March 15, 2010 – Lines We Love

Mondays can be good days... if you read!

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope you all had a lovely Monday. Today, let’s celebrate reading with lines from our reading that we love. Follow the Criteria for Success and please don’t forget to read 35 whole minutes! Thank you!

Happy reading and happy blogging!




1. Username. Title of book. Author of book.

2. I read ______ pages tonight.

3. Brief summary of your reading tonight. (3 sentences)

4.Copy WORD for WORD a line (or 2 or 3 or more) from your reading this evening.

5. Explain why you chose this line (or group of lines). You may want to point out the figurative language or the symbolism. Maybe there’s a metaphor that you enjoyed. Perhaps this scene was intriguing. Your reasoning is up to you. The goal is to choose a beautiful line and to explain why you love that line, with the hopes that you can encourage another KIPPster to read your book next.

Have fun!



29 thoughts on “March 15, 2010 – Lines We Love

  1. Kdozier2015.Marley.John Grogan.Tonight i read 25 pages.In tonights they went to buy a new dog from the mut ranch form $350. They meet the pefect dog for his name is marley.

    “Then, with the roar of a stampeding herd of buffalo, it was gone, around the back of thet house and out of sight. Jenny let out a little gasp i think we jus meet the farther.”

    I think the owns got a feeling why lily doesnt like marley’s daddy. I think the dad has a feeling that his son has just been sold. Thats why he came out the bushes and scared them. I like this line because it makes me think the dog is setting a statement to marley’s new “parents.” Its like a intemiadater to them!

  2. Angeline2015: I am reading Vampire Academy by:Richelle Mead. I read 35 pages tonight. Tonight, I read that Lissa is different from everyone else in their school because she doesn’t like to do so many things that vampires do. For example, when they had to do the experiment where the partners had to look lke they were biting their partners neck ( practicing what to do with humans) Lissa felt uncomfortable. She doesn’t like biting or hurting people so instead of killing them shes actually really friendly and doesn’t eat them at all; instead she eats animals.
    “Doing that…protecting her like that-it was very brave. Stupid but still brace. Why did you even try it?… Because I’m her guardian”(Mead 15).
    I chose to write this line because it shows how Lissa chose to get in trouble instead of letting the other vampire hurt her ‘human friend’. I also chose this line because it shows how Richelle Mead uses one character, in this case Lissa, to show how she overcomes her fears and faces everyone else when she knows she could get in a lot of troubles just to save a human.

  3. suni2015- In tonights reading I read the book Tangerine. Written by Edward Bloom. I read 25 pages today. In my reading Paul is lucky enough to go to a new school, because of the sinkhole that happen. From then on Paul is now having the chance of his life to recreate the misunderstanding in his old school.Paul is convince that this time he will make it to the soccer game , because he is determine to fight for the right to play soccer even if he means to go berserk. ” It’s not my team,Mom.Not yet anyway. Not by a long shot. And it’s definitely not nice. But it’s where I want to be”{smith112}. I choose this line because it shows how determine Paul is to show the kids in his new school, how good he is. The symbolism of this is to show how much hope Paul has to be on the soccer team.This explains that Paul is satisfied that he has the chance to make a new life.I will recomend this book to someone thats into action and mystery , because is really interesting to find out things people been hidding from them in years.

    • Is this book intersting to you, i read this book in 6th grade as a partner book..What do think aboutt this book

  4. My name is Ashley and tonight I read 26 pages in my book. The title of the book is 145th street stories. Tonight i had continued on reading about how Peaches was planning to destroy the deceased Big joe. What she has planned to do was when the funeral was to happen get the money from his insurance, and then they would lose the money to finance his funeral. “You don’t mess with the dead”. This was a line that a lady in the street had said to Peaches, because they thought that what she was doing was not right . She thought that the dead should be left alone and the deed was payed off by death.

  5. RV2015: Today i started reading the book The City of Ember, by Jeanne DuPrau. Today I read 20 pages. Today in my book a new city is being built. The city is an eerier place where there is no light except lamps in the streets. Still you couldn’t leave the city you had to leave there for 220 years and mayors were handed down a box explaining the instruction they had to do over time. The box open certain days and times. “So the first mayor of Ember was given the box, told to guard it carefully, and solemnly swore to secrecy. … she explained about the box to her successor, who also kept the secret carefully, as so did the next mayor,” (page2). I like this line because it is like foreshadowing. It makes me think if any mayor will undo the trust.What will happen next? I’m waiting to find out.

    • Why do you think the city is dark? What do you think has happened to the sun, or is this maybe another universe where there is no sun?

      It’s kind of creepy how they make the box a secret and only the mayors of the city can know about it. But even the mayors don’t really know what’s in it, just to take care of it. What do you think is in the box for it to be kept so completely secret?

  6. i have no idea why i ended it… AnthonyP Black Cauldron 20 pgs Taran and his crew set off to retrieve the cauldron from the thieves. Along the way they begin to notice smells, as if “The Air itself bore special scents.” This meant that they were heading the right way. But as they moved long, so did the Huntsmen of Annuvin… though their friend gave them something to cover their tracks it was no good and the huntsmen are chasing Taran and his friends again. But now they know where to go and hopefully will be able to out run the huntsmens

  7. Sammy2015: I am reading Before I Die by Jenny Downham. I read 35 pages tonight. In tonight’s reading, Tessa and her friend,Zoey, went to a club and met they both met a guy. Tessa has a list of things she wants to do before she dies and the main one is to have a lover. At the club, Tessa completes her first part in her list. Tessa possibly wants to cancel her list because of what she has gone through for the first request in her list. “‘Listen,girl, if you’re going to do this properly , you’re going to have to learn to break the rules'” (Downham 10). I chose this line because to me this seems that Zoey is a bad influence for Tessa. Though it is Tessa’s list and she is requesting Zoey to help her, Zoey should at least comfort her instead of making her break rules and letting her continue to do things that is on her list. I think Zoey is good friend but not a good influence.

  8. AnthonyP Black Cauldron 20 pgs Taran and his crew set off to retrieve the cauldron from the thieves. Along the way they begin to notice smells, as if “The Air itself bore special scents.” This meant that they were heading the right way. But as they moved long, so did the Huntsmen of Annuvin…

  9. Hi I am Samaiyah2015 and I am reading Before I Die. I read 23 pages. Tessa is very close to death and her graetest fear may happen-she won’t witness the birth of Zoey’s baby. The doctors tell her that she’ll be lucky if she lives for two months-when Zoey is due- and it seems like luck has run out. A certain line that stuck out was: “I don’t give a (crap), Dad.” this quote shows that Tessa is tired of hospital beds, blood transfusions and needles. Tessa is on the edge of insanity. All that she has been through has tramatized her. Even with the love of her friends and family, she feels compelled just to stop the never ending pain and suffering.

  10. lourdes2015- I am starting The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I read 35 pages today. So far I learned about Susie Salmon and her death. Susie is raped and killed by her next door neighbor, Mr. Harvey. She leaves earth and her grieving family. It only makes Susie’s situation harder because she has to watch what happens to them from heaven. The police are trying to find her alive or at least her body. It makes her more frustrated because she wants to have Mr. Harvey get what he deserves for her murder, “I could not have what I wanted the most: Mr. Harvey dead and me living. Heaven wasn’t perfect… I came to believe that if I watched closely, and desired, I might change the lives of those I loved on Earth.” I picked this quote because it shows how both Susie feels on everything that happened so far after her death. She wants to find some way to help her family figure out her murder and get the justice she deserves. It is more painful for her to watch her loved ones suffer than it is for them.     

  11. I am reading the Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. I read 30 pages tonight. Percy finds Grover but unfortunately he’s in Polyphemus’s cave. So eventually Percy and Annabeth with the aid of Clarrisse rescue Grover. But they still had Polyphemus to handle, so Percy decides to use the macadonia attack plan and it fails. Percy tries to make an agreement with the monster but fails again. Luckily Tyson appears and throws a boulder down his throat. ” I looked down, trying not to believe that my last hope of seeing Tyson alive had just been crushed. Okay. Come on, then. We have to help-” I chose this quote because it showed that Percy does care about Tyson even if it’s his job as an older brother to do so. Also his anger about Tyson forces him to fight back.

  12. Mm2015: Tonight I continue to read Dairy Queen, by Catherine Gilbert Murdock. I have just finished reading 27 pages. During tonight’s reading, DJ starts to spend more quality time with Brian. They start to do more activities like helping out her father, eating brownies, and even just talking things out like the close friends they are. As they, DJ and Brian, get to know each other even better, Brian starts to understand Dj’s actions more then ever. Brain tries to explain to her how much he understands her intentions. He says,” You know. I say something and it’s not what you want to hear so you wait and wait until i say the right thing”(pg:133). I like this quote because it explains the character’s intentions in a casual way. I also enjoyed reading this quote because I could connect to it in various ways. This line can appear to be very simple, but also very complicated in many ways.

  13. ORLANDO G 2015 here. I am reading the book i am messenger by Markus Zusak tonight i read 18 pages.tonight in my book i read the first 18 pages which were about when the main characters Marv,Ed are the bank and there is a man robbing the bank , but he doesn’t perform the best of heist he is a very bad felon.He also decides that he wants to take Marv’s car because he thinks hes been caught by the cops but really he hasn’t. I didn’t really have a favorite line because most of the lines either curse or have no meaning and i feel that is an issue because the author made all funny in the beginning but the lines have no meaning what so ever there just entertaining

  14. Arsh2015: I have started reading The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty. I have read 32 pages today. In tonight’s reading, three friends all write in a journal, diary, or a letter. Lydia is writing in a journal her father gave her, and it is getting on her nerves because it doesn’t seem to fit her life style. Emily writes a letter to her dad saying everything is alright while they are on vacation. Cassie writes in her diary that she didn’t think she will use, but does anyway. “YOU LOSER. I’M IN HIGH SCHOOL… DOES THAT SOUND LIKE UNIVERSITY TO YOU? WERE YOU EVEN LISTENING? I DON”T THINK YOU WERE” (pg.5). I like this line because the makes Lydia write like the book were a person. The author uses all capitals to show how angry Lydia is towards the book. This book is teaching Lydia how to become an author, but it is not for her age. It is meant for older people, and Lydia is frustrated by that.

  15. ClarissaC2015 – WTF by Peter Lerangis. I read 20 pages tonight. This book was made to keep you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the very end. It starts off with a car crash and Jimmy panicking because he doesn’t have a license in the first place. Byron ,the potty mouth, doesn’t seem to make things better by cursing an d yelling at him. A line that I love from the beginning of this book is “Something brushed his cheek too, rhythmically. Like kisses. Jimmy smiled” (Page 1). I personally love this line because this author explains the way kisses feel upon someone’s cheek. It sounds romantic and daydream-y than little do we know, the author is going to throw an intense moment at the readers.

  16. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading”Lord of the Flies” by William Golding and tonight I read a total of 20 pages. In tonight’s reading, Ralph felt that he has no support from anyone and has to build all of the huts only with Simon’s help. Soon, Ralph gets frustrated with Jack because he has not been able to kill a pig and their chances of surviving have minimized. while Ralph is angry with jack, Simon takes a walk on the island and realizes the beauty of the island as he sees flowers and butterflies shining from the sun’s reflection. “The candle-buds opened their wide white flowers glimmering under the light that pricked down from the first stars. Their scent spilled out into the air and took possession of the island” (Golding 57). This line is especially loving to me because I can visualize this scene. As Simon is walking in the island, he sees how peaceful and tranquil it is. He seems to have connected to nature and its secrets of passion and beauty. Golding, though shows a struggle in the lives of the boys, searching for survival, also focuses on the setting and its importance. He shows that as dangerous the island may be, it is also and island of peacefulness, love, and hope.

  17. ae2015:An Abundance of Katherinens by John Green. Tonight I read 27 pages. Tonight I read about my main character, Colin,who is suffering a lot because his girlfriend Katherine broke up with him. My favorite line was on page 8 where it says “She dumped me.” I love this line because it show how much Colin is suffering for this girl. just by reading this one line, many can assume that the narrator is going through a difficult moment. This line, to me, also shows that Colin did actually love her and really did care for her. The fact that Katherine broke up with Colin breaks his heart. Hopefully Colin can get over this girl soon before it’s too late and it hurts him even more.(T-T-S)

  18. Ola.O2015- Today during wonderful blogging i started reading an intriguing book entitled “What Jamie Saw”, by Carolyn Coman. This exciting book forced me to read 56 pages 35 minutes. During my reading Jamie, the main character, undertakes a sight that is disturbing to his young frail eyes. One beautifully written sentence that caught my eye was the description of Jamie being very scared. “She was calling to Jamie, but his body was frozen.”(pg.10). I like the description words used like frozen. The author portrays to the reader a sense of being terrified. I look forward to reading the rest of this book…

  19. Gianni2015.The Chemo Kid. Lipstye. I read 40 pages today. Tonight i read that Fred was given the new nickname The Chemo Kid because he seems to get his strength from the chemo therapy that he does,which lets him tap into the hidden strengths he had. I also Found out that he might break up with Mara because he feels as though they have nothing in common any more. He also pulled down a 22 foot iron fence down when he was trying to run away from security guards because they were trying to catch him and Mara before they exposed their secret.”so get your arms around your new name Freddy.” Ichose this line because it seemed that Vlad had accepted Fred to be his friend rather than bullying him or making fun of him. I also liked this line because Fred can finally stop worrying about making friends or having people like him.

  20. KEEMA .T.”Keesha’s House” by Helen Frost.Tonight i read a total of 25 pages.I read how Stephie is now pregnate and does not want to return home b/c she does not think that her parents would except the fact that thier teen daughter is having a baby .Stephie is fustreated with the baby farther Jason, he is trying to put aside the fact that he got Stephnie pregnate and focuse on his eductaion and sports life.”My parents think I’m their little girl. I don’t want them to see me geting bigger, bigger every week ,almost to big to hide….I’m going to have this baby in 6 months.”(Frost page 6). This is my favorite qoute b/c the firt sentence is a figrutive way of sya that she does’nt want her parents to she her big stomach with her bBY IN SIDE HER GETTER BIGGER AND BIGGER.

  21. Tonight I read 30 pages in 35 minutes. Today I read that Percy is all the way west in Los Angeles, California. Right now they are looking for the entrance to The Underworld. So far they killed “The Kindly Ones”, Medusa, and other monsters. Along the way he has meet his father’s courtside assistant and she gave him 3 pearls for emergencies. Chiron gave him a pen sword to help him along the way. The Underworld is just a block away from where they are at. “I cut the ropes on the other beds. Annabeth and Grover got to their feet, groaning and wincing and cursing me a lot. You look taller.” I chose this line because Percy was trying to be funny because Grover and Annabeth were being stretched until the got taller. I enjoyed the figurative language.

  22. fredrick2015.Randy Johnson. Today i read 29 pages and they were very shocking and exciting. Today i read that randy was the first pictcher to pitch more than 4 games in 2 weeks in the playoffs. I also fought out that randy johnson sadly season or carrer came to a end when he felt back pain in late 1995 after losing the playoffs. But he sooned returned to baseball in the middle of the 1996 seson were he quickly dominated and got 11 strike outs and onlty 3 hits. ” He pitched 8 strong innings with only 3 hits and 11 strikeouts. Johnson was cautiously optimistic.” I choose this line because it shows how randy was very humbled and never adressed himself as being the greatest in the world. Also because the line shows a good ending with very good vocab. Thank U

  23. I chose this part of the book because, it’s intersting how she made one half of the face with makeup and the other half sad and plain. This probaly how she feels about clowns. (that was on page 145) Early in on the book Ivy expressed her feelings about clowns, she said that she was afriad of them and that she had always been since a little girl. So I think this is a great way of expressing her feelings about clowns, and getting over her fears.

  24. “Ivy moves so i can sit next to her and hands me the sketch book. She’s drawing the kids’ faces. Half of each face is plain and sad, the other half is plastered with thick clown makeup that is faked happy. She hasn’t painted any tigers and lepords.”

  25. leah2015 SPEAK by Laurie Halse Anderson i read 16 pages.

    In my reading i read about how Melinda is gaining some condifence back. Like when she was in the mall she walked past an old friend , Ivy who goes to her school who she stoped talking to, and a line to get your face painted. When she walked past Ivy she asked her what she was drawing for their art class. She told her she was drawing a child with have face painted with thick clown make-up, the other have was plain. Then they sat down together and Ivy tought Melinda how to draw a tree, they laughed and had a googd time. Melinda has a new/ old friend.

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