March 14, 2010 Weekend Post -Reading Weather and Making More of Narrators/Characters in our Texts

On days like these, the best thing to do is to go home, dry off, and READ!

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, despite the rain and wind. Although these kinds of weekends can be bleak, they can also be great for snuggling up with a great book and reading to the sounds of the rain! I took advantage of the unwelcoming weather outside by doing just that. I’ve recently begun reading a new young adult novel entitled A Step from Heaven by An Na (not Anna, but An Na :)) a Korean American writer. For this weekend’s post, I’m going to model the Criteria for Success for you using this novel…


I began reading A Step from Heaven, by An Na, this weekend and I am truly enjoying this book. The story is narrated by Young Ju, who is five or six years old at the beginning of the novel. Her perspective on the events taking place is very cute. I really fell in love with this narrator when I read her description of her dog rolling around on the ground, just begging to be petted. Her mother had dressed her in a special dress and told her not to get dirty, but she just couldn’t help but scratch her dog’s tummy. It’s such a sweet, innocent description of a tiny moment, reminding me to observe tiny moments in my life more carefully myself.

Young Ju is going to grow up over the course of this novel, making me think that this novel will follow a bildungsroman style plot structure, similar to that of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. So far, however, she is still quite young. She and her family have just moved to the United States from Korea. They call the USA Mi Gook, and the narrator expects Mi Gook to be like heaven. In fact, when they arrive to their relative’s home, she wanders around the house looking for her deceased grandfather because she truly believes she and her family have left Korea to move to heaven. The author has created an endearing narrator whose perspective on life is still so sweet and innocent, much like Francie’s was at the beginning of ATGIB. An Na’s intentions are to set the reader up with an early view of the narrator, before she reaches puberty, in order to show us how much she changes. This book is about growing up, and also about the immigrant experience. Young Ju and her family will likely meet with struggles in their new life in Mi Gook, and we will see how these struggles affect her life and her perspective on the world.


1. Username. Title of book. Author of book.

2. This weekend, I read _______ pages.

3. Two paragraphs about your novel:

Paragraph 1: Summarize what you’ve read this weekend. Explain a part that you especially enjoyed in more detail. (Like the description I wrote of the dog’s tummy)

Paragraph 2: Analyze the narrator or the protagonist of your novel. What kind of person is he/she? What kind of perspective does he/she have of the world? Is he/she likeable? Why or why not? At the end of this paragraph, explain the author’s intentions. What is the purpose/the lesson/the theme/the social issue that this author is addressing through this character/narrator?

Have fun!

Happy reading and happy blogging!




20 thoughts on “March 14, 2010 Weekend Post -Reading Weather and Making More of Narrators/Characters in our Texts

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. I have started to read the book “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding. Over the weekend, I read a total of 48 pages. The novel starts with a plane shot down to an island. Apparently all the children are safe, but the pilot and the adults have all seem to have disappeared. Ralph then comes in play and meets Piggy, one of the boys who was in the airplane. Soon though Ralph finds a conch shell and decides to use it as a makeshift trumpet and meets other boys. As the story continues, Ralph becomes leader and all the boys govern themselves, making a new civilization and their own rules. Furthermore, while Jack and the other boys are making a fire, one of the smaller boys is gone and Piggy is furious. It is interesting to me how such young boys can make a new civilization and be able to survive in the middle of nowhere. They are doing everything that is possible to try to survive.

    As the protagonist, Ralph seems to be a strong leader who doesn’t give and does everything that he can to help the group and make sure that they are safe and sound. His views of the world right now are basically the search for survival and to be safe. He knows he has the big responsibility of watching out for everyone and on top of him living, he must make sure the others are safe as well. Through Ralph, William Golding communicates to his readers that it shows one’s true strong character by one being leader rather than to just follow.

  2. Fredrick2015. Randy Johnson. Today i read 39 pages and they were very interesting. Today i read that Randy Johnson was only 12 and was about 6 feet tall. Today Randy Johnson is the tallest picher in the MLB right now. In the record books Randy has had the most strike outs in a game, also the most complete games. Lastly what i read this weekend was that Randy Jonhson said that his most suceessful playing time was playing for the Diamondbacks. A theme in my book could be that being tall or a differnt size than someone doesnt mean u could bbe left out. I think this because Randy was very tall at a young age and many people teaseed him for it. I could connect to this because i have senn people get teased because they act or look differnt than somebody. THAnK U hav a nice day.

  3. Angeline2015: I finish reading Fate by: Jennifer Lynn Barnes. This weekend I read a total of 95 pages. This weekend, I read how the 4 girls, specially Bailey, learned that the necklaces they once thought were trouble makers actually ended up being something that showed them more than just things about nature. They also learned that the powers of them, when used together can actually unite them not only as best friends, but also as what they really are a group of family. In this story, the 4 girls also find out that the old lady that always got on their way(Morgan) was actually helping them all along with the equipment they needed for every time. For example she helped with the necklace, river, bridge and other things
    In this story, the narrator Bailey its a sweet middle/high school girl that has the power to become an ancient mystical by night and a human by day. She’s a fun girl that can be trusted and tries to keep her problems inside so she won’t bother anyone else. The authors intention in this book is to provide kids with a novel that describes how a girl learns to like people that she thought where always on her way. Also, how she learns that not everyone is the same and the people you think are the ones you less need, are the ones that would always be their for you. Through this character, the author is showing that you should always get to know someone before judging them.

  4. sammy2015: I just finished reading Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten. This weekend I read 218 pages. Ellie and Sean have been traveling and finding more clues about Nina and became a couple. The crazy part in this novel was that Sean use to love Nina and killed his brother, Jason, because Nina and Jason were in love. He was close to killing Ellie but telling him that she loved him was a good lie. Sean had Nina captured the entire time. Sean was arrested and at the end, Nina and Ellie are reunited and their lives continue. An interesting part I read was when Amanda,Ellie’s best friend, surprises Ellie at a concert while searching for another clue about Nina. As Amanda starts questioning Ellie about Sean in the pool, it turns out Sean heard them. Ellue picked to stay with Sean and told Amanda to leave. Ellie obviously knew their friendship was over. Though it was rude of Amanda to judge a person by it’s cover, she was right to keep Ellie away from him.

    Ellie, the protagonist, had a lot of determination. She wouldn’t give up looking with her sister. She shows that the love for your sister missing will stay with you. She loved her sister too much to let her go even though it has been two years since she disappeared. Her determination led her to finding her sister. She is a likeable person because she is caring and though she is very gulible, she still makes a good “travel buddy.” Sean spend the novel lying and though everything about him was fake, Nina was a good company that he kept and lved a lot that would literally kill her for loving her too much or even feeling the least bit insecure. Lynn Weingarten showed a mix of love and honesty in this novel. It was mainly of Sean keeping a secret and lying the entire time about it. Though he loved Ellie a lot, more than he loved Nina, he would kill anyone who interfered his love life. This novel was strangely, surprisingly weird. It had very different kind of ending.

  5. Anthony P, The Black Cauldron, 40 pages. Right now in the book Taran, Fflewddur, Ellidyr and Adaon find out that the cauldron was taken away from Annubin and they find out where it was taken.

    Taran, the protagonist, is about 12 years old. He has alot of guts to face a 20 year old prince with a bad temper. Taran has gone a mission and is proud that he got his first sword. Now he is up to the challenge to seize the Black Cauldron

  6. my name is ashley , my book is PUSH , and the author is Sapphire. This weekend I have read a total of 75 pages! Well this book is very deep . The main character Precious already has a baby and now is on the way of having another baby. Her father is the father of both of the babies, and her mother doesn’t know that yet! Also, all of her babies have a medical illness such as down syndrome because they have their father’s DNA. Every time her father comes to the house to have sex w| her and rape her Precious says that she goes to different places in her mind. she tries not to take the pain of what’s happening to her. The most interesting part of my reading was to realize that her mother doesn’t care about her daughter, and all she wants is the money that the well-fare sends her for Precious and her daughter.

    I think that the protagonist in this story has a very low self-esteem because of the way her mother and father treat her and leave her to think of herself . She also is very brave and scared because she doesn’t want to tell anyone about the physical and verbal abuse at her home. Precious is the kind of person that wants to be a good person but has a bad image because of the dirt that is on her name, she’s poor. and she doesn’t fit the same image as the other girls in the neighborhood. The perspective that she has on the world is not to trust anyone because she thinks everyone is going to treat her wrong , and she also wants to get better.No, she is not a likable person because of the bad reputation she has. The author is trying to show that many people in the world go through this, and everyone has a story behind their actions. Just because someone is rude or doesn’t fit in w| everyone may mean that something may be wrong w| her at home.

  7. lourdes2015- I just finished Reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown today. I read 103 pages. At the end, Sophie and Langdon discover the truth and that it revealed a lot. Fache finds out Langdon is innocent of Sauniere’s death. Meanwhile, Langdon and Sophie are at Newton’s tomb trying to figure out the answer to the cryptex. Teabing shows up and holds them at gun point. They find out Teabing was the murder of Sophie’s grandfather. He demands to have Langdon answer it. My favorite part is how it was solved. After Langdon tries to solve it, he throws the cryptex in the air and it breaks destroying the secret forever. Langdon didn’t lose it though, he figured it out and took the map. The answer to the cryptex was apple- it was what inspired Newton’s life work. 

    After following Robert Langdon and Sophie Neveu all throughout the book, 
    I could tell that they are both very clever. Sophie knows how to crack codes and Langdon knows how connect them. The author doesn’t really focus on their perspectives on life or if other people liked them or not. Dan Brown uses them and this mystery to question whether history is completely accurate and complete. He has them to try to learn the truth and show how it would be if all history might corrected. Dan brown also shows different themes and messages through them and the mystery. He argues about feminism, the importance of women, art and its true meaning.

  8. kdozier2015.hoops.Walter Dean Myers.

    I read 80 pages this weekend.

    in my book Lonnie has entered the tournament with his coach cal and his friend play. But cal makes a bet, and that he will make his team lose. Cal knows the potential to make it to the “A”(NBA). Lonnie does not want to lose.

    Lonnie is a great basketball player, but thing are stopping him from succeeding. Walter Dean Myers prospective on the world is kids sometimes kids with talent get put in sticky situations. Lonnie is a very likable person. Walter Dean Walter is trying to show that have a talent can be a dangerous thing in the real world because people bet.

  9. Arsh2015: I have finished reading Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson is about a girl named Hattie who is 16. She is an orphaned ever since is was 10, and is now living with her aunt and uncle in Iowa. Her uncle is kind to her, but her aunt makes her life miserable. Despite her hardships, Hattie’s sprit and kindness helps her overcome all her obstacles. For example, when her aunt reminds her she is an orphan because Hattie out shines her, Hattie doesn’t get angry, but make it better herself. She only makes it better for her aunt because she does everything she is told by her aunt.
    The protagonist of my novel is Hattie. Hattie is the kind of person that fallows orders, but likes to solve her problems. Hattie’s perspective on the world is that everything should be done safely. Hattie is not likeable because she is the type of person you would not take to a notice. The author is trying to show us that people should be themselves, and sometimes the best thing to do is not fallow orders, but fallow what you think is right.

  10. Ola.O.2015- Today I finished reading The Diary of Latoya Hunter, By Herself. I liked this book because it was an autobiography about a girl similar to the reader (as in me). The events in this book are moments in her life that portray mixed emotions. When she came to New York from Jamaica she felt like she didn’t fit in. She didn’t know how to use a computer and got depressed and cried and cried. Through Latoya’s diary, the reader experiences her growth throughout the book in terms of voice and different events through junior high.
    Latoya Hunter, the main character, has an observitive eye and has voice in her writing and her actions stand out over the course of this novel. Her perspective of the world is turning awful, from the death of her friend to being disappointed with the trip to Jamaica. Throughout the novel she grows more open with her family and learns a little bit more about life. The author in her autobiography expresses a section of her life through

  11. I’ve just started reading The Avatar. This weekend I read a total of 40 pages this weekend. In the book , Aang friends felt that he was special and that’s the only reason they hung around. Now they figured he’s the avatar so its even better that’s why they’re staying around.There is no main protagonist , but all of them are equal they speak of them both in my story. I feel that they shouldn’t be a main protagonist because you only have one person and the way they express they’re feelings. This isn’t really similar to a tree grows in brooklyn because she doesn’t have powers. The avatar is a one of a kind book.

  12. I’m currently reading Before I Die by Jenny Downham. In today’s reading, Tessa seems to be closer and closer to death. Her lukemia is worsening and she passes out multiple times in the book. Although Tessa goes through extreme hardships, her life isn’t all that bad, especially with her list on her mind. My favorite item on her list was to say yes to everything. Cal, tessa’s brother really gets lucky. Cal has had a bad life watching his sister die slowly. Cal and Tessa really have a good time although the day ends badly on account of tessa’s cancer.
    Tessa’s insight on life and death alike is surprising because she’s just a teen. Tessa is extremely observant and is opinionated. She is likeable, but Tessa doesn’t really trust people and is gloomy at times. Like all people, She has positive and negative aspects of her personality. Jenny Downham is conveying to the reader that people who are dying aren’t any less talented or smart. Tessa, although reckless, is a smart observant teen. Jenny conveys the issue of life and death through the eyes of a teen, Tessa.

  13. sorry i submitted that part by mistake .this is the second part.the author is showing that geography is very important on earth because is we didn’t have we wouldn’t be able to grow crops and other foods humans need to survive . i am really curious to learn how geography effects all the different places on earth

  14. ORLANDO 2015.I am reading Dominican Republic geography by Johnny Nieves Gil. I read 54 pages this weekend 18 pages a night.I am reading a non fiction book.
    during the the weekend i read about the evolution of geography all over the world .the author did this to let his readers learn and to know what geography is.this explains that geography has a lot to do with mantle and the other parts that make up the earth.this part of what i read doesn’t really talk about the Dominican geography it mostly talk about geography in general. i learned that there is different type of geography all over the world.
    the part that interested me the most of this book was how it explain how the geography of a place is created it depends on the plan an the part of the world you it does make a difference.i chose to read this book because im thinking of maybe doing it for my non fiction winter exhibition topic next year.the authors intention is to teach us as readers about geography all over the planet.

  15. DD2015: The book I just finished reading was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. This weekend I read 223 pages this weekend. What happened my reading was that Percy had finally learned how to control his powers. He learned every thing he needed to now about his ” father”. His father’s lightning bolt has been stolen. Percy Jackson went through some tough stuff to get it back. With the fact that they didn’t get Luke. He escaped from them.
    My protagonist Percy Jackson is a boy who people think have A.D.D, but really doesn’t. He is 13. He has special powers that is totally wicked because he is the son of Zeus. Percy Jackson is a person that will like you no matter what. From the book I think Percy would like this world better because in this world gods don’t try to kill you. Except for Poseidon and Zeus. They causes heavy rain and floods.:) I think Percy is a like able person because he would become friends with you like he already knew you. I think I like Percy. What Rick Riordan is trying to show is that you have more powers to you than what you might think. I can’t wait until I read The Sea Of Monsters. This is so exciting

  16. DD2015: The book I just finished reading was The Lightning Thief by Rick Riodan. This weekend I read 223 pages this weekened. What happened my reading was that percy had finnaly learened how to control his powers. He learened every thing he needed to now about his ” father”. His father’s lightning bolt has been stolen. Percy Jackson went through some tough stuff to get it back. With the fact that they didnt get Luke. He escaped from them.

  17. jbennett2015- I’m reading The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. This weekend I read 96 pages. In the book Percy finds out that Luke is trying to bring back Kronos from Tartarus so he can overthrow the gods. Percy, Tyson, and Annabeth escape the Princess Andromeda but have to fight a hydra. After it is dead Clarrise finds them and Ares is upset and trying to warn her to not become close with Percy. An explosion occurs and Tyson is nowhere to be found while Percy is left feeling guilty. I liked that part because it showed that all those times Percy was embarrassed of Tyson being related to him, he really was glad to have him as a brother.

    Percy is the narrator and the protagonist, and he is 13 years old. Percy is the type of person who, no matter what happens, will go looking for his friends especially when it’s a dangerous mission. From the looks of this book I believe that Percy would like the real world better than his world because in his world, monsters try to kill him almost every day. He is like able at times but when another person does something to anger him he won’t be so calm about it. The theme that Rick Riordan is trying to express is that you don’t know what you have until it’s gone because of the way Percy treated Tyson and the way he feels about Annabeth but doesn’t tell her.

  18. ClarissaC2015- I’ve just started reading The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty. This weekend I read a total of 40 pages this weekend. In the book , the pen pals seem to warm up to each other and notice that one another isn’t so bad. Rumors are put aside because now the Ashbury High students and Brook field High students are breaking barriers slowly. Their letters turn from short hateful letters to long and helpful letters real fast.

    There is no main protagonist , but I’m going to focus on Emily. She was seen as a valley girl at first. She loved ponies and fluffy things. Then she really started noticing that there is more to life than shopping and other things like that. She learned that life is harsh. She realized it through her pen pal Charles or Charlie as she calls him. She learns the hardships of life just as Francie did in A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. They just learned their lesson differently.

    • Hi Clarissa!
      It was really interesting to read about your latest book. It’s funny you mentioned clashing high schools because growing up my high school also had a rival less than 5 minutes away that made sports competitions a little hairy. Hope you finished all your homework this weekend so I can see you on the court tomorrow!
      Ms. Willis

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