March 17, 2010 – A Special Post for a Special Day!

A Happy Birthday and  a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hello and THANK YOU to my lovely KIPPsters!

Thank you so much for all of the birthday hugs, cards, candy, flowers and even a Starbucks gift card today! You guys are great! (But you aren’t getting out of reading homework :)) Tonight, in light of our current preoccupation with testing, we will have a special posting assignment: a Do-It-Yourself-Reading-Test-Prep-Post. Please see below for the Criteria for Success.


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. Tonight, I read ____ pages.

3. Briefly summarize what you read this evening. (3 sentences minimum — don’t skip this, or else it becomes an INCHW on your paycheck. :()

4. Write an RTP style question about your text like this:

From the novel, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, you can tell that Johnny:

a. was an attentive and loving father who dedicated his life to his children.

b. tried very hard to help out his family, but just couldn’t make ends meet.

c. occasionally focused on his family, but was often discouraged and would end up drinking away his troubles.

d. did not care at all for his family or his wife.

5. After you write your question, tell us what KIND of question it was. Was this a STEPBACK? A FREEBIE? CONTEXT CLUES? CHARACTER STEPBACK? etc. etc.

This question was a CHARACTER STEPBACK. It required multiple examples of Johnny’s behavior to accurately answer it.

6. Finally, tell us the correct answer to your RTP question and explain why it is correct:

Choice C was correct. Johnny loved his family very much but was easily discouraged. He would have days when he would work very hard and give up everything for his family, but then those days were followed by days of drinking and despair. Johnny led a troubled life, but his intentions were always good, and his heart was always in the right place.

As you can tell, all of my responses were in green. Please model your responses on mine to ensure you earn full credit and that you are accurately practicing today’s skill. 🙂

Thank you again for a lovely birthday! I’m off to prepare for your test tomorrow!

Happy reading, blogging, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ORLANDO too! (Thank you for the flowers, I’m glad to share my birthday with you!)




42 thoughts on “March 17, 2010 – A Special Post for a Special Day!

  1. suni2015- In tonights reading I read the book Tangerine. By Edward Bloom. Tonight I read 20 pages. In tonights reading I read how Paul had a girl falling for him in his old school. I also read how Paul best friend Joey , was very dissapointed because when he lost his brother in an accident at school, people were making fun of him. This will lead Joey into bad attitude because he then starts saying that because of Paul he was sent to a school he doesn’t likes. From yhe novel Tangerine you can tell;
    A) joey is upset that because of his brother death evrything is miserable to him.
    B) Paul and Joey are fighting with each other because they are misunderstanding themselves.
    C) Joey brother Mike is dissapointed with him for giving up his dream inorder to satisfy Mike.
    D) Paul and some kids in his school are fighting to know who ia better at soccer.
    This question was a character stepback , because in the text it shows different way to describe Joey feelings.
    Choice a is correct. In the text it shows that after his brother death Joey is changing his personality into being someone that is very sirious. This shows that Joey is feeling upset he got no siblings to talk to. Joey is now living through a hard time were he is being humiliated for trying to help his brother during his time of death.

  2. AnthonyP, Jewish Bible (read it because i was kind of angry today so i use it to calm myself down at times.) read 20 exodus pages. Moses, after endless times going back the Mr. Pharaoh, goes back once more and asks him to free the Sons of Israel. But this refusal costs many lives. Pharaoh declines but the death of every Egyptian first born son is taken. PHaraoh is furious and his rage leads him to a much worse future.

    Describe Pharaoh after his son dies and he decides to let go of the Sons of Israel. (Character Stepback)

    A) Furious
    C) Anxious
    E) Both A and D

    The answer is E) both A and D. PHaraoh is angry that this had happened, and is extremely sorrowful because his son died.

  3. Ola.O2015- Yesterday I started reading The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, by Avi (?). Tonight I read 65 pages in 48 minutes and it was really good, so far. In my reading today I was engrossed in the part when the sailors were often warning her about the captain Jaggery using her. So far she has been on the ship a week or so and is just recovering from being homesickness and being ill, the ship’s vermin has truly disgusted the main character and the reader. I wonder what will happen next…!
    How is the friendship between the Captain and Charlotte now?
    A) Romantic
    B) Charming
    C) Friendly and fatherly
    D) Caring
    E) C and D
    F) All of the Above

    This is a question about the character relationships; it is also a step back question because the answer is not obvious in the novel I am reading. The answer to my question is – E) because at the beginning they are friends and they are nice to each other….

    (Happy birthday to youuuu…)

  4. Angeline2015: The title of my book is Vampire Academy by: Richelle Mead. Tonight I read 38 pages. In this part of the book, I read that the new girl Vasilia was welcomed by everyone because they thought she was special. Her name was known to be the name of heroines in Russian fairy tales. Lissa and the crew found an interesting room that had many ancient things. They decided to skip their class and check out their room, which was actually a bad idea because people noticed.
    From chapter 11, you can tell that Vasilisa is probably going to
    A. Get ignored
    B. Be hated by everyone
    C. Become a popular girl because of her name and personality
    D. Go against Lissa and her friends
    This question was a freebie. The answer was right there if you read the chapter deeply.
    Choice C was correct. Since Vasilisa had a cool name, everyone started calling her names like Vasilisa the beautiful, or Vasilisa the brave.

  5. lourdes2015- I am currently reading The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read 31 pages. Tonight, I read about her father and her other family members. Her father helps Mr. Harvey build a tent l, not knowing that he was the one who brutally murdered his daughter. He later became suspicious of him after refusing to talk about Susie.  He sent police to question him. The police didn’t find anything. It turns out he is a widower after his wife, Leah, died. It confuses Susie’s father that a neighbor told him that his wife’s name was Sophie. 

    You can most likely tell that Mr. Harvey 

    A) is a regular, innocent man
    B) had killed many girls before Susie, knowing how to do it without anyone suspecting
    C) is lonely and sad from being a widower
    D) none of the above

    This is a step back question. It required proof on Mr. Harvey’s actions. The answer was Choice B. Susie states once that she wasn’t the only girl he had murdered before. It’s also mentioned when her father questions the true name of Mr. Harvey’s wife. Susie says that he didn’t know he was starting  a list of dead girls.        

  6. hello Orlando G 2015 here. tonight I read i am messenger by Markus zusak .Tonight i read about how Ed has to go to the court house and testify about what happen at the bank. Ed was feeling nervous.
    what gets Marv the angriest?
    A) people robbing the bank
    B) people being mean
    C) not working
    D) people taking about his car
    E) the answer not shown
    This is a freebie because the answer is shown in the beginning of the book. When the bank is being robbed and Ed is talking about his car.this makes the correct answer d because Marv gets really annoyed when people talk about his car. All men get mad when people talk about their car that is just rude.

  7. ClarissaC2015 – I am well into my book named WTF by Peter Lerangis. I read 16 pages tonight. In the section I read, the author continued to look at Waits’s(pronounced Watts) perspective. I noticed that they went back in time to when Cam was still alive. It seems that Cam was supposed to buy or sell drugs for Waits. So I guess that there wasn’t really a party in the 1st place. I can infer that Cam set Byron and Jimmy up.

    How do you think Jimmy felt when he realized that Cam was dead?
    a) calm
    b) horrified
    c) careless
    d) anxious

    The answer B , horrified because Jimmy was all over the place. He had no license or drivers permit and he practically killed Cam.

  8. sammy2015: I am reading Before IDie by Jenny Downham. I read 30 pages tonight. In tonight’s reading, Tessa and Cal were hanging out with Zoey, but once Tessa noticed that Zoey had told Jake, Tessa fled with Cal. Tessa is saying “yes” to everything and once Cal found out, he decided to mess a little with her. Tessa usually is at the hosiptal since she has leukaemia.

    When Tessa found out about Zoey telling Jake of her illness, how do you think Tessa felt?

    A) happy
    B) upset
    C) carefree
    D) worried

    This is a character step-back question. You have to think and find clues to find out how the character felt in this moment.

    The answer is “B.” Tessa was upset because she doesn’t mention this to people because she thinks they meet treat her differently if the knew her condition. She is upset, but toward Zoey for telling Jake that she has leukaemia.

  9. RV2015: Today i was reading the book The City of the Ember by Jeanne DuPrau.Today i read that Lina had been messenger for weeks already even if the mayor did accused her of making trouble.Lina goes to her granny and talks to her which makes her relax about all her work, even though she loves her job.Granny was getting old and was supposed to be taking care of the baby,Poppy,but because she is getting old she forgets trouble with Poppy starts from here.

    Who do you think will find out and give up the sercret of the box?

    A) Granny
    D) The Mayor

    This question is a stepback because you have to know your character and guess who will do it by thier past actions.

    The correct answer is C)Lina because since Lina is the messenger she is able to go into the mayor’s office. Not that Lina will do it, but there is a chance that she will because the mayor lied about her saying that she is making trouble.Will she cause any real trouble to the mayor.Lets find out.

  10. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding and tonight I read 20 pages. In tonight’s reading, Ralph blows the conch shell to call all the boys for a meeting at the beach and once again the appearance of the beast is mentioned. One of the smaller kids admits to have actually seen the beast and Jack, as confident as he may seem, says that he’ll kill the beast and disappears into the forest to hunt for it. Later on, though as the meeting is dismissed, Ralph and all the boys hear the cry of a small kid along the beach and the tension of the group rises.

    RTP: From “Lord of the Flies,” what can you conclude about the boys’ feelings toward the island?
    a.They are content of the fact that no one is their to look after them.
    b.They are concerned about not surviving.
    c.They fear the island and worried about the dangers that the island awaits for them.
    d.They are relaxed and calm and do not worry much.
    This is a STEP-BACK question because it requires critical thinking about the book and involves multiple proof for the answer to be found.

    The correct answer is “c” because Ralph and Jack have heard a lot from the smaller ones and now fear that a beast is surrounding the island. They now fear that the death of one of the boys may come. They must now protect themselves and stay close to each other, for there is something out there that is cruel, vicious, and dangerous.

  11. jbennett2015. I am starting The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan and I don’t want to start reading it because I would like to read the series in order. I read 28 pages. Percy is telling the audience about what has happened the past 5 books. Some new characters come in named Paul (Percy’s new dad) and Rachel. Also I don’t want to do it but Kronos is back and vengeful.

    Which of these characters have tried to sabotage Percy while on his quests?

    a. Kronos

    The answer is a. because Kronos was the one who told Ares to steal the bolt and he also speaks to Percy in his dreams trying to break out of Tarturus.

  12. My user name is justin2015. The title of my book is The Dark Is Rising and the author is Susan Cooper.Tonight i read 20 pages. Will was looking for the rider of a horse, but he couldn’t find him. Also that Will was figuring out how the gold coin works. When he found the rider the rider said that he couldn’t just have one gold coin, not one alone. i don’t understand what that means but i guess it means that he can’t only have one gold coin to protect him from danger. From The Dark Is Rising you can figure out that the rider meant
    A. Go steal more gold coins
    B. These coins can protect you from danger
    C. You shouldn’t have any more coins
    D. It’s like a lucky charm
    This question is a stepback question because it can have two answers because he can be saying either one of of two answers. It’s confusing but the answer is B because the rider said ” You already have one of those. One will not help you,not alone,not now.” That means that what ever going to happen to Will he won’t be safe with just one gold coin.

  13. Happy b-day Orlando and Ms. Stabookski! Hey! My last name is Patrick … Shouldn’t I get something on St. Patrick’s Day even if I’m not Irish?!?!?

  14. My name is Ashley and tonight I am blogging about the book Push I am switching books trying to advance in the way I read, so I had left off on page 110. The summary of tonight’s reading, was the fact that Precious has decided to enroll inside of a school. The school is on 135 and it is supposed to teach her how to read and write because she is really behind her age. She is not on the proper grade level she should be on, because she was having babies when she should of been getting her education. Although it is not her fault.

    What is the mood of the story PUSH in this part of the novel?
    A. hopeful
    B. angry
    C. cheerful
    D. sad

    This question was a question, about the mood of the story, and it is kind of a step back question because the answer is not directly there in the text you had to infer a little bit.

    The correct answer was A. hopeful because the home that Precious had come from was a mentally,physical, and verbal abuse that she gets from her mother and father. They tell her that she is dumb, stupid. They did not have any hope for her to even learn how to read or write , but this shows that she has overcome their abuse and has made the decision to enrol herself into an education program.

  15. Hello, I am Samaiyah2015… I am sure can figure out who that is :-). I read 19 pages today. In tonight’s reading, Tessa and Adam shared an imtimate moment together. Also, the doctors feel that Tessa only has a few days to live and they’re only hope is that she will die in peace without pain. She calls herself a pile of bones.

    How can Zoey’s friendship with Tessa best described wile she was in a relationship with Stoner Boy?
    A. Joyful
    B. Strained
    C. Strong
    D. Fun
    That was a step back because you need to find multiple pieces of proof. The correct answer is B- strained. All Zoey could think about was Stoner Boy, crushing her relationship with Tessa.

    • samaiyah can i please ask you not to spoil such a good book don’t blog about it i want to read it with out knowing what it is thank u [*-*]

      • Hey Orlando, I am also reading the book so I guess I will spoil it too. Though Samaiyah is more ahead than me, I will spoil the beginning and rising action. Sorry 🙂 than me, I will spoil the beginning and rising action. Sorry 🙂

      • I strongly agree with Orlando Samantha and Samaiyah, please don’t spoil the book!!! It’s to good to be spoiled.

  16. DD2015-Hey guys I just finished reading Back in Black by Zoey Dean. What I finished reading was that Anna And her friends got caught while on their Vegas vacation instead of their senior trip. There parents really didn’t care about them ditching the senior trip, but for lying to them. How did Anna’s friends feel about ditching the trip?
    A. Worried
    B. Excited
    C.A and B
    D. They never went

    The correct answer was Worried because they didn’t know if they would get caught or not. Nobody Should ditch Boston!

  17. DD2015-Hey guys I just finished reading Back in Black by Zoey Dean. What I finished reading was that Anna And her friends got caught while on their Vegas vacation instead of their senior trip. There parents really didn’t care about them ditching the senior trip, but for lying to them. How did Anna’s friends feel about ditching the trip?
    A. Worried
    B. Excited
    C.A and B
    D. They never went
    The correct answer was Worried because they didn’t know if they would get caught or not. Nobody Should ditch Boston!

  18. Arsh2015: Today I keep reading The Year of the Secret Assignments. I read 20 pages. In tonight’s reading, Cassie and Matthew have to write letters to each other as there assignment. They right about 5 letters each in one mouth, back and forth to each other.
    You can tell that the Tree of Heaven is used as:
    A. a decoration for the yard
    B. a paper factory
    C. a symbol for Francie’s growth
    D. a symbol for hope in Brooklyn
    This is a step back question because you have to find proof throughout the whole story.
    The answer is C. The tree shows how Francie can’t grow in a neighborhood where she is so crowded. The tree grows out of cement, so it is hard for the tree to grow in such a tight spot.

  19. Magaly2015.The revenge of the baby-sat.Bill watterson.tonight i read a total of 20 pages.My book has small stories in it. One of the stories was when Calvin had a baby sitter. He didnt want one he thought he was old enough to handle himself alone. He also didnt like his baby sitter because she took him to bed at 6:00 pm.He didnt like it because he wanted to stay up late.
    From the book , the revenge of the baby-sat, you cantell that Calvin:
    a)doesnt want to be home
    b)feels grown up
    c)calvin wants to be left alone and trusted
    d)calvin parents dont want him
    This is a step back because you need to find prove in multiple places to figure it out.
    Choice c is the correct answer.Its correct because he doesnt want people to take care of him.He wants to be trusted in order for him to stay home and go out.

  20. KEEMA. T .Tonight I read a totqal of 25 pages out of the book”Keesha’s House” by Helen Frost.Tonight I read that now Stephnie is relalinzing that she won’t be able to provide the every need for this child alone b/c the baby daddy not helping her at all throgh her stage of prenatce. To me I think that Stephnie is lost and shocked that she is having a baby;she doesn’t even know what she’s going to name the baby.From “Keesh’s House’, readers can conculde from the above summery that the main character feels

    a)proud shes having a baby
    b) mad and want to kill the baby
    c)excitied to have this baby
    d) alone /clueless about having the baby

    The correct answer is D) b/c Stephnie is alone through her pregnacy b/c the baby daddy is not paying anny attention to reality.She is also clueless about having a baby and the needs of one

  21. ae2015:An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. Tonight I read 37 pages because my book was very interesting. I read for 45 minutes. Tonight in my reading, the biggest event in the book happened so far! Colin expressed his immense love for Katherine. It was so romantic that I was going to cry.
    How is Colin feeling about Katherine at the moment?
    a.Upset love

    If you read the book carefully you would realize that this is a $$FREEBIE$$.
    The correct answer was in love because he can’t forget about her and it is possible that he never will. Hopefully he will find a way to get through this difficult process and be once again a happy man.

  22. Tonight read 24 pages of Chocolate Sangria. Jorge is having a hard time with dealing with the negative remarks his friends are giving him. They make him feel like a crimal. I also read that Jorge and Conan both like Juanita. Conan,the nice and romantic friend, believes he should have her because he saw her first, but Jorge, the bad-boy thug, thinks that doesn’t matter.
    How does this conflict between the two friends make Juanita feel?
    a) Happy
    b) Depressed
    c) Confused
    d) Doesn’t Care
    The answer is c, confused. with this feeling Juanita turns to her close friend, Scooter, for advice. The question is a step-back question. This is a step back question because it causes the reader to think. the answer to this question isn’t stated in this passage.

  23. Tonight i read 20 pagesz of 3NBs of Julian Drew.julian is having a hard time with dealing with his mother not being around.Julian is holding on to her most valuable posetions.julian caught someone picking through his mothers secret stash of money.
    who was in her money and how much did they take?
    The answer to my is a,roger.Roger took $135 because he had six twentys,one ten,and one five.This question was a freebee .This was a freebee because the proof for the question was right in the passage in only in one paragraph.

  24. leah2015 SPEAK ny Laurie Halse Anderson I read from page 156 to 174
    To night i read about Hair woman’s new hair style. Hair women is Melinda’s reading teacher. She used to have long orange, red, and pink hair but now she cut it and it is black. Also now she doesn’t have to worry about Andy rapeing her because that was on her mind. When she was 13 she went to a party with beer there. She had gotten drunk and Andy covered her mouth, laid on top of her, and she was still almost as if she was frozen. He was trying to have sex with her ,they were both drunk, and she tried to get away but he was too heavy, and she got raped then called the police.

    From the novel Speak you can tell that Melinda is what type of person?

    a)happy and energetic

    b)sad and depressing

    c)doesn’t care about life some what, but can be a really nice person at times.

    d)none of the above

    e) don’t care about the question 🙂 🙂

    This was a character step back question. It required more than one example of Melinda’s behavior to accurately answer it.

    The correct answer was C. Because Melinda is a very depressed person, she acts like she doesn’t care about any thing. It is as if the world could end and she wont care. But on the flip side she can be happy like normal people. She can get involved in thigs that make her happy. She goes to sleepovers and friends houses, though she doesn’t do those things too often but she still does them.

      • Alright now, KIPPsters, I appreciate that you all want to read and share books with one another… but I’d like to see your PETSYs pleeeeeeease! Thank you!
        For new to KIPP viewers, PETSY:
        Excuse me
        Thank you
        Yes, not yeah

  25. Tonight I finished reading the book The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordon. Tonight I read that Luke and Ares betrayed Percy Jackson to make WWIII. Luke and Ares are working for Kronos and have been hypnotized. I really like the book. I’m looking forward to reading the Sea of Monster. Awesome book, my favorite so far.

    Who had Zeus’s master bolt and who had Hades death helm?

    a) Ares
    b) Percy
    c) Hades
    d) Kronos

    This question is a freebie but hard to find.

    The correct answer is a) because Ares made Percy go all the way to the underworld and made the master bolt appeared in his book bag and he had the helm himself. When Percy escaped from the underworld he fought Ares and got the helm and master bolt.

  26. Fredrick2015. The lighting Theif. Today i read 32 pages and they were very shocking. Today what i rea in my new book was that there is a kid named percy Jackson who goes to a school named Yancy Acamedy, which is a border school for kids who have problems such as adha. Something shocking i read was that there is a secret going on that Percy doesnt know about his self, but he does know his best friend Grover does know.
    From the book, “The Lighting Thief”, what mood could best be going on Percy head?
    A. happy
    B. sad
    C. curious
    D. angry
    This question is a character stepback that takes a lot of proof to answer. If u dont know the answer. The correct answer is C. curious. This is because his freind Grover wont tell him the sercret he has been hiding from him. THANK U. HAPPYBIRTH DAY.

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