March 8, 2010 – Thoughtful Post

I wish I had a puppy to read with...

Hi KIPPsters!

I hope everyone had a great weekend of resting, reading and enjoying the sunshine! I definitely did a lot of all three. šŸ™‚ If you scroll down to the next post on the blog, you’ll notice that I wrote a review of a young adult novel that I read last week entitled Before I Die. Please read the post carefully, thinking about what you learned from my review of that book. Then, follow the Criteria for Success to complete tonight’s blog post.

Good luck and happy blogging!



1. Username. Title of book. Author of book.

2. Tonight I read ______ pages.

3. What happened in tonight’s reading? (minimum of 2 sentences to summarize)

4. Describe the last GOOD book you read, using aspects of the review I wrote below. What made it good? What were the universal themes or social issues addressed? To whom would you recommend that book? Why?

Please remember that you must have ALL criteria in your post to gain full credit.

Thank you!


16 thoughts on “March 8, 2010 – Thoughtful Post

  1. Magaly2015.Just in case. Meg Rosoff. I read 25 pages tonight. In tonights reading Justin was leaving his house and wasnt planning to ever come back.Peter, one of Justins friend, didnt want him to go so he said that his sister wanted to met him so Justin just turned and smiled and agree to come back.Meg Rosoff is sending teenagers the message that even the little thimngs can change our minds. The author shows little things that happen in the world in words that we understand. Teenagers are very inportant in this book and they are also the ones who tell the story.

  2. Magaly2015.Just in case.Me Rosoff. I read 25 pages tonight. In todays reading Justin was going to leave his home and wasnt planning to ever come back. So then one of his friends,Peter,didnt want him to go so he said hs sister wanted to meet him and justin just turned around and smiled and came back to meet her. Meg Rosoff is sending teenagers the message that even the little things can change our minds and could even change our lifes. The author shows the little things and puts it in a way that we teenagers could understand. Teenagers are very inportant in this book because they are the main characters and teengers tell the story too.

  3. sammy2015: I have just started a book called Wherever Nina Lies by Lynn Weingarten. I read 34 pages tonight. In tonights reading, Ellie, the protagonist, has a sister named Nina who vanished
    from her life and the oicture Ellie found showed her sister and a phone number. Ellie loves Nina and though many months passed she still never gives up hope that she can find her. Nina was a wild girl who would stay out late and do whatever she wanted. A good book that I read was called Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah. This story was about a girl who is a muslim immagrant keeping her life outside of school a secret. She deals with honesty problems because her real name is Jamilah but to sound like she is from America, she calls herself Jamie. She wears make up and shows her face in her American world but when she is home or family, she is a simple muslim girl. This novel states honesty, fitting in, and many other themes that relate to many people in the world now incuding teens. I would recommend this book to teens and older because a secret of being an immagrant and a different religion relates to many people now.

  4. lourdes2015-I am reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Tonight I read 25 pages. So far Sophie and Langdon are still at Teabing’s mansion. He is showing them the information he discovered while studying the bible and Da Vinci’s paintings. For example, he believes that the person to the left of Jesus Christ in the Last Supper is actually a woman and that she might be the Holy Grail. The last good book I read was Tuck Everlasting. It’s main theme was immortality- whether living forever is good or bad choice. This is a good book because it’s about how a family lives forever and it is impossible to do making it interesting. A theme is whether it is a good decision to choose something that is impossible to take back for a relationship. I would recommend this book because it is an interesting read for anyone who is interested in a novel about immortality.

  5. suni2015- The book I’m reading Is called Tangerine. I have read 20 pages. In tonight reading I have read about a blind boy named Paul who struggle with his eye sight. Even though he’s blind ; he sees far off unusual events in his life. Paul and his family moves to Florida, since then he start to realize the misuse of trees and fruit that grows in Florida. Paul is frustraded that his own brother would treat him so unfairly. The universal theme that is being shown in this book is family and relation ship issue. Because the author is trying to prove how families ‘s neglectiveness can affect ones thought.Paul in the other hand is suffering of loneliness and of not having a friend as a brother who can be trust with his secret of his eye visions and what is endangering his own life.

  6. my username is Margey2015 and i am reading the book the seas of monsters by Rick Riordan. Tonight i read about 38 pages and i read that unlike in The Lightning Thief Percy was having a normal school year until the cannibals came. The canibals area group of giants that faced percy on a dodgeball game. Of course percys team, lost I mean whayt group of kids would be able to deafeat a group of giants. The last good book that i read was The Lightning thief , i liked it because i really like sfcience fiction and the fact of abandoment betwen the gods and their children spoke tome in a way because kids actually go through this in real life. I would recommned this book to people that really lijke science fiction because tyhis book is a good example of that because it has both Greek Mythology and real life themes and social issues.

  7. tonight i have read a book called , Park’s Quest. The author of the book is Katherine Paterson. What I have read about tonight was a young boy named Park who’s father has died in the Vietnam War so., he decides to ask his mother about his father but all she does is ignore him, with no answer. This shows , that the mother is probably trying to protect her son from knowing the truth about his father because she knows that it will hurt the boys feelings. So, he decides to take an adventure to the Vietnam Memorial and search for his fathers name. One of my favorite books that I have read, that was good would have to be a book that i have been reading which is he secret life of bees, and so far it is good and i think there are many racial barriers in this book, and this shows you that when things get crazy you may be able to go to another source to find a better living condition!

  8. Arsh2015: Today I start a book called Hattie Big Sky. I have read a total of 36 pages, and in those 36 pages was a cliche theme of people being there for you. This is the third book this year I have read with this same theme. It seams that in all books there is this a part where someone important to the protagonist saves the day. For example, in tonights reading, I read about Hattie moving in with her aunt, and Charlie was the only person to comfort Hattie when she was new to everything around her. Though this might seem like a good way to represent this theme, I have seen better. The book in which the theme of an important person being there for you is best showen is in The Mother Daguther Book Club. Though the book has some parts where it is not witten in the way, the overall theme is one of the best I have ever since. It showes how two different groups, the mothers and the daguthers, put aside there differances to create a book culb, but it does not work out. This club turns out being a group where they talk out there differances/problems. When one of the daguthers, Megan, goes missing all of the mothers coming together to find her, and find her by using what she has told the in the book club meetings. This goes to show that the most important person in yor life, your mother, will be your hero only if you commuicate with them.

  9. Angeline2015- The book I’m reading is called Fate. The author of my book is Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Tonight I read 35 pages. In tonight’s reading, Bailey starts to notice that out of the 4 friends shes the only one that can actually see things that are going to happen on the necklace that were given to them by Morgan. In this chapter she wonders and tries to figure out why Morgan gave the necklace to all four of them if only she sees things out of it. The last good book I read was Finding Daddy by: Louise Plummer. The things that made this a good book was that it wasn’t only about drama and regular Gossip Girls books, it was actually about a girl that was trying to find her daddy and as she does this she tries to figure out why her mom and grandma won’t tell her about him. At the end, it actually turns out that her father is a murderer and has been trying to find her family to kill them. He ends up killing the grandma, her poor puppy, and living her mom in a bad situation on the hospital. The universal themes being showed in this book is family issues, relationship issues, family issues and death. I would recommend this book to someone that likes to read about mysteries because theirs a lot of mysteries in this book. For example, they wonder who killed the grandmother, who killed the dog, and who keeps braking in their house.
    I think we should read the book Before I die, I read the first 16 pages and its an interesting book I would really enjoy reading. If the problem is not being mature, I think we should read it in partners and only mature students should read it.

  10. Gianni2015.the Chemo Iread 25 pages. What I read about today was that Fred found out that he has a lump on his neck and he is very scared because he keeps saying he is going to die because he thinnks he might have cancer but he argues that he had never had sex. The last good book that I read was Rumble Fish. What made this book good was that it had problems that almost any teenager or pr-teen could relate to. One universal theme in this book was poverty and being forced to take care of your self because your mom walked out on you at age 4 just to go live in a tree house, and your dad has been a drunkie ever snce your left. I would recomend this book to any one who like S.E.Hinton in general and likes to read books about action and adventure.

  11. dd2015: Tonight i read The lighting Thief by Rick Riordan. I read 20 pages today. I tonights reading Percy is trying to fit in his new school after being kicked out of his old one. He’s on a feild trip that is suppose to better than his other ones he has had before. A good book I finished reading was Rumble Fish. It was about two brothers who slowly drift apart without knowing it. This book was good because it had a variety of universal themes. One of the themes are brotherhood/family. I would recommened this book to any one likes to connect their life to a book. This book was by Jaqulin Woodson. See you all tomorrow:)

  12. emanie2015: The White Darkness. Geraldine McCaughrean. I read 31 pages last night. In last nights reading, I read how Titus Oates was dead for 90 years already. Sym’s on the other hand, believes that he is not dead because she says that he finds a way to communicate with her. The last good book that I read was Finding Daddy by: Louise Plummer. The story was about how this girl grew up wihtout a father and she relized it until she saw pictures of her dad and she also found a marriage certifacte with a fake name that her mom made. But when she made a deal to find her dad for her 16th birthday, she figures out that her dog died. Now she is going to go figure out who killed her dog. As she is coming closer to clues, she realizes that it was her dad that killed the dog and it was all a set up. But then she goes to investigate, and one of the questions that poped up was why. The universal theme is that even if you grow up without someone or someone dies, it does not mean that you cant move on and just work on your other family that is alive. I would recommend this book to people that like mystery books and something that builds suspense. The reason is because this book has to do alot with finding someone and then realizing that some other tragic event takes place on the same day.

  13. I’m reading Before I Die which is about a terminally ill teen how makes a list of things she’d like to do before she dies. I read 34 pages. A theme that is widely written about is peer pressure. Tessa, the terminally ill teen, is pressured to gave sex by her friend Zoey and two boys she meets at a club. Ultimately, she winds up giving in and has sex with someone she barely new. Peer pressure leads people to make big mistakes such as smoking, drinking, and like in this case, having sex. I would recomend this to those with maturity and to people who have experienced peer pressure.

  14. Names Keema T. “Snow Falling On Cedars” by David Guterson. I read a total of 25 pages. Tonight I read that San Piedro is an island that is deserted and was founded by the Spaniards.To be honnest i quite dont understand the pages i read tonight, but the MOST intersting book i read this year is called.. Going Sentimental. This book has been very interesting to me b/c every yung teen or mids think about losing there virginity at a young age and i never thought a person would write a story about teenages losing the virginity and the afterr come about thier feeling for each other.I would recomend this book to any teen who is or has friends who a perprestured to loose thier virginity.

  15. diamond- Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff. Tonight I read 20 pages. 17 yr old Jolly put up a sign in school stating that she needed a baby sitter fast. LaVaughn says she wanted the job, but starts to second guess herself as she walks in Jolly’s apartment. Last week I read this book entitled Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn. It was about a girl in the start of history fighting over a stone with a boy, but they sadly die by falling off a cliff. As time goes by, they keep running into each other but as different people. Both of them are either killed or die of natural causes. Themes that were addressed are: pick your friends wisely, fate is always not the answer and love is infinite. It was a good book because the author incorporated different elements of the lives of the characters. Two social issue that kept poping up were death and equality. I would recomend this book to someone that likes books that always has a change in characters but can understand it’s still the same characters from the start of the book.

  16. The book I’m reading right now is The Lightning Theif. I read 15 pages of this book. What I read tonight was that Percy Jackson is at Camp Half-Blood and he is in cabin 11. Percy is there so train. At Camp Half-Blood Percy meets Annebeth and Chiron there. The last good book i read was Homeboyz. Some social issues and themes are poverty, violence, gangs and sex. I really recomd this book to young adults.this book has good aspects. THIS IS EASIER THAN NOTES. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS

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