March 24, 2010 – Partner Books Post!

Everything's Better with a Friend... Two Blogging KIPPsters way back in 5th Grade enjoying the benefits of a partnership!

Hi KIPPsters!

Today was a lot of fun! I am so glad that so many of you are excited about your new books for partner reading! I love when kids scream because of the title they have been assigned, and I love even more when kids dig in to new books, even if they didn’t receive their first choice, working together to get into the exposition and assigning pages for homework. Some really great love of learning and love of reading is appearing in the 7th grade! Today, tell me about your partnership experience!


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. I read ______ pages tonight.

3. Briefly summarize exactly what you read tonight in 2 or 3 sentences.

4. Talk about group reading — the pros and the cons. What was it like to read with friends today? How does reading with a partner help you? How does it sometimes hinder (not help) you? How can you maintain a partnership when you don’t see each other every day over Spring Break? What plan can you make to get reading done together?

Have fun, happy reading in your new books, and happy blogging!




44 thoughts on “March 24, 2010 – Partner Books Post!

  1. Tonight I had read the vampires assistant and so far I have read that Darren has found out that he was a monster. Now that every body knows even hhis own freiends are really scared of him not just scared terrified. In the book on page 29 through 30 “They were terrified of me… Darren Shan… a monster but not just any monster a vampire”. Then my book gets even more forshadowing because its like a movie the chapter ends at the best part of the book. IN MY OPINION!

  2. My user name is jasonb2015 and I’m currently reading “Before I Die” by Jenny Downham and tonight I read a total of 24 pages. In tonight’s reading, I got a close up look at the protagonist, Tessa, who is suffering of leukemia. Her despair and the reality of soon dying has caused her to want to have sex and though hesitant to have sex with a boy named Jake, her best friend, Zoey encourages her to do so as it is Tessa’s last moments of life. Unfortunately, Tessa is forced to have sex and loses her virginity. Today, it was actually fun to read with friends. I felt that it helped me understand the book more and when I got confused, I asked my teammates to clarify different parts of the book. Sometimes, though working with partners can be hard because sometimes a partner may not reach their reading for the day so it leaves the one person behind and the other in the lead. Though the people in my book club live far from me, I might be able to call them and plan out the number of pages to read each night. Also, we might be able to even read the book over the phone to each other and help each other with certain parts of the book.

  3. The name of my book is kendra. And so far I read about her coming in the house laye and there being an argument everynight because of it, and she doesn’t like that so she rather have her sister come home to live with her. I don’t like that this book is so boring right now it is not interesting to me what so ever I hope ot gets better in time

  4. My name is ashley and last night I had read 20 pages of kendra . So far kendra has lives w| a girl that’s about her age and she comes home late almost everyday, and their is always an argument in her house. This part of the book seems extremely boring to me , because it just has no type of action to it, and I don’t understand the point of the book and why the author would write it so far!

  5. Anthony P, Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, 22 pages. Right now in the book Katniss or as he friend calls her, Catnip, is supposed to be hunting or sometimes goes outside district 12 to get food. But there are “Flesh eaters” outside of district 12. Her friend is the only one who can she can really talk to an be herself. She got the name Catnip because she whispered her name to her friend to quickly and it sounded like catnip, also a lynx followed her around the woods and scared away her hunts so she finally had to kill it but since then she devoloped the name “Catnip.”

  6. OgunleyeO.2015- Today I started reading “13 R3ASONS Why”, by Jay Asher. I read 66 pages in 37 minutes and 28 seconds (approximately). This book has a lot of descriptive words about how the character feels at different points in the story. So far what has happened is… a girl named Hannah Baker has committed suicide and has sent tapes of why she committed this act to 13 people that are supposed to be the people that caused her to do this action. One of them is Clay Jensen (the main character) he gets the tapes and is struck by shock that he is one of the thirteen people. What did I do is his main question right now. It was also fun reading with my teammates; we all took turn reading it was very productive. Reading and talking with my partner also helps me understand their perspective on things. Now for break I can just read by myself then join together.

  7. sammy2015: I just started The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 25 pages tonight. Katniss, the protagonist, is taking her little sister’s, Prim, place in the Hunger Games. There is also a fence that has electricity protecting from things passing through. Katniss’s dad died in a mine from an explosion. I think partner reading can be fun, but I am more of an individual kind of person. I am with a few of my friends but we don’t read at the same speed. Some may read faster and others are slower. Also, it can be distracting. Some of us can go on aim and others can email to keep contact during the break. It will be tricky for all of us to finish together. We all read differently. We can read 2-3 chapters each night. We will finish quick if we just focus.

  8. Tonight i read Kendra!!! I read 20 pages tonight. in my book Kendra has a sister named Renee and currently living with her grandmother witch she calls Nana. Today in the book Kendra wasn’t in the mood because of her friend, Adonna has always been talking about her grandmother and Renee n a bad way. Adonna has always known that Kendra’s mom has never been there for her, so then her grandmother has always been over protective. Adonna does not like Renee, has she has gotten in to Princeton, but doesn’t want to say anything to Adonna because Kendra knows that she will say something stupid about it.
    I think that reading will a partner is better because you get to hear what other people have to say about the book. I also think that hearing other people read the book you understand the book better. This also slows us down a little because we tend to get off task when we read. But when we read together we also read and stop to say something about the book, which helps us understand the book in different views.
    I think that for spring break my group can see each other blogs, if we do them and see what one another are writing and maybe comment on each other’s blogs and write back to each other every time we blog, and we would have to read the entire book over spring break

  9. RV2015: I read TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY by Jay Asher. Tonight I read 34 pages. Today i just starting reading this book. What I read was that Hanna, the girl who killed herself, has sent the tapes to certain people explaining why she has killed herself. One by one people are getting the tapes and all are in shock.Can they take anymore of this?Was Clay her high school crush her biggest reason why? What I liked about reading with my partner was that when I have a question or I mispronounce a word my partner helps me. Sometimes reading with my partner doesn’t help me because she is my friends so instead of reading I sometimes feel like talking to her about other things and we just want to chat. I can call her everyday and we could talk about the book and agree on what pages we read for the next the next day. What we can do is guess about how many pages we could read a day and then call each other and talk about that nights reading and talk about the next nights reading.

  10. My mom hasn’t read the blog yet, she is doing dishes, but she wants to know how can I bring my reading grade up. We are both worried.

  11. DD2015-I’m so tired! Tonight I read 20 pages of Kendra by Coe Booth. Tonight I read about how Kendra’s mother takes no responsibility for Kendra and now Kendra has to live with her grandmother. She doesn’t like it when her mother is around, yet her grandmother is no better.
    I think working in a group is awesome. Especially when your reading a book your friends wanted to read. This works because if we need help understanding the book we have our partners to help us. But if someone doesn’t do their reading it can slow the whole group down. The first thing my group did before we started to read was talk about spring break. We have to read 17 pages every day starting tomorrow until break is over. If we can we can meet at a Starbucks.

    • I’m tired too! You are so funny, Daijah! By the way, show this to your mom… your writing is getting so much better! I’m very impressed with the quality of your blogs. Keep it up!

  12. ClarissaC2015 – NEW BOOK** ! I’m reading Before I Die By Jenny Downham and I read 18 pages tonight. Tessa, the protagonist of my book, is dying of leukemia. She makes a list of 10 things that she wants to do before she dies. One of them just so happens to be…sex. Her friend, Zoey, takes Tessa to the club so that she could go out on a Saturday night and Zoey hooks Tessa up with some random guy named Jimmy. Tessa thinks to her self that its a bad idea and Zoey begins to argue. She calls Tessa boring and tells her to live a little before she dies. I think Zoey is kind of a bad role model for Tessa because to Zoey, the club scene is normal at her age. Zoey finally persuades Tessa to go back into the club and that’s where I stopped 🙂 Reading with a group today was fun! We found out that we all had the same taste in books and we found Before I Die really exciting when we first saw it and heard about it. It was easier because we helped each other understand what we were reading and the group is doing great so far. I think we are going to keep in touch by AIMing each other or texting each other.

  13. Angeline2015: Tonight I’m reading Before I Die by: Jenny Downham. Tonight, I read 87 pages ending up in chapter 16. In tonight’s reading, I read that Tessa has reached her second choice on the list which is to say yes to anything for one entire day. Something else that happens is that Tessa gets mad at Zoey because she told Scott and Jake about her illness and ever since their acting weird with her.Jake starts giving her free batteries from the shop while Zoey takes advantage of her and makes Tessa make a fool of herself in front of them and other people. She also starts asking her questions that she knows she doesn’t want to do but she has to say yes. Some of these questions are would you take drugs, would you tell that men you love him, by the way it was an old bald man, and would you get a tattoo. These where just some of the questions she asked her. In these chapters Tessa suffers twice. She’s been taken to the hospital twice and actually finds out that cancer has spread in her back and things are happening faster than she’s expecting. The doctor has told her and her family to let her do what she wants so that she can die in peace… well I won’t spoil the book anymore.
    For me and my partner it was kind of hard to read together because I started the book earlier so I was in page 27 and they had just started. Even though this happened, it was better to read with a partner because whenever we found a word we didn’t understand we asked and helped each other. In order to maintain a partnership during the brake we can meet somewhere or read on the phone.

  14. Lourdes2015- I am starting the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read 25 pages. So far in the novel, Clay Jensen learns he is one of the reasons why Hannah Baker committed suicide. When he gets the tapes, he thinks it is a mistake or a joke that the kids were trying to pull on him. As Clay hears the tapes, he learns that the first tape he is hearing isn’t for him though. It is for Hannah’s first kiss, Justin Foley. This worries him because the story of her life can get worse as he gets to the next tapes. The author might be foreshadowing that Clay Jensen is the main reason she killed herself, tape number 13. Partner reading can be helpful sometimes. When one partner is confused about what happened in the book, the other can explain it and reread it again. It is also helpful because there is someone to read with, especially when the book gets a little boring. Partner reading isn’t always great though. One partner might get ahead in the novel while the other is behind. Then, the book will get spoiled and it wouldn’t be as shocking to learn what happens. It can also be a difficult situation when having to read the book during break. During break, I’ll just read independently to avoid the book being spoiled or having to slow down for the other person.

  15. I kind of overpass my actual reading got too into the book………. This book is awsome and I feel sorry for her even though the things she wants to accomplish before she die is very unsmart and she just didn’t think of something better to want then wanting to have relationship. WELL I GUESS TOMORROW IS THE READING MAP TEST…….by the way i dont enjoy test that much… lol

  16. suni2015- Tonight I read the book Before I Die , by Jenny Downham. In tonights reading I read over 72 pages. In my reading today I read how Tessa is suffering of an illness which is ending her life. Tessa want to experience life before she dies, so she makes a list of ten things she wants to do before she dies. Her list lead her into being opress since she doesn’t feel confident at first, but is persuaded by her friend Zoey who is wild and does anything she wants. In my reading Tessa goes through struggles were she has to decide weather she can stay in her bed wrapped in blankets and wait to die, or just hold her herself together and continue with her goal of finishing the list. Meantime Tessa is trying to finish the list, her doctor reveal a bad news were her cancer traveled through her nervous system, were her actions might get out of hand. To read with my friends was awsome because I get to express the theme and meaning that the author is trying to communicate with me. It also helps me because when an interesting part of the book comes up, my reading group can help me undersatnd the meaning of what is happening in the book. It might sometimes not help me because we might have different thoughts about the book purpose or meaning. Well I can assigne each of us a goal of how much reading we’re going to do over the break, or probably manage to call a person thats in the group to check on each other and how we’re doing so far.

  17. kdozier2015.Kendra by Coe Booth. My book is about a girl named Kendra who lives with her grandma because her moms is not there for her.the setting is the Bronx,NY i like the book . I’m excited to read this book more over the break so i can get to know the characters more and enjoy the book because i know people that can relate to this book. i think this book can help me cause im a teenager maybe it can help me with some of the situations im going through as i get older in life,.me and my partner are gonna plan our reading ahead of time. so we can both be on track with it

  18. Hi Kai!!
    Welcome to the blog! I’m so excited you posted! Your post is awesome!!! A couple of quick things…
    1) The protagonist of The Hunger Games is Katniss (not Katsnipss… but I think that’s a pretty cute name too :)).
    2) Why didn’t you continue reading your partner book tonight?
    3) Great job! I am very impressed with your thinking!

    • Sorry I read alittle more of The Hunger Games but then my mother recommended a book she read so i picked it up and started to read it. I didn’t continue reading because I got very interested in the other book i started, dont worry i will still love The Hunger Games! ; )

  19. Kai2015-Tonight i read 25 pages of a book called Through Times of Pain by Julie Mitchell.(Sorry Ms.Stabrowski,I left my I.P book in your class on Tuesday). Today I read that Thomas’s brother John was murdered and Thomas is determined to find out who killed John. I find it interesting that a kid so young would risk his own life to find the person who killed his brother. I think this takes a lot of grit and bravery to be able to know that you can potentially die trying to complete this task. I also started to get into how the F.B.I are actually not trying their hardest to figure out who is the killer. This book helps me understand the real meaning of family love or love in general, love between friends, family, and even close relationships. To change the subject group reading is great. It is great to understand everyones(everyone including Deion, Markos, Gabriel, and everyone else in my group) perspective about The Hunger Games. Sometimes we even had disagreements about what we thought was going on in a certain part of the book. I enjoy group reading because my understanding of the book increases over the amount of time we spend debating the issues in the book. That’s one of the issues we have in the group but it actually helps us. In The Hunger Games, we read that the main characters names are Prim, Gale, and Katsnipss so far. The book is pretty interesting so far because Prim was chosen to become the reaper which is a weird position that i haven’t really learned much about. Maybe tomorrow I will learn more about the reapers position in the book and maybe my blog wont be so long. : )

  20. Arsh2015: Today I started to read Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I have only read 15 pages (I also read 17 in my independent reading book). The first pages were confusing because I lost tack og who was the narrtor. At one point I thought it was Hannah because the book was talking about the package being seen, but then it started talking about Hannah’s death. I agree with Orlando when saying it seemed like a bit of foreshadowing. It think that group reading is a good idea because you get to read a book you injoy and read with your friends. it is better than independent reading because this why you can tell if a person is really reading or not. You are going to talk about the book with your group, so you need to know what the others have read.

  21. Orlando G 2015 here. I am reading 13 reasons why by Jay Asher.Tonight during my 18 page reading i was a little bit confused about the book it seemed a bit of foreshadowing . The reason i was confused was because the main character clay was picking up a certain package it seemed to be the tapes why would the author start I found that really confusing.
    The good thing about reading in a partner ship is that you get to share your thoughts with other people about the same book that is good thing for helps me because i get to share my thought with other people . it doesn’t help because you can sometimes get distracted and your conversations can sometimes rail out of the track. one way that me and my partners can talk about the book is via email are phone are we find a way

  22. JM2015:I am reading The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.Tonight i read 20 pages.Percy is still upset that his friends lied on him. He thinks that he have been betrayed and cant believe that happened.Reading this book changed the way i look at fiction books.I am not as happy with my partner book but I’ll pull through it.The Lightning Thief is more of a folk tale book rather than a fiction book.i am almost done the book and when i do finish the book im looking forward to seeing the movie.

  23. HI!! This is emanie 2105. The book that i am reading is the diary of Latoya Hunter.. my first year of Junior high. The author is of course… Latoya Hunter. I read __35__ pages last night. I am reading about how it is her first day of school and she is exicted. She thought that the world would end in junior high and she thought it was kind of funny herself. To tell the truth it was boring because i do not enjoy the book and that was m last option and i dont know if genesis enjoyed the book. Its not really that something i can sit down and read. I know in the pas it has helped me and i enjoyed it and i understood the book more. But today it did not really help because i did not enjoy the book and it was hard to understand something that you do not want to read. We cam call eachother and make a chart and see how many pages you read and read at the same pace. We can probably go to the bus stop resturant and we can read or we can meet up at angelines house even though she is not reading the same book we both know where she lives and it is convenient for the both of us.

  24. I am reading Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 34 pages. This book reminds me of Condemned the movie because they are all starting out far away from each other but have no choice but to kill each other. The main character, Katniss, has to enter the hunger games and already she has someone she wants to kill. His name is Peeta Mellnark. Reading with my friends isn’t really the best idea because sometimes we can get off-task. I have nothing good to say about reading with my friends because I wanted to actually read more, this book is interesting and i like it. Honestly I would like to set a goal for break.

  25. Let me add a little more. In can also tell you that this book is extremely mature and includes feelings that others would probably feel if they were in Tessa’s situation. What I really like about this book is that it also includes issues that regular teens may one day have to go through. So, that can teach me about a possible future.

  26. ae2015: Before I Die by Jenny Downham. Tonight in my reading I learned about Tessa’s situation. She has a medical problem that is leading towards her death. She wants ton do a couple of things before she dies, but you will have to read the novel to find out. I really enjoy having a group to read with because it helps you understan the novel from someone else’s point of view. This partnership helps me bacause I can more clearly understand the events that I do not understyandin the novel. I guess that the best way to communicate over break is telephone and AIM (maybe).

  27. leah2015 Thirteen Reasons why by Jay Asher I read 24 pages to night

    In my book Clay just recived a shoe box sized box filled with types. On the types are the recondings of a girl, Hannah Baker, who killed her self. Back when she was alive she made the types and sent it out to people she blames for her sucide. To find out what you did to her you have to listen to the types and go to the places she told you to go. To day in my group reading it was fun. Well the truth is I alwasys love group reading, it helps me keep on track with my reading. But overall it went well. Because we all took turns reading. Ola went first then Samiah and I went last.But sometimes to me group reading can be a drag. Because sometimes I fall behind or a partner may fall behind then we have to wait for that person to catch up. Also because when we do the discussions we may talk about parts that the other person might not have gotton to yet.When I don’t see my partners like over spring break we set a goal to reach byt the time we come back. Like we might want to read the whole book or only 20 or 100 pages of it. We can meet at a Starbucks or a Mcdonalds to get the reading done together, so we stay on the same track.

  28. Zariah2015. I have a book titled, Kenda by Coe Booth. Tonight I read 27 pages of the book. that Kendra currently lives with her grandmother because her mother isn’t around. We also meet Adonna, Kendra’s friend from school. The setting for this book is in the Bronx. Since we started partener reading today, we read for a couple of minutes together. Partner reading could be fun but it is also hard. it helps me because I now I have to keep up with my partners, which helps me get into my novel. On the other hand, you have to trust that your partner keeps up with you. Ifyour partner doesn’t read then it is hard on you. Over spring break my partners and I can finish the book. Although this can be hard because we want to hang out, we have to make a promise to finish reading.

  29. Tonight I read 13 pages of Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read that Katnipss’s sister, Prim, got chosen for the reaper. But since she didn’t want to go Katnipss went for her. There at the reaper she meets Gale and Madge. This is my partners reading book. Tonight I read with Markos. Markos and I had a very weird experience. We encountered some hard vocabulary. But at the end we figured it out. I enjoy reading this book. It was really fun because we got to hear other people read and talk about books. I’m starting to notice that if you read books from cover to cover they are interesting. NO MORE FAKE READING FOR ME!!!!!!!!! We are going to call each other and tell each other what pages to read and do a retell. HAPPY SPRING BREAK PEOPLES! =). I FEEL SO GOODDDDD. UGHHHHHH.LOLZ

    • “I’m starting to notice that if you read books from cover to cover they are interesting.” — Amen to that, Adrian!!

  30. My username is markos2015 and I’m reading The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I read 13 pages. What i read is that a girl named Katnipss and a boy named Gale and another girl call Prim. It takes place where there are only 12 districs and they are all trying to not starve to death.My partner is Adrian.i liked it becuase we had alot to talk about when we got helpsme becuase i can infer and we might have different thoughts.we got confused on Katnipss being a boy when she was actually a girl.We thought she was gay becuase we didnt know she was a girl. We can call each other and we cantell each other what we read up to what page and how many pages we read.HAPPY SPRNG BREAK!!!!!!!(SAY IT WITH DEEP VOICE).

    • Markos everything you say is with a deep voice =) im joking, but seriously half the things you say is with a deep voice

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