of peeta likeing her was lies. he formed a pack of 3 to hunt others and find katniss. he also made her look weak becuase now they know she is a suck up for a lie. a symbol in the book is the pin that effie gave katniss for the game. its means the pride of district 12 and it also tells her that she is beutiful becuase the pin has a bird that can sing beutifully.

    • Wow. This book realy seems interesting. Next time i recommend you to tell a little bit more about the book 🙂

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