March 4, 2010 – Quick Post

Hi KIPPsters!

What a great show tonight! Thanks for blogging…


1. Username. Title. Author.

2. Tonight I read ____ pages.

3. 2-3 sentence summary of what you read this evening. NOTE – If this looks like yesterday’s, it will be an incomplete homework.

4. Predict the outcome of your novel. What do you think the resolution will be? Why?




8 thoughts on “March 4, 2010 – Quick Post

  1. FrEdrick2015.Vampires assiant.Darren Shane. i read 22 paged today. i read that darren is about to for the first time eat blood. also what is that darren is still trying to save jjjis friends life but it seems like now he doest care. i think the outcome of the story is that dareen is going to lik being a vampiren is going to ask to be a real one

  2. leah2015:Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson I read 23 pages tonight
    In tonights reading I read about how Melinda’s help interfears with her friendship with Heather. Heather wants t be in a group called the Heathers. But the thing is that the heathers are very out going. They like to wear cloths according to the season, and start can food drives,and heather just can’t keep up with it. The author wants to tell you that it’s okay to have many tasks, but just don’t over power your self with it. Because one can only handle so much.

  3. shakeema.”The Beast Is In The Labyrinth”.Walter Dean Myers.I read a total of 24 pages. Tonight I read the Jon is fustrated with his farther for not taking part in is life. B/c of this Jon wants nuthing to do wtih him , which includes the name Jon, so Jon includes the “h” in his name. His new name is John.I predict that John is going to want to have a relationship with his farther, or he will be fustrated and annoyed with his friends talkin about thinks they dif ,or have planned with their farther.

  4. My name is ashley solomon. The title of my novel is 3NB of Julian Drew. I have read 20 pages in my book tonight.I feel like tonight in the book basically my main character in my novel is having trouble with his penminship. He starts making up codes for phrases and words for him to start writing like a normal student inside of hid journal. I can predict just from the beginning of the story that this may take a long time for Julian to get his regular hand writing back to normal instead of using codes!

  5. Name’s Anthony, my book is Night of the Dragon, i read 60 pages, i rewinded to the middle of the book where i got confused the most. I started to predict somethings. For example, Zendarin and Sinestra are plotting what to do with Zzeraku. I came to the conclusision that they were going to feed him to Dargonax, the twilight dragon.

  6. AG2015.I am the Messenger. Zack. I read 35 pages tonight. I think that my character has to deal with a lot of nonsense and he feels a certain way because he’s carrier didn’t come the way he wanted it to come out.Also he has a terrible job a taxi driver, but hes thoughts turn upside down. I can predict that they’ll be an adventure and that it will be crazy and epic, because its foreshadowing big events.

  7. Emanie2015: Finding Daddy. Louise Plummer. I read 35 pages tonight. I think that Mira Kent has it all, a loving mother, a grandmother who makes her killer waffles, and two best friends, Sarah and Dylan. While she is very excited to look for her father and she is with her friends searching for him, she gets very fustrated because she finds out that her dog died. I think that she is going to find out that her dad killed her dog and the resolution to the story is going to be that she is just not going to look for her dad anymore because she realized that her dad made her life even more difficult.

  8. Gianni2015.The Basement.Bari wood. tonight I read 30 pages in my book. I read that Myra is being very paranoid because she keeps having strange dreams on how the mobster will catch her brother and what he will do if he catches him. she was also being paranoid because she thinks if Dick doesn’t pay the money back the mobster is going to come after Myra even though she didn’t do anything. I think that the out come of my novel will come out being in the way that almost everybody will end up losing something that they cherish the most and they would never be the same again because Dick, lost his freedom to spend his money on whatever he wants,because now he has to worry about paying back the money or giving up his life.

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