Basic Post – April 7, 2010

Two of the 28 KIPPsters who dedicated their time over Spring Break to come on in and read!

Hi KIPPsters!

Welcome back from Spring Break! I hope you are all well-rested and ready for this next intense month before you take your state ELA and math exams. It’s going to be a lot of work, but your practice, your patience and your efforts will be rewarded if you try your very best. I just know this year’s test results will be as amazing as last year’s!

Tonight, let’s keep it simple. After you’ve read for 35 minutes, please complete this post, following the Criteria for Success.


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. I read __________ pages tonight.

3. Summarize what you read this evening in 3-5 sentences. I’m looking for a minimum of 3 sentences, beware!

4. Describe the setting and the characters in your book. Tell me what kind of place this is. Tell me what kind of person your character is. Use as many test-like character words as you can. (ie – determined, self-conscious, snobbish, ambitious, anxious, gloomy, etc. — Please keep in mind, this is NOT the whole list. This is just an example.) Use an example from the text to prove that the trait you chose is correct.

Two members of the Hunger Games book club reading together over Spring Break!

Happy reading and happy blogging!




28 thoughts on “Basic Post – April 7, 2010

  1. My user name is jasonb2015 and I’m currently reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. In tonight’s reading, Ralph visited Jack and his group members to get back Piggy’s glasses, which have the power to make fire and the possibility of being rescued, but Jack refuses to give the glasses back. Both Jack and Ralph end up savagely fighting and Roger shoves a massive rock down the mountainside. Ralph manages to dodge it, but it hits Piggy and pushes him off the mountainside and falls to his death. Jack then throws his spear at Ralph, and Ralph manages to escape in the jungle, but Sam and Eric are left behind to be tortured.
    The setting of this book is obviously in an island where a group of British boys have survived an airplane crash and have been left there to survive. The island seems to be mysterious and scary now that many boys have said to have seen a beast. As the leader of the entire group, Ralph is a very determined person who is trying really hard to be rescued of this island because their chances of surviving are not as great anymore. Also, he seems to be very courageous mostly because he risked his life to find the beast and kill it. He knows that this is his biggest responsibility now that they are in this island with no hope of surviving.

  2. janibell2015- I am reading the book Girl 15 Charming But Insane by Sue Limb. I read 25 pages tonight. I read about how a girl named Jess is overly imaginative. She is in love with a guy named Ben and spends class thinking of him instead of doing her work. Her friend Flora was the opposite of her and smarter. The setting is a classroom full of teenagers. The teenagers are perverted and giggly. The main character, Jess, is easily distracted, mean, two-faced, and doesnt think of other people’s feelings.

  3. krod2015.Kendra.Coe Booth. I just finished reading Kendra! I loved the book a lot. The setting mosty took place in her hometown, the bronx. In this book, i liked how Booth showed how a young girl’s life was bad ever since she was born. Her life was hard because her mother left her with her grandmother since she was a little girl. Her mother left her because her mom had her, when she was 14 or 15 years old. Kendra, the main character, isn’t a sweet girl. She’s more into the adult hood conversation, and things. For example, the inapropreate things that adults do! Kedra has been through a lot of ups and downs, dealing with friends and family issuse! Juging a girl like Kendra, its just not the right thing to do! Im really into this book! So someone should pick it for their next partner book! 🙂

  4. sammy2015: I am reading I’d Tell You I Love You But Then I’d Have To Kill You by Ally Carter. I read 23 pages tonight. The protagonist, Cammie, goes a special all girls boarding school. Her school is for spies. She attends the Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women. She doesnt seem to be as rich and adventurous as her friends in school. Also, she has to deal with lots of work from school like learning 14 languages, learning martial arts and others nessesities a spy needs to learn about. Cammie isn’t like many girls in her school. She seems to be a calm, yet, disappointed with herself. She doesn’t have amazing trips to go to or do amazing things like this like other girls in her school. She has to deal with a lot now but this is just the beginning of her spy adventure.

  5. DD2015: Tonight I just finished reading 31 pages from The Misfits by James Howe. The main character, Bobby, lives in Paintbrush Falls, New York. What I just finished reading was that Bobby was at the clothing store trying on clothes. That’s when he saw Skeezie and Skeezie started to mess with Bobby. At school Bobby is already having a bad time in sixth grade. I think Bobby is too worried or afraid. In school he had got worried at first day for no reason. He needs to stop pressuring his self.

  6. I am reading The Black Cauldron by Lloyd Alexander. I read 32 pages tonight. The characters are Taran, Ellidyr, Hen, Eilonwy, Gwydion and others. Taran, an assistant Pig-keeper, is captured by a prince named Ellidyr. But then something good but, at the same time, bad happened because Hen, a servant, was told to call for Dallben and Ellidyr was told to do it himself. You can probably tell by the names that the time period is the Dark Ages or medieval times. I’m not sure who the main character is but I do know that they all seem quite demanding most of the time. “It is a difficult passage, but the least guarded, as Coll Son of Collfrewr will tell you.” That meant that Gwydion demanded to be heard but also to be understood.

  7. suni2015- In tonight reading I re-read the book Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Tonight I read a total of 24 pages. In tonight reading Tessa finishes her 10 things to do before she dies. Now she is getting very ill and weak, she can’t walk any more, and at the end she couldn’t open her eyes but she could still hear people talking to her. Tessa finally understood that what she had all along was the love of her family because even though she did unresponsible things she was still loved and cared for. The setting of my book right now is in her house , because that is where she’s resting to finally go in piece. My character is very clever and unresponsible, because she’s just making choices in her life thinking that her life is going to end up fast, she is also determined because she wants to go ahead of life and do things that she isn’t ready for. Also she portraits a characteristic of anxious because she is nervous that she won’t get to live life as a normal 16 year-old girl that is happy with her family.

  8. lourdes2015: I am reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Tonight I read 25 pages. I read about how The police aren’t currently working on Susie’s murder case. Mr. Harvey notices and tries to keep himself from attracting to many attention to himself. He got into an “incident” where he made a girl cry and claimed he was just fixing her heel, but he was trying to do the same thing to her that he did to Susie. He got the negative attention from his neighbors reminding Susie’s father that he might be the murderer. Though the police chief agrees, there is no proof that they can use againts him. Set in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on December in 1973, Susie lives (or now lived) in a suburban area where kids are much looser, such as smoking in school and doing drugs at a young age as if it were normal. The main character is Susie Salmon, who is still a main part of the book even though she isn’t alive and doesn’t get to interact with other characters normally. Susie is the kind of person who holds a grudge… then again anyone would if they were murdered without justice. She cares for her family and can’t let go of them let on earth.

  9. KEEMA T. The title of my book is “SOLD”by Patricia McCormick. I read a total of 27 pages.Tonight I that the main character Lakshmi, a 13 yr old girl, had to get a job to support her family.Her stepfathergot her a job but a hurrioble and unthinklie child like job. He sold her to protitution.The setting of this novel takes place inNepal, India.Lakshmi is a out going and helping child ,who gets rewared in a harsh way by her stepfather.

  10. Arsh2015: Tonight I start reading the book Some Like it Hot by Zoey Dean, and I have read 29 pages. I those 29 pages, Anna are happy that Ben is back, but has some doubts that he would ask her to prom. Maddy moved into his house, and Anna is not sure about that. She really wants Ben to say with her for ever, so she is going to do anything to keep him. Anna is really gullible because she hears that Maddy and Ben where doing something to get her, but it was not true. She also is a leader because she always is on top, and doesn’t let anyone beat her at anything. She sets the trended and says who’s cool or not.

  11. Angeline2015: Before I Die by: Jenny Downham. Tonight, I re-read the ending of Before I Die because I thought it was interesting but at the same time weird. I read that Tessa finally accomplished her list and shes moved in with Adam. I also read that sadly at the end she ends up dying. It was a wonderful novel and I enjoyed reading it even though I think she shouldn’t have died. I think they should’ve found a cure to her problem. The setting of my book is mostly in the hospital, and Tessa’s and Adam’s houses. Also, Tessa was a girl that had a disease known as lukemia. She was a daring person and had a list of ten things she wanted to do before she died. In the text she’s always calling Zoey in order for her to help her with her problems.

  12. Emanie2015: devilish. by: Maureen Johnson. Tonight i read 32 pages. I read about how my main characters, jane and allison, are in their senior year. They attend a school named, Saint Teresa’s Preparatory School and it is a all girls school. At first Jane and Allison are best friends and the are different from everyone else. All of a sudden Allison becomes a totally different person and starts to hang out with all the popular kids and leaves Jane all by herself. The setting of my book is in the school and in the lunchroom. My characters Jane and Allison were very hepful to eachother and they cared alot about eachother until Allison chaned their ways and they became true enemies. My character Jane is very hardworking and anti-selfish (i made this word up=]) she cares about what happenes to the people she loves. Allison is not a true friend and is selfish. But on the other hand a new character is introuced and his name is Owen and he is helpful but in evil ways. the reason is because he shows Jane how to be evil annd devilish and forget about Allison. “things had just gone in a very unexpected direction, one that I immediately knew we woulden’t be returning from for a long time”(page.20). This shows how she can predict that she is not going to be friends with Allison for a long time because she is a “new person.”

  13. Orlando G 2015 here.Today i read a 65 page sports illustrated magazine the main head line for this issue is THE KID COMES THROUGH FOR CANADA this about how Sidney Crosby the man that won the Olympic hockey game for Canada with according to the article the shot heard across the world I forgot to mention this article was written by Micheal Farber the reason they call him the kid is because he was the youngest player in team Canada and they also call him the golden child .
    The setting of this article is in Vancouver at the winter Olympics my character is very determined because since the beginning of the Olympics he was determined to win the gold medal and that is just what he did. Also he got tackled by two American players and i 5think that shows alot of grit and he kept playing

  14. Angeline2015: Before I Die by: Jenny Downham. Tonight, I re-read the ending of Before I Die because I thought it was interesting but at the same time weird. I read that Tessa finally

  15. I am reading The House You Pass on the Way by Jacqueline Woodson. I read 34 pages. In tonight’s reading of the exposition,I met the protagonist, Staggerlee, the grandchild of celeberites and the child of an interacial couple in a majority black community. Staggerlee allows herself to be put in a position of isolation. I also meet Trout, Staggerlee’s cousin. The protagonist is lonely (in part because she isolates herself) and is anti social and all of this takes place in a black community and I’m sure Jacqueline’s favorite subject (racism) will appear.

  16. Continue(blog was to small)
    Jamie is traveling on the bus by himself and he doesn’t know what to do because he is to worried about his brother. I like the way this book started, I am anxious to see how it ends.

  17. Tonight i read 25 pages of the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read that Katniss shot at one of the Gamemakers and she is really nervous on what they’re going to do to her and her family. Right now she is talking to Haymitch about the #’s. Katniss thinks she is going to get really low #. The setting for Hunger Games in the beginning was kind of confusing. But right now it’s pretty simple. The people are about to start the betting. The Gamemakers don’t pay attention to Katniss because she is from District 12. My character has low self esteem for herself. But i think she is going to over come that issue. =]

  18. Kai2015:Today I read Punkzilla by:Adam Rapp. Today i read that the main character in my book, Jamie, has ran away from his Military school in order for him to go and see his dying brother. He is traveling on the bus to his destination and he is writing letters about his past and present time. Jamie is worried because he is traveling into and out of places were he has never been so this book takes me through a large amount of places;not just one place.

  19. Justin2015 and my book title is This is What I Did by Ann Dee Ellis. I read 15 pages today. i read thayt Logan was e-mailing his friend Zyler who ran away. i also read that Logan was in a play with some students and his teacher got so mad she fainted and everyone got scared and didnt know what to do and Logan put her head on his lap and tryed to speak to her and the ambulance came for her. the setting was in the auditoriom nad they were about to make a play. Logan is a quiet person that doesnt do any thing when bad things are happening around him. he is self consious because on page 146 he said ” people scearming, girls surrounding Ms. March… wondering what should i do i never know what to do.”

  20. gianni2015. This is what I did. Ann Dee Ellis. today i read 60 pages. What I read today was that logan had basically stopped caring about his life and what he did with it. logan also started going to Dr.Benson who was his therapist because he stopped talking to his parents about his problems and they thought it would help him if he talked about it but at first he wouldn’t want to g but, when his mom started crying he tried to give it another chance. The setting of my book takes place around the neighborhood. My main character most people refer to him as a nerd but he is just a shy person who can sometimes make mistakes. He is also determined to put his mistakes behind him but almost every day bullies remind him of what he had done. This just shows you can’t always put the past behind you.

  21. my name is Markos and I’m reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. What i read was that Katniss was really nervous about the interview that each district is suppose to do. Haymitch is calling her hostile and Effie is calling her lady like. She went through the interview fine but then Peeta said something that she very disliked. They are from district 12 and now they are in the Capital. Katniss is very sensitive. She gets very angry for no reason and sometimes its for very silly reasons. Peeta on the other hand is very humorous, and very shy.”i make sure to veer into a car that doesn’t contain Peeta. The crowd slows our entourages of stylists and mentors and chaperones, so we have only each other for company. No one speaks. My elevator stops to deposit four tributes before i am alone and then find the doors opening on the twelfth flour. Peeta has only just stepped from his car when i slam my palm into his chest. he loses his balance and crashes into an ugly urn filled with fake flowers. the urn tips and shatters into hundreds of tiny pieces. Peeta lands and the shards, and blood immediately flows from his hands. Katniss got mad because Peeta told everyone he likes her and Peeta just doesn’t really care about winning he is giving his life to everyone.

  22. Jerick, The City of Ember, Jeanne DuPrau, 30 pages. Lina is the main character in this book. In the City of Ember Lina is a girl who attends a school thatat the end of the school year students get assigned to a job. In this case, Lina gets to work as a pipeworker. Doon, one of the main characters decides to trade with Lina jobs. Now, Lina is a messenger wich she wanted to be and Doon is a pipeworker. This book takes place in a dark city. the main character in this book is Lina. Some characters in this bok are Doon, Granny, poopy, and others. Also in this book the city is dark and to use light they have lightbulbs which can blackout easily.

  23. ae2015: The Rag and Bone Shop: Robert Cormier: 30 pages. In tonight’s reading there was not really alot of action in my opinion. The characters were the big deal today. The setting seems to be a setting of mystery and a neighborhood where rumors and news spread quickly. Jason is sort confused about the whole situation of murder. He is the kind of person who likes to have the 411 on everything, but he is not exactly the type that goes crazy spreading everything he knows. He is very determined to find ou all the information on this case since he was the one who last saw the victim of murder alive.

  24. my name is ashley and im reading KENDRA. Tonight i have read about 15 pages. I read about how Adonna and Kendra became friends again the day of the block party. It also talked about how she went to visit her Nana because she was over on the block. Nana was a changed person , and she even hnad a heart felt talk with her father Kenny about how she could tell him anything. The setting of this book takes place in The Bronx, and the main character of my book is Kendra. She is a honest person, who cares about herself, friendship, boyfriend. She also wants forgiveness, from her friend Adonna. The example of the text is that she and Adonna had settled their issue, because Kendra became the better person, and he had settled her issues by talking to her and apologizing. This also contributes to Nana for saying “babe” to the book , which is what she used to say to Kendra when her and Adonna went over to the park in Bronxwood. They both started giggling and Kendra was emmbarressed as normal. This made them become friends once again.

  25. Tonight i finished reading my book KENDRA.the lat two chapters was about how adonna and kendra became friends even though she is her aunt because they had a fight and they are now having fun again.Kendra’s relationship with Nashawn has turned out to better than what it used to be because now she doesnt want to rush into things with him, she wants to take it slow and have a normal relationship.Nashawn thinks it’s fine that kendra doesnt want to have a sexual relationship yet.Renne and kendra are now living together and they are starting to connect more. Kendra’s neighborhood is a dangerous place for young teens because girls like kendra have a high risk of getting pregnant at a young age;before they reach adulthood. Renne was determined to follow her dreams and she did, she graduated from college and got her daughter back.Renne wanted to be a role model for her daughter even though leaving your child is the wrong thing to do.Renne just wanted to be a good mother to kendra by doing what the smart mothers do; going to college to get an education so that she can get a good job.

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