March 3, 2010 – Posting on Social Issues and Universal Themes

Hi KIPPsters!

I am excited that today will mark the first day for some of us, and that for others, it is the continuation of a few months of great Independent Reading and Blogging! Today, I want to return to what we worked on in class: social issues and universal themes. Please follow the Criteria for Success carefully… I wouldn’t want to give anyone an incomplete homework! Happy reading and happy blogging!




1. Username. Book Title. Author.

2. I read _____ pages tonight.

3. Briefly summarize (in 2-3 sentences) what you read this evening.

4. Identify a universal theme or social issue that you think is being addressed in your book. Explain how that issue or theme is incorporated. How do the characters deal with the issue?

5. Explain the author’s message about that issue/theme.

= 5 points


24 thoughts on “March 3, 2010 – Posting on Social Issues and Universal Themes

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  2. my name is ashley, and my book is the diary of latoya hunter by latoya hunter. i read 35 pages tonight. after tonights reading the family is going to see latoya! She is reminisining on her old times in jamacia ad the times they had! a theme is memories brings you back to the old times! this shows that things in this family revolve around love and togetherness! latoya hunter is trying to show that you need you should always value your blood because they are thicker and thats thicker than friends ! they will be there when things get crazy !

  3. angeline2015- I am reading Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. I read 35 pages tonight. Tonight i read that Bailey founded the women named Morgan again. She gave the 4 girls another gift in order for them to save the queen of the ancient world again. The gift for now was a necklace that would help them combine their powers together in order to be successful. A universal theme being shown in my book write now is living a double life. Bailey deals with this issue by having her friends help her from having a tantrum or something else because of the fact that she doesn’t get to sleep. The authors message is that you can pass through a lot of problems, but it won’t affect you as long as you have someone to share your problem with.

  4. My user name is jasonb2015. The title of my book is “Bird” by Angela Johnson and today I read 25 pages. In tonight’s reading, Bird remembers when her brother was alive and all the happy memories that she had shared with him. Now that he’s dead, she has no one to be with and questions herself that if the boy she always sees in church is just like her fun-loving brother, Derek. At this point of the story, a main issue that the protagonist has to go through is loneliness. She has no one to be with and is just hiding, waiting for her step-father, Cecil to show up. Bird just lives with memories of her step-father and seems to have adapted to her new way of living- hiding and waiting. Angela Johnson reveals that such teens who have no one next to their side suffer, though at first they might not notice. When they experience the feeling of being lonely and being abandoned is when they’ll know what it feels to be separated from your beloved ones.

  5. Janibell2015- My book title is Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I read 20 pages tonight. Bethany was tempted to ask Myrlie who was Elizabeth and why she was staying there with her. She was scared to ask these questions because she barely knew Myrlie and didnt feel so comfortable around her. Bethany is dealing with not having enough information. Her parents aren’t telling her why she is staying with Myrlie so that worries her. The author is trying to say that parents who dont care about where their kids stay or do can cause their children to get depression.

  6. AG2015.Book Thief.

    I read 15 pages tonight.I read that the death had to do with the Nazi’s. They also had to do with how the kids, and men had lived. They killed the Jews because they didn’t want them to be successful.My book doesn’t have social divisions so it’s kind of hard to tell you what they are.Doesn’t have a social division or theme so it’s hard.

  7. ClarissaC2015 – I am reading Girl 15, Charming but Insane by Sue Limb. I read 20 pages again tonight. Tonight i read about how the boys of Jess’s school got a video camera in the girls bathroom. Jess was caught going to the bathroom, but Jess’s best buddy saves the day when he takes the tape from the VCR and saves Jess from embarrassment. I think a universal issue is growing up. Its universal because everyone at some point has to deal with the craziness of growing up. It isnt always easy, but some how , some of us, get through the wild turns of growing up.

  8. Hi! Elianny and i am reading The Freedom Writers Diary. Today i have read read about how Ms. Gruwell has gone to Europe and has seen and talked to the people whi have inspired the lives of these talented writers. When she went to go see these two amazing women who inspired the lives of all these freshmens she couldnt believe it. One of the themes in this book is economic and skin color divison. There is a seprit teacher for the rich and for the poor. Ms. Gruwell teaches the poor , but they are more educated then the rich and more intelligent.

  9.  lourdes2015-I am reading The Da Vinci by Dan Brown. Tonight, I read 30 pages. So far, Sophie and Langdon race off to the Swiss-bank account that is opened by the key Her grandfather had left her hoping she would find it. Sophie remembers coming across it as a young girl and he told her it opened a box of secrets. Langdon and Sophie get into the bank and later the gaurds realize they’re the fugitives from Paris that the police were chasing. The author tries to show how life can get harder and the only way to move on is to solve it. The characters run from the police, but it isn’t because of guilt, it’s to figure out her grandfather’s dying secret. Dan Brown tries to say that avoiding the issue won’t help it. It only gets worse.         

  10. suni2015: Bird by Rita Murphy. I read from page 130 t0 150.In the story, my main character , Miranda,is trying to escape her wicked mistress and the manor who remains with the spirit of captain barrows.With the help of her friend Farley, she learns to embrace her future/destiny with the wind.A social theme shown in this book is friend ship ,because it shows how friend can help you through difficult time.The author is trying to say that friends are always there for you.You can’t count only on your self or else you’ll fail.

  11. sammy2015: I am reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I read 114 pages tonight. Bella has given birth to Renesmee in addition to Edward biting Bella turning her into a vampire too. Rosalie really loves the baby but though Rosaliee wanted it and Edward didn’t, Bella’s choice was to keep it and her vote counts the most. The issue that has ben continuously been implied is sacrifice for Renesmee. Bella practically gave her life just to give birth to her. The advantage that Bella finally got and was waiting for so long was that she became a vampire just like her husband and daughter. They are now the Cullen family.

  12. Emanie2015: Finding Daddy. Louise Plummer. I read 35 pages tonight. In my story, I learned that Mara Kent does not know anything about her father. She has only seen her dad in photographs. Mara’s sixteenth birthday is around the corner and she made a commintment to find her dad and not to give up until she does. One social issue is her looking out the window, seeing other kids playing with their dads and feeling left out. When her
    sixteenth birthday finally came, she took her sisters car and started her search. She was exhausted but did not stop. Louise Plummer is trying to say that even though you grew up without a father, it does not mean that you can’t go out and search for him.

  13. Shakeema.Going Sentimental.By Rachel Vail.Tonight i read a total of 28 pages.Tonight I read that the main cahreacter is now feeling different about the friend{boy} that she has ben friends since the 5th grade. She is feeling a type of way that she cannot trust Mackey because she lost her virginity to him.In this short story the theme is not rushing into anything serious until you are completely able to trust that person.The Aoutho’s message about this issue is that just because you think you sknow alot about some one, the only personthat sknows them and undertand them are there parents..

  14. My name is Anthony P. my book is named “Night of the Dragons” by Richard A. Knaak. Tonight i read 80 pages and finished my book. Grenda and the dwarf met up with Rhonin and Vereesa Windrunner to stop Zendarin, Dargonax, and Lady Sinestra from unleashing hell from the ancient mount of Grim Batol. Korialstrasz/Krasus, the red dragon and consort to the red dragon queen, Alexstrasza, teamed up with the blue dragon, Kalec/Kalecgos. Together they fought Dargonax and Lady Sinestra. Though Kalec and Krasus are enemies in the outside world where dragon roam, they both stuck up for each other. When Dargonax shredded Korialstrasz’s wings and could not escape Kalec stood by Korialstrasz’s side and held back Dargonax for as long as he could. The universal theme i discovered was that even though you may be enemies with someone in another situation you should/must back up your enemy. Richard A. Knaak’s purpose in showing this was to teach us children/adults to stick up for one another even though you might have had a fight with the person you need to team up with.

  15. Arsh2015: After the Dancing Days- I read from page 37 to page 92. In this part of the story, Annie is in the library reading the atlas. She really wants to travel all over the world, but she cannot because of her uncle’s death. Her uncle was a big part of her life, and her families, so when he died the whole family was affected.Even thought she can’t fallow her dreams, she knows the reason why. The author is trying to tell us that what is affecting you, also affects your deams and your family. You can’t always do everything you want.

    • Anthony P to Arsh, i can agree on your theme, it happens to all of us including myself, i try to do something important to me then a family problem shows up (i wanted something from the internet really badly and then the earthquake in Chile popped up) its a conflict of choosing family over what you want most.

  16. my name is diamond. Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn.Tonight i read 32 pages. Bert and Delilah were set up because of a brief case full of money. Bert was unfortunatly shot and fell to his death off a club roof. Delilah was pushed , but didn’t fall to the ground. A universal theme is love because it seems like every time two people meet, they fall in love then they end up getting killed. The characters become love sick , but someone , or something gets in the way to cause the death of them. I think the author’s message is be careful who you come incontact with because you two could be ment for each other.

  17. dd2015- The Revenge of the Baby- Sat by Bill Waterson. I just finished reading 36 pgs. In my story i learned that Calvin is only in kindergarden. He acts like he lives in a crazy house. One social issuse is that nobody cares about what he does because of how he acts. Waterson is showing that when you act the wrong way you will get treated that way.

  18. Aneli-death on sacred ground by Harriet K. Feder.I read 25 pages tonight. Tonight I read about how Vivi is hiding a special recording that must be kept extremely safe. A social issue that the author is showing is that sometimes people pretend to be you friends to use you in the future. Paula is using Vivi to hide one of her dark secrets that have to do with murder. Harriet K. Feder is trying to teach us that we can’t trust the first person that we are introduced to.

  19. Gianni 2015.The basement.Bari Wood.tonight I read 35 pages. In my reading this evening I found out that Myra’s brother was being chased around town by a mobster because Dick (Myra’s brother)had a gambling problem. A social issue in my book right now is gambling because the mobster gave Dick 48 hours to come up with 23,000 dollars or he would be killed. Dick thinking nothing will happen goes ant tries to steal diomonds worth 26,000 dollars and expects to get away with it. I think the author is trying to teach us not to gamble because sometimes we can get stuck in pretty tight situations ,or not to make a promise we cant keep.

  20. leah2015:Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson. Tonight I read 30 pages.In my reading Melinda feels neglected and unloved. She starts to skip school and hang out with the wrong crowd. She feels as if her mother and father hate her. The universal theme is being neglected. It is very common that young teens feel/are neglected. It hurts them very much. Melinda’s mom and dad pay mre attenion to their jobs than they do to their child.

  21. Fredrick2015.The Vampire’s Assistant.Darren Shan. Tonight i read 25 pages.Today in my reading i found out that the author of my story is the main character! This was very shocking but something else that happend was that Darren is a half vampire because he is trying to save his friend from dieing.One social issue in my book right now is trying to risk your life to save someone elses. This is because darren has become a half vampire which takes a lot of work to try and save his friend. I think the author is trying to say that when trying to save a friends life shows a high level of care and love.

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