March 16, 2010 – Making More of Metaphors

Can't you just feel the sun tickling your skin? (What kind of figurative language is that?)

Hi Everyone!

The sun is a giant golden lollipop, unwrapped and ready to enjoy! In other words, the sun is out! Hooray! I am so excited to finally have warm weather. To commemorate the freshness of spring, let’s talk about some of our fresh figurative language in our books. I opened today’s post with what type of figurative language? (Hint: reread the sentence.)

a. metaphor

b. simile

c. personification                         

d. hyperbole

The correct answer is: a. metaphor. To what was I comparing the sun? A lollipop! Why? Because lollipops bring smiles to all of our faces, just like the warmth of the sun. I also used the image of lollipops to appeal to my younger audience, you guys. If I was blogging to adults, I would compare the sun to something else… maybe a shiny new car or a gold coin. And just like that, I’ve made more of my fresh figurative language… Now, it’s your turn. 🙂


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. I read ______ pages tonight.

3. Briefly summarize tonight’s reading (in 2-3 sentences).

4. Identify an example of figurative language in your text. Copy it word for word. Label it. Is it personification? Metaphor? Simile? Hyperbole? Alliteration? Onomatopoeia? You tell me.

5. Finally, make more of that figurative language. Why is the author comparing THOSE TWO things? Why not choose something else? What were the author’s intentions in making that specific comparison? What images come to mind when you read that example?

6. Lastly, a stern word from Stabookski: There IS figurative language in your book. Yes, there is. I promise. Look. Look harder. Keep looking. Analyze. Think. Look for comparisons. Look for trigger words “like” or “as” or unlikely images that appear in your head. You will (and must) find examples of figurative language.

Good luck! Happy reading, happy blogging and happy spring!




33 thoughts on “March 16, 2010 – Making More of Metaphors

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. I am reading “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding and tonight I read 22 pages. In tonight’s reading, a ship appeared out of the horizon; with the hopes of Ralph being rescued, he sees that there are no fire signals to get the ship’s attention and is furious at Jack, who had the responsibility of lighting up the fire. Though severely yelled at, Jack is excited to have finally killed a pig and ignores Ralph, but at the same time, the smaller children have had dreams about monsters and the dangers of the island and are afraid. “His mind was crowded with memories; memories of the knowledge that had come to them when they closed in on the struggling pig, knowledge that they had outwitted a living thing, imposed their will upon it, taken away its life like a long satisfying drink”(Golding 72). Golding uses this quote to create a bigger image about how Jack feels about finally killing a pig. Golding compares how much Jack enjoyed killing the pig to a long satisfying drink. Golding here also portrays that Jack feels powerful and brave now that he has proven to himself that he can hunt. I can visualize the blood and the pig struggling to survive with all of its force, having no mercy to live. Jack feeling powerful, though gives me a feeling that with his changing of attitude, new problems will arise, affecting the living of the other boys.

  2. Sammy2015: I am reading Before I Die by Jenny Downham. I read 38 pages tonight. Tessa has been at the doctor many times. Tessa and her brother, Cal, go to the playground and meet with Zoey there. Tessa would do anything. She said she would even go on drugs and tell random people random stuff. “The air is clean and the clouds are close, like being on a very small mountain” (Smith 58). This is a simile.Tessa and Cal are the playground climbing to the top of a rope to look at a view from high up. Jenny Downham was comparing being on top to see a high view of things similar to the way it looks on top of a mountain. I think the author did this to show how high they were.

  3. kdozier2015.Marley.John Grogan.
    i read 23 pages tonight.
    one piece of figurative language i found is “Marley your the baddest dog ever” its a hyperbole. i say this because they dont really mean it he jus act like that at certain times.

  4. leah2015 SPAK by Laurie Halse Anderson
    In my reading I read a ttal of 22 pages. In my reading i read about how she ,Melinda, had Ivy made at her. Because Melinda didn’t live full up to her pontinal. Also because she got back n yhe MISS list.

  5. Angeline2015: Tonight I read Vampire Academy by: Richelle Mead. I read a total of 30 pages. In tonight reading, Lissa and the rest of the girls are expected to go to school and they need to be scaring humans. Lissa doesn’t like doing this because she has friends that are humans. I found, “Magic was in their blood. It burned in them and made them want to reach out to the earth and wield their power” (Mead 47). This is a metaphor because its comparing magic to earth without using like or as. The author compares this two things to show how strong Lissa and her friends are. I think she chose to compare these two things other than something else because this shows how they’re acting.

  6. My name is ashley solomon and I am ready 145 street stories. Tonight I have only read one story and it was the streak. Tonights reading is about a boy, who really doesn’t have any luck w| what he does on a regular basis. Then he just suddenly gets this winning streak.Jamie has a streak which helps him pass test and make the winning shot of the game. A type of figrutive language in my book is,”it really, really,really wasn’t a 70. This shows , that Jamie really did not believe that he made the shot , because he never likes to make any shots , because he is not really that great in the game of basketball. The word and definition was inbound. The word inbound has something to do w| the inside of the court!


  8. mm2015: I am reading Dairy Queen, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. I have just completed 23 pages today. Tonight I read about DJ wanting to become a football player. Her whole family is mainly focusses around football. Even the cows that they raised are named after amazing football players. She notices that football is mainly a male sport, but she still wants to become a football player. DJ tries to explain why she wants this so badly. “But if I made the Red Band football team, it would mean I wasn’t a cow” (pg:157)This sentence is a metaphor because DJ is comparing herself to a cow. The author choose these two things to compare because cows have to do a lot with DJ’s life, and they are also a good example of an animal that is considered to be lazy.

    • What an awesome example of figurative language! Marien, you definitely understood the usage and purpose of the author’s play on words… great work!

      To be honest, you all are doing a great job! I just want to tell you how lucky I am to get to read and blog with all of you KIPPsters! Keep it up!


  9. ClarissaC2015- Im reading WTF by Peter Lerangis and I read 19 pages tonight. Now , the perspective of the situation is switched to Waits’s point of view. He starts off at the bar. He needed to borrow some money but a person wouldnt give it to him. He starts to get in a fight with him for almost no reason. I can infer that Waits was drunk. I think this is what gets him into fights and all types of trouble. Maybe he lived a hard life like Francie in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn , and decided to make his life worse. The figurative language that i found in my reading tonight was “Out of the corner of his eye, he could see and overweight goombah the size of a water tank barreling through the crowd” (Lerangis 42) . A metaphor is what is being used. Waits is trying to describe how overweight this person is and how it might effect his plan to escape from this person.

  10. DD2015:Hey guys I’m still not my best I’m hanging on but I’m not that good. The book I’m currently reading is back in black by Zoey Dean. Today I read 46 pages. In my reading tonight Anna and her friends are trying to make a plan to escape from their senior trip to go to Vegas. They are making up lies to their parents and their teachers. And they’re supposed to be seniors:(. A Piece of figurative language I found was “Not that the nation’s capital was a big deal I’ve been there a dozen times.” The author wrote this hyperbole because it was to show how Anna really feels about D.C. and her going to Vegas. I think she did that right. OH AND DON’T FORGET! Big B-day Bash for Bookski:). Allteration!

    • You fixed it! Good job… I was almost going to call you and lecture you about personification… but you made me proud and you fixed it! Good work, little sicky-poo!

  11. DD2015:Hey guys I’m still not my best I’m hanging on but I’m not that good. The book I’m currently reading is back in black by Zoey Dean. Today I read 46 pages. In my reading tonight Anna and her friends are trying to make a plan to escape from their senior trip to go to Vegas. They are making up lies to their parents and their teachers. And they’re supposed to be seniors:(. A Piece of figurative language I found was “Not that the nation’s capital was a big deal I’ve been there a dozen times.” The author wrote this hyperbole because it was to show how Anna really feels about D.C. and her going to Vegas. I think she did that right. OH AND DON’T FORGET! Big B-day Bash for Bookski:). Personification!

  12. Hi i read Forever. I read 20 pages and it is amazing. She has just met Micheal and doesnt now what her true feelingsfor him. Her friend Erica tells her that she does like him and that she has to give him a shot. One peice of figiritive language that i found was on page43 “He is flying very high . . . i wouldnt be suprised if tonight’s the night . . .” This is an example of a hyberbly. Judy plume uses this to show that he is improving on having the big moment.

  13. Arsh2015: I am reading The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriartiy. I have read 30 pages. In tonight’s reading, Cassie writes a letter to her mother, and Emily gets a letter from Charlie. Lydia writes again in her notebook and the notebook seems to understand her now. Emily writes back to Charlie, and this is her first secret assignment. “You talk a pile of crap.x28” (pg.42). I chose this because the author repeated it many times, and it is funny to read. This is an example of a metaphor because he is not really talking a bunch of poop. The author compares Charlie talking too much to a pile of dung because what he is saying isn’t important, and nonsense. The chose to compare it to poop because it is something people think is useless, and not important. When you read this, you image a kid vomiting poop, but it is a kid talking nonsense.

  14. jbennett2015. The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. I read 47 pages tonight. Percy finds out that Tyson has to live underwater to learn how to forge weapons. Percy saves this girl who looks likes she’s dying and realizes that it’s Thalia. But Percy also understands that Kronos can now use her to rule Olympus. “Her irises were startlingly blue- electric blue.” That was an example of a foreshadowing because it lets the reader know that she is related to zeus. What better way than to tell the reader that she is related to zeus without actually telling the reader that she is related to him.

      • Happy almost Birthday, Orlando! I think Juaquin is finishing the book tomorrow, and he offered it to Adrian. However, (transition word :)) Adrian is not quite finished with The Lightning Thief… So… I’m thinking it could be yours!
        Almost Birthday ‘Bookski 🙂

  15. AnthonyP ,also re-read 20 pages. Taran and his friends are being chased by the huntsmen of annuvin, they need to confront them so that they will not be followed by them again. But Ellydr’s horse got his foot injured and it is slowing everyone down. As they approached Aadaon told Taran, Gurgi, and the Princess to ready their bows while Fflewddur, Aadon and Ellydr charge the Huntsmen. Though as Taran let go of his arrow it “whistled pass Aadaon.” Lucky for Taran it didnt hit Aadaon but it hit the horseman.

    “…whistled pass Aadaon…” is a personification. It gives the personality of a human to an inanimate object like an arrow. We all know that arrows DO NOT whistle. =)

  16. Hi, I re- read 20 pages because I really wasn’t sure what was going on. In tonight’s re reading, Tessa learns that Adam will be going to college at a university. Tessa becomes upset because this reminds her of all that she can’t acomplish, like getting a full education. I found,” the trees danced as the wind pushed them.” this is an example of personification. The narrator said this with no intention, she was just being her observant self. I image a breezy day and the trees swaying violently ( like last week’s weather).

  17. KEEMA .T. I read a total of 25 pages. The titile of my book is “Keesha’s House”. The author of my book is Helen Frost.Tonight I read that the main character Stephine is trying to find a solution to how to tell her parents shes preganet.She is also afriad to go to school now since her stomach is getting bigger and kids may judge her.”Over night, I became some one different- older, tougher ,on my own”(Helen.12-13)This quote is writen in a form of hyperbloe, which means to over exsagerrate.”The night i ran off with the picture of my mother, like her face could talk to me or something.” this quote is a figurtive way of saying that Stephine stil belives that her mom , is worried about her and the pictures is like a key of her mom telling her to come home.

  18. ae2015: An Abundance of Katherines by John Green. I read 30 pages. Today in my reading, Colin is still extremly upset because of his break up with his girlfriend,Katherine. Today though we dug deeper into the story behind their break up and feelings towards each other. I learned about how it all happened and how the exact feelings were at the moment. An example of figurative language was on page 37 where it says ” you spend all your time worrying about losing your edge or getting dumped.” The author used this figurative language to show that someone has a been having a problem with keeping themselves controlled and unworried. This is an example of a comparison between negative feelings and falling off an edge. I really enjoyed how the author used this figurative languga and believe he writes everything for a reason.

  19. My user name is justin2015. My book is called The Dark Is Rising. I read a total of 20 pages today. In the book Will and Jimmy are pushing a handcart into the barn. When Will turned around he said he saw a person trying to run away from his sight. When they got home, their sister was making dinner for them, and when their oldest brother came home he said it was snowing outside and they were all surpised because it never really snowed. An example of figurative language is: “The farmer stood in his doorway; Will could feel his eyes, watching.” (p. 9) This is an example of a metaphor because you can’t feel eyes wacthing you, but you can imagine them staring at you. The author used this to say that the narrator notices the farmer staring at him.

  20. In my book, on page 75 I found a peice of hyeperbole,” I HAD NO BUSINESS IN THERE”. Julian was over exagerating beacuse he was angry.He was also angry at his father.James M. Deem was trying to show us that Julians emotions and attitude can sometimes get to him in some situations like getting in trouble during school hours or even at home.

  21. Tonight I read 25 pages of 3NBs of Julian Drew. For many years julian had ben writing in his notebook about a girl named jenny.In his notebook he wrote that he loved her and that he thought she was pretty even though he had never seen her before.The next day when julian went to write in his notebook, it was missing. He then proceeded on to look for it in his fathers room, there he found it along with a picture of a young lady named jenny sayre drew.She was his mother.Julians father caught him in there and started to tell him that what he wrote in his note book was wrong to write about his mother.Julians father was so upset that he started to beat him.His father explained to him that all of those memories of his mothers were garbage,and that he sholud not touch it.Julian managed to slip away with his mothers watch as a memory of her.

  22. Fredrick2015. RULES. Today i read 28 pages in my IP reading. Today im starting a new book and its called rules. Today i meet characters cathrine and david who are both brother and sister. Lastly i read that david has a problem with listening to rules his mom, dad, and sister give him to follow. In the pages i read today there were no lines that had any figurtive language. Sorry but they were very funny. By taking your advice i found figuretive language when catrine compared both her brother and the summer seagolls. I think the authors purpose of writing this was to show how david got out of cathrine hands so firmly and quick. THANK U

  23. This evening, I read 25 pages of The Lightning Thief. Tonight I read that Grover, Annabeth, and Percy are in the Underworld once again. They passed through a metal detector and the security ghouls are chasing after them. While running from the ghouls they met Cerberus and one of Hades pet. Hades pet wants to make them fall in the whole but they are fighting it. “I could almost make out the words now, ancient, ancient words older than Greek. As if … Magic.” This is a simile from the book. The words are being compared to magic because they are old and nobody recognizes them and it’s hard to understand.

    • Do you think they might also have been comparing them to magic because of the feelings that “magic” things give us? I know when I think of magic, I think of being mystified, awed, and maybe a little scared. What about you?

      • Hi Ms. Boies!
        Welcome to our blog! What great questions you have pushing the 7th graders’ thinking! Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your love for reading with us!

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