March 10, 2010 – Climbing the (Plot) Mountain to College

A version of the Plot Mountain we know so well, but with an extra stage: The Inciting Moment... How insightful!

Hey KIPPster-Bloggers!

I can’t believe it’s only Wednesday evening. We’ve all been working so hard this week. Sometimes it feels like we spend every single day climbing that mountain… that mountain to college. Speaking of mountains, remember the plot mountain? If our school year was a story that followed the traditional plot mountain story line, I think right now we’d be in the Rising Action… trudging our way up to the Climax. The Climax would be the state test, followed shortly thereafter by our awesome end of year trip. All this talk of mountains makes me wonder… where are you on the Plot Mountain right now?

Check out the criteria below and happy blogging!




1. Username. Title of book. Author of book.

2. I read ______ pages tonight.

3. 2-3 sentences summarizing your reading this evening.

4. Time to analyze: What stage of the Plot Mountain are you in right now? How do you know? Identify the stage of the plot that you are currently enjoying. Use details from the text to explain your response.

Have fun and good luck!


22 thoughts on “March 10, 2010 – Climbing the (Plot) Mountain to College

  1. kdozier2015 tonight i read hoops by Walter Dean Myers. I read 23 pages. in tonight’s reading Lonnie is mad because his boy gave his mom money. Now Lonnie is mad he also getting read to play in this b ball tournament that can possibly send him to NBA.
    I think this is a rising action because i just started the book and it cant be at the climax. I think the climax will happen in the tournament!

  2. Anthony, Black Cauldron, 20 pages. Taran has visitors from his own home. The princess and Gurgi. They needed to go with him since they had nothing to do at home. So far in my story im at the Rising Action fo the plot mountain, just started though. SO as i read the book gets more intense until i reach the climate. I know im at the rising action since a group of huntsmen attacked them

  3. suni2015 – Tonight I read the book Tangerine , by Edward Bloor. I read 20 pages. In tonights reading Paul goes with his mom around Florida. There they visisted a school were Paul was frustraded that his mom would say he has very bad eye sites. Paul doesn’t like when his mom make ajudgement about his eyes,because he feels offended that his own mother would say he can’t see. Paul feels betraded and misunderstood because he feels like his own family says he’s blind just because he has glasses on that has too much eluminium. I’m in the inciting Moment because here it is were the character are being shown. I know this because Paul is introducing new character , and what they are part of in the book , if they are important or not. One part that is driving me insane in this book is the fact that when Paul is jealous , he gets really mad at his brother and dad , because his dad only cares about Erik future in football. That’s why I think Paul’s dad takes a job in Florida, were very famous football players play so that his son Erik do his career there. This plot is probably leading to the beginning of rising action were Paul start to have problem with his family, and the secret they been hiding from him for years. You can feel the immense of the problem rising up were it is reladed to the “accident” that happen to him with his eyes.which probably leads to his eye sights. Like it being related with an eclipse, and him looking into the sun too long that damage his eyes, which cause him to see events that effect his way of living.

  4. sammy2015: I am reading Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weigngarten. I read 31 pages tonight. Ellie met with Sean again. Sean was the guy from the party. Now, Ellie is still trying to figure out more from drawings she is finding that her sister drew. She thinks it may lead to finding her sister. I am still in the rising action of my novel. The interesting amazing part hasn’t happend yet, but it seems like it is going to come up. The rising action part is intereting because it is building up to the climax. Will Ellie find her sister?

  5. My user name is jasonb2015. The title of my book is “Jazmin’s Notebook” by Nikki Grimes. Today, I read 34 pages. In tonight’s reading, Jazmin and her family have decided to move on with their lives and forget about the death of her father. Jazmin, though takes time to reflect about Harlem before leaving her community and still carries her notebook around with her to write about the beauty of her hometown. Right now I’m in the resolution because Jazmin’s sad memories of losing her father are gone and has finally decided to move on with her life. I am enjoying the resolution because it shows how much Jazmin has grown as a character from being sad to realizing that it is better to move on in life then to suffer forever.

  6. Angeline2015: I’m reading Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I read 30 pages. Tonight, I read that even though Bailey is a ancient mystical at night she can still be punished like a human being. She would suffer the same pain a human being would suffer. Bailey and the rest of the girls learn that even if you have powers you’re still a human being. Write now in my book I’m in the climax. I know this because the problem is about to be solved but theirs still some clues left to find. I’m currently enjoying the climax because its funny all the things the girls are doing when all they need to do is ask the boy how he knows about the tattoo.

  7. AG2015. I Am the Messenger. Zack. I read 15 pages tonight. Ed has had some tuff times, but its hard when you have to do what others tell you no matter what if you want your money. I’m in the rising action. I know that because he still going through little problems, but at the climax it’ll happen. I’m enjoying the rising action because your already introduced to your characters. Also because its better to have to think about small conflicts, until the real one comes it builds up expense.

  8. hello Orlando G 2015 here.tonight i read the book The Underwood See by Michael Lawrence and i read the same amount as last night i read 18 this part of the book Alaric the other main character is touch the tree he hasn’t touched since February and the book doesn’t say what happened which is kind of weird .the weird part is that when he finally touches it nothing happens.this book is kind of mischievous and mysterious.right now in my book am the exposition .i know that am in the exposition because am still getting to know my characters and am still getting to know the way that they think, and act .the stage I’m currently reading is the exposition it is really interesting getting to know your characters. that’s the part I like the most about reading the exposition of a book.mostly for this book since it’s a mystery book it is very cool to read because you need to go figuring things out as you go.It makes it very interesting to read it makes me curious.

  9. Hello! I am reading Before I Die by Jenny Downham. I read 20 pages. In tonight’s reading, Tessa learns that her cancer is progreesing faster than previously thought. She tries to see the silver linning and tries to deny the seriousness of what is happening to her by using her sense of humor. Unfortunately, nobody else is laughing. Currently, I am in the rising action. In the book, you can feel the tension, as if something bad will happen. Whether it has to do with Tessa’s cancer or her reckless behavior, is for me to read and find out.

  10. Arsh2015: I am reading Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson. I have read 32 pages today. In tonight’s reading, Hattie goes to the market with Aunt Ivy. Aunt Ivy is trying to explain to her why her mother is not with her, and how she can always have her mother in her heart. In my book, I am still in the rising action. I have not reached the point in which it gets really exciting. Hattie os still trying to discover why she is with someone she doesn’t love, Aunt Ivy.

  11. DD2105- The book I’m still reading is The lighting Theif by Rick Riordan. I read 27 pages in the book. Tonight in my reading Percy finally finds out why his teacher tried to kill him. He now knows he is the son of Zeus. He has powers just like his father. I would say Im still on the rising action. I know I’m in the rising action because the tensity in this book has not reached it’s peek. What’s exciting about the book is all the fighting and action.

    ALL KIPPSTERS FRIDAY HAS CHANGED! NO TRIP:( We are going to watch In The Liver. So wear professional dress. From Kipp teachers. Thanks:)

  12. Gianni2015.The Chemo Kid. Lipstye. Tonight I read 20 pages of my book. I read that while Fred was in the hospital Mara showed up and Vandal tried to make Fred look like a wimp in front of Mara. Lucky for Fred,Fred had made some new friends in Chemo Therapy and they all come to help Fred. Right now I am in the rising action. I know this because everything is changing for Fred so quickly that he is very overwhelmed and stressed out right now. The best stage of the plot mountain I have so far enjoyed the most is the inciting moment because it lets you know how he is dealing with it in a humorous way.

  13. Magaly2015.Just in case.Meg Rosoff.I read 22 pages tonight. In tonights reading Justin was in school and a girl came up to him.He seemed to have liked the girl that spoke to him. I am on the stage of climax.I know I am at this stage because there are going to be problems between the girl and Peter’s sister because she also likes him too. This also may affect Justin’s and Peter’s friendship that they had for a long time.

  14. jm20l5:i am reading The lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.Tonight i read 28 pages. Tonight’s reading was very interesting because i found out more about Percy’s parents. to me it seems like Percy’s mom has this type of feeling when there’s any type of storm coming. Right now in mi book i am in the rising action in my book. I know that I’m in the rising action of the story because as i read it feels like the book began to get better and better every page i flip through.the part of the book that caught my eye was “Then a much closer voice like mallet in the sand.”(pg42). That caught mi eye because the author is comparing the voice to the mallet in the sand. Mallet- the sound the wind makes when it drifts through the smooth sand. i enjoy when authors use the technique of comparing two objects.

  15. emanie2015. The White Darkness. Geraldine McCaughrean. I read 36 pages tonight. I read how syms was still thinking that oates was still alive but she is starting to get over it slowly and slowly. She finally relizes that dead people can not communicate with people in any way. I am on the inciting moment because it still has not on the rising action or the conflect yet. I know this because she is still thinking of him but it does not show that anything dramatic is happening.

  16. diamond- Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff. Tonight I read 22 pages. I read that LaVaughn has a flashback about her dad. During the flashback ,she realizes that she really doesn’t have a memory of her dad. Jeremy cut the curl on his sister Jilly’sforehead off. The stage I’m at on the plot mountain is sort of the exposition going into the rising action. I know because there wasn’t anything exciting going on and more character are getting introduced. I am currently enjoying the expositon for the most part.

  17. I am reading sea of monsters by Rick Riordan. I read 40 pages tonight. Percy finds out that Tyson is his brother and is embarrassed because he’s a cyclopes. Before going to sleep, Percy tells Tyson to not call himself a monster because inside he’s not. Also he wonders if Poseidon is trying to embarrass them or compare them to someone. I’m probably still in the exposition transferring to the rising action because the book has already uncovered that Tyson is Percy’s brother and they haven’t seen Grover but he will eventually come in.

  18. leah2015:Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson I read 20 pages tonight.

    To night in my reading Meldina’s parents came to the school to talk to the guidence councler. When they came to the school they wuld ask Melinda things but she wouldn’t answer them. They then called her a mute. They talked about her attendence and behaveior. The author wanted to let the reader know that Melinda is going through hard times and she might be depressed. But some how her parents and others aren’t getting that. The universal theme is when parents disunderstand their child(ren)because they don’t pay attenion to them.

  19. ae2015:Hope was Here by Joan Bauer. Tonight I read 30 pages. Tonight in my reading my main character, Hope, has officially moved and is starting to unpack. Excitement is what there is alot of in this novel at the moment. I think that I am in the Rising Action because big things are starting to occur. For example on page 57 Hope states “I had everything unpacked finally.” Hope is excited and the fact that she moved has seen to open a brand new door for Hope.

  20. This evening I read The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. I read from page 127 to 149. This evening’s reading was very exciting for me because Percy just found out that he is son of Poseidon. He is at camp Half-Blood. Zeus’s lightning bolt has been stolen. That lightning bolt is very destructive and important. So now Annebeth, Percy, and Grover have been sent on a quest to return Zeus’s lightning and keep Poseidon from being accused as the thief. The stage of the plot mountain I’m in is the conflict. I know because Zeus lightning has been stolen. The best stage of the plot I enjoyed was the rising acton.

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