March 9, 2010 – Critical Readers = Critical Thinkers


Two 2015 Bloggers Reading Together WAY Back in 5th Grade

Hi guys!

I had a great time showing you the blog today. I am just so infinitely proud of your hard work, your academic growth, and your growing identity as readers.

In the past, you’ve heard me speak about the importance of Young Adult Literature as a way for you guys to build your own identities and a way for you to figure out your important place in the world. Today, that’s what I’d like you to blog about. Please read for 35 minutes (as usual) thinking about how your current novel’s subject matter or themes send a message to young adults. Follow the Criteria for Success below. I know I have my own ideas… and stay tuned for a review of another great YA book I read recently called The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, in which I will blog a little bit about my thoughts on the purpose of Young Adult Literature. But in the meantime, I want to know what you THINK about what you READ. Good luck, happy reading, and happy blogging!




1. Username. Title of Book. Author of Book. (Some of you are forgetting this, so be careful!)

2. I read _________ pages tonight.

3. 2-3 sentence summary of what you read about this evening. (Be specific, it helps me ensure that you DID read and that you PAID ATTENTION!)

4. What message is your author/book sending to teenagers? Is it positive? Is it negative? What is the author’s opinion about the world? Are teens important to this author or not? How do you know?

Good luck and have fun!


22 thoughts on “March 9, 2010 – Critical Readers = Critical Thinkers

  1. lourdes2015- I am reading the Da Vinci Code by
    Dan Brown. I read 28 pages. Tonight I read about how Sophie and Langdon try running from the French police again. They surrounded the mansion and need to get out immideately. Teabing helps them by letting them take his plane to flee the country. They head for England.
    I am currently in the rising action and close to getting to the climax. The characters are still figuring out the mystery and have missing information based on the knowledge they already know.

  2. My user name is jasonb2015. The title of my book is “Jazmin’s Notebook” by Nikki Grimes. Today, I read 30 pages. In tonight’s reading, CeCe, Jazmin’s older sister, went to the welfare office to ask for financial help sine their dad is dead and their mom is at the hospital. The people working at the welfare office have not yet decided to help them out or not and inside Jazmin, she finds herself screaming out that they really need help, but the people just don’t seem to understand. There are many messages portrayed in this novel such as being an in individual and caring for yourself and having to grow up without your parents by your side. Nikki Grimes reveals the truth of what teen life is like. You never know when to expect surprises in your life. She also expresses the importance of teens as the ones who support their families no matter what situation they are in. What matters is their love for their family and what they are willing to sacrifice for them.

  3. sammy2015: My book is Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten. I read 30 pages tonight. Ellie went to a party to see if Blue Cheese would know anything about Nina, but it turns out he tricked her to going to the basement. He had nothing there and because he was an indifferent pervert, he touched Ellie in an inappropriate way which then led Ellie to kicking him in a very hurtful place for a guy. Ellie gets to see Sean ,from the party, at her job which Brad assumes is her boyfriend or future boyfriend. Lynn Weingarten isn’t really specifying a real teen theme except for how much love Ellie has toward her missing sister, Nina. Lynn seems to show that friends are also there to help you in the rough times. So far, Ellie sets a good example for teens unlike Nina. Nina was a girl that was with guys late nights, kept secrets, stayed late out maybe unlike morning. Nina doesn’t set a good example because of her misbehavior of doing good things not being wild. Lynn is trying to show what can happen to a girl like Nina that eventually disappeared and possibly during a late night where she “hung out” with the wrong kind of people. Teens are important in this novel because the protagonist and her sister are teens. Ellie is dealing with a loss of possibly Nina and Nina is the wild girl who was probably at her own fault for her diappearance.

  4. DD2015: I am still reading Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. I read 26 pages tonight. What happened in my reading was that Percy got chased by his teacher because he is son of posiden. Percy found out that he has many people who is trying to kill him because he has strong powers. Rick is trying to show that even people with disabilities can have strong powers.

  5. krod2015.I just reading Rules by Cynthia Lord. During my reading, i read 21 pages today. My character David is frutrated that his dad thinks that he is the only one in the house who could make up rules. He understands that following an adults rules is important, but he also agrees that the rules should be fair. Cynthia Lord shows that even lilttle kids want to be bossy one day.

  6. IsraelP2015- I am still reading I am the Messenger. The author of this book is Markus Zusak. During my reading today I’ve read 16 pages. My character Ed is frustrated with the police because they wouldn’t pay the expenses for the shattered glass of his car. Ed’s glass was shattered when mixed in a bank robbery where the gunman went running out the bank, and went to the nearest escape car. This turned out to be Ed’s car. Ed does not have enough money to cover the expenses working as an underage cab driver. Markus Zusak shows how teenagers are important to the book because they struggle, and being older now their responsibilities get harder because things aren’t given to them anymore.

  7. Janibell2015- i am reading Double Identity. Tonight i read 35 pages . Bethany and Joss were watching videos of when Elizabeth and Joss were little girls. The part when they were about to go to the amusement park the day Elizabth and Joss’s father died , made Joss stop the video and talk to Bethany about what she didnt know about her dead sister. This author is telling teenagers that even though your real family abandons you, you would certainly find a replacement family who would care for you better than the first. The author believes that the world is a harsh place but it can always be cured. I think the author likes teenagers because he supports them in his book by saying that they need to be cared for and loved because they are the future generation.

  8. suni2015- Tonight I read Tangerine. The author of this book is Edward Bloom. I read a total of 15 pages. During my reading, my main character Paul showed that he was jealouse of his older brother,Erik, since everybody counted on him to be the best at football. Paul is frustraded that his father only cares about his older child future, and is neglected to spend a little time with Paul. The message that the author is trying to communicate with teenagers is kids sometimes go through situation were they are jealous of their own family member, because of parents neglect or way of communicating with the child. This is negative because it shows that children suffer of family situation were they aren’t paid that much attention, and feel lonely. The author opinion about the world is that he’s trying to communicate situation that happen to children everywhere , were they feel like they are being left back, or aren’t paid that much attention to. The author is mostly talking about teenagers problem, so I think they are important to them because he’s trying to send a message to parents of never leading their child to feeling like they aren’t important. Because he says that in the book Paul parent only talk about his big brother and how he’s going to be a sucessful football player, but they never talk about Paul possibility to be a better person when he grows up.

  9. lourdes2015- I am still reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I read 28 pages. Sophie and Langdon are still at Teabing’s mansion, but now he knows that they are the fugitives the Paris police are looking for. He tries to get them turned in until they told him about the keystone. He gets convinced and lets them stay to find out more about the information they discovered that her grandfather left them. Silas shows up and tries to steal the keystone, only adding more pressure to them knowing they are surrounded by the police. One message might be how to deal with a problem: running away or actually trying to find a solution. This is a very common message authors try to give out, but Dan Brown used a mystery to show it. Teens aren’t really important to this author because there aren’t any teenage characters. All of the characters are adults and not focused on any issues that teens deal with.

  10. NEW BOOK, Anthony P. The Black Cauldron. read up to page 24 today. Taran, assassistant pig-keeper to Dallben, sets off on a quest with Lord Gwydion, Morgant, Fflewddur Fflam, Ellidyr and some knights. Before they set off Coll made a sword for Taran, it was the first sword. Taran tries to find all the ways possible to use it while on the mission but still doesn’t get a chance to. Llyod Alexander chose to put this to show how anxious a 12 year old boy is to wielding a sword and using it. If i was Taran i would love it, i would have my own sword and do whatever i pleased with it. Though the lesson here is that with a sword comes a great responcibility, being able to wield it right, swing it correctly, being able to parry with it. Lloyd is communicating that children are not ready for adult items like sword or in these days guns or weapons.

  11. Angeline2015- The book I’m reading is called Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Tonight, I read 30 pages. Based on what I read tonight, Alec’s feeling for Bailey are getting stronger. He has decided to take her out on dates and help her have fun. The question Bailey still has, is how does he know what her tattoo symbolizes. Dalia is so into trying to find out how he knows about the tattoo that she accidentally thinks ahead the plan made and asks him to go out with bailey. Things are getting very interesting in this book. A message this author is sending to teenagers is that whenever you have a problem you shouldn’t jump to conclusions and believe what you first think about. Its not that much of a positive message because this book is mostly about a group of 4 girls that are trying to find out how does a random boy in their class know about their tattoo. Also, about them just trying to save everyone’s life. The authors opinion about the world is that when ever you’re given a job it doesn’t matter what u need to do and how hard it is you have to get it done. Teens are important to this author because she explains how theirs always someone their for them when they need help. In this story the women named Morgan is always there to help the girls when they’re in a mystery.

  12. Tonight I read a book called , Park’s Quest. The author of the book is Katherine Paterson. I read a total of 25 pages. Park has went to the Vietnam Memorial place, and he had looked for his father’s name on the stone, but he hadn’t found thew name of anything. Then he seen a lady who had helped him to find his father name. Then he found the name and he had a very emotional moment with himself and he was silent. He was touching his fathers tombstone, and then he started crying because he hadn’t ever got a chance to meet his father. he wished his mother would of had come the memorial name for her father! My author is trying to say that it is important to find your half identity even if they are not living in mortal. They also show that you should also have hope in your family !

  13. hello I’m Orlando G. Tonight I read the Underwood see by Micheal Lawrence i read 18 pages from my book tonight . i just started this book and tonight my main character Naia was just in her kitchen with her cat when all of a sudden her tap just turned on and then it then just shot off.she got really freaked out by the fact that ,that happened in her house.then she seemed to think a “ghost” named Aldous was the one to turn it on ,but she doesn’t seem to be scared much about . she is kind of superstitious .I don’t think there was really an important message in this part of the book i thought it was more of a introduction to the characters but if there was one minor thing i would say is that the author is trying to tell us that we should have an open minds because we never know what can happen.I think the author has a strong point of view about the world because he is thinking very widely with the characters which makes type of curious .

  14. kdozier2015,hoops,Walter dean Myers .i read 28 pages tonight. Lonnie is having trouble with his mom. So he goes to his job at the hotel to seek quietness. The next day roles around and Lonnie and his friends are going to play in a basketball tournament.Lonnie doesn’t want to because the coach is a “wino”! I think Walter Dean Myers message is that kids have hard times with there parents when they become teenagers. Also that kids grow through changes when they get older and become more picky. I think this theme relates all kids in America because your attitude towards becomes deeper as you become a teenager.

  15. Hi Elianny here. I read 30 pages from WTF today. Jimmy has just found himself in the street. he doesnt remember any thing that has happened to him after last night. Peter is trying to show us that doing all these bad things in life they are throughing there lifes away. He is trying to tell us to not waste our lives like these people in this book. They dont even realize it and frankly they dont care. Thye just see this as a game and a big joke. Peter doesnt want us to be like thes people and actually be succesful in our lives. We shouldnt just waste our lives because we dont want it to be boring.

  16. My user name is AG2015. I am reading “ I Am the Messenger” by Markus Zusak. In tonight’s reading, Ed Kennedy had to do many dangerous things he was angry and nervous because he was punched in the face with a gun. Ed though doesn’t seem to be fine he is for now. Ed is a taxi driver and he’s been on an adventure.Ed isn’t really explained by his outside traits. Ed doesn’t have anyone so he feels alone and bored and like he has a terrible life. I don’t know what my character likes but he dislikes having to be a taxi driver because that’s not what he wanted to be. I feel that the author is trying to show that you should do your best so you don’t get a bad job or a bad life with no one there for you because its hard and you’ll do anything for money.

  17. jm2015:I’m reading The lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.Tonight i read 20 pages. I’ve been reading this book for 2 days and i feel like this book is more of a adventurous book rather than a book that teaches you life lessons. Percy found out that this was his last year at Yancy academy. When he leaves there are things that he will miss and thing he wont miss. some of the things he will miss is his best friend Grover although sometimes he gets on his nerves. Honestly i think the message that the author is trying to send us is no matter what kind of person you are you should be treated the same as every one else. That’s negative in this case because Percy isn’t treated with any respect from his parents. The author is saying that in the world not every one in the world get treated with respect. No i don’t think teenagers are important in this book because abnormal are talking about children.

  18. Keema T. “The Magician’s Elephant. Kate Dicamillo.Iread a total of 23 pages. I read tonight that Peter is having a hard time trusting people b/c he is an orfen and after the fact that he found out that his sister is not dea. The reason why he is having a hard time trusting people is b/c the man who he trusts so much said his sister is dead and a foutune teller said that shes not.Kate i sending the message to readers that the world’s base is based on trust. If you cant trust some one there is no fun of telling each other important secrets.Kate is sending a positive meesage to young readers.I belive that Kate thinks teens are important to her from my pior knowledge of books she has writen.”Because Of Winn-Dixie” is based on a girl named Opal who face the same similarites as Peter but Opal lives a much easir life than peter b/c she has a farther and Peter has no family he knows of

  19. ae2015:Hope was Here by Joan Bauer. Tonight I read 35 pages. I just started this novel today and it has to do with the narrator’s hopes and dreams. In tonight’s reading I learned that working in a cafe or in the diner related jobs is one of her main hobbies and her biggest dreams was to be chief of the resturant. The author of this story is showing how important working was in the past times. At the age of 12 my main character started working at a diner or cafe. The author’s opinion about the world is that the world has some difficult obstacles waiting for you to overcome them. One of these obstacles is economic crisis and working for living. To the author teens represent a new generation of workers at young ages. At least this is the idea that I am receiving so far in this Newbery Honor award winning novel.

  20. Arsh2015: I am reading Hattie Big Sky by Kirby Larson. I read 30 pages today. So far in my book, I am still in the rising action, but more and more complications are happening. Hattie is with Aunt Ivy, and she does anything told by her. Hattie doesn’t want to face the fact that sometimes she doesn’t have to do everything for everyone else, but pay attention to her own needs. When she meets Karl late, he is upset, and we do not hear from him untill 5 more pages on. The message the author is trying to send to teenagers in not stright forward, but once you read some pages, you understand it. His meessage is that once you know you you are at the age where you can things are your own, stick up for yourself, and don’t let any one thake advatage of you. Though this is ture, it is not postive because teenagers can take it the wrong why, and trun it into a negitive.

  21. I am reading Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. I read 32 pages tonight. Tonight I read that Annabeth finds Percy and Tyson at their school after a huge fight. So they all go to Camp Half-blood and have to fight two mechanical, fire breathing bulls. Fortunately, Tyson is a cyclops and is immune to fire and he eventually destroys the bulls. Now, Dionysus and Tantalus try to decide where to keep him but Percy swears to him that he will go to a good place. Rick Riordan is showing us an example of friendship because Percy swears that he will go to a good place but he can’t really make that promise and he knows it. I believe that Rick Riordan thinks that teens are important because if he hadn’t have thought that his main characters wouldn’t be teens.

  22. Gianni2015.The Chemo Kid. Lipstye.Tonight i read 20 pages of my book. i read that Fred had to keep him self in shape because the cancer that he has can weaken his bones and can kill him if he doesent excercise enough. Fred has to do this because the doctors ran some tests on Fred and said that he has a rare cancer and to prevent him from dyinig he has to stay in shape. The author of this book is trying to tell us that when we face an obstacle we can’t just back down we have to work hard to beat it and that we should never give up.

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