March 2, 2010 – Posting on ATGIB and IR

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Welcome back to the blog. Please read the post below this entitled, “A New Dimension,” in order to accurately follow tonight’s Criteria for Success. Answer the following questions and follow the format in order to get full credit for tonight’s homework.

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1. Username. Title of Book. Author of Book. I read _______ pages tonight.

2. Quickly summarize what happened in your book tonight.

3. After reading “A New Dimension,” tell me what makes A Tree Grows in Brooklyn high quality literature. What kinds of social issues and universal themes does it deal with that allow readers to learn something valuable from its pages?

4. After reading your IR book this evening, tell me if you think your IR book is high quality. Does it deal with social issues? Does it teach readers something valuable about the world? If so, what? If not, how does that make you feel as a reader?

Your post is worth: 4 points.

Remember to follow all parts of the Criteria for Success. Good luck!



13 thoughts on “March 2, 2010 – Posting on ATGIB and IR

  1. My username is Janibell2015. The title of my book is Double Identity by Margaret Peterson Haddix. I read 25 pages tonight. Today I read about how Bethany felt abandoned because of how her parents left her with Myrlie who she barely even knows. ATGIB is high quality literature because it shows how there is more to the world than just our own happy lives. Betty Smith talks about how being poor can affect the rest of your life and the way people view you and treat you. I think my book is high quality literature because it deals with the kind of problems that most teenagers might deal with. It teaches readers that life will not always turn out as you want it to turn out even thoguh you have control over the way you react when you are put in those certain situations.

  2. lourdes2015- the da vinci code by Dan Brown. I read 43 pages tonight. So far I read about how Sophie and Langdon leave Paris from the police to 24 Rue Haxo. They find the address on a key they found behind Modanna of the Rocks painting. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a high quality book because of its relatable issues like poverty or class. These problems that the characters face are still faced today even though it takes place in Williamsburg in the 1900s. These themes still relate to people to the this very day. I think my book is high quality, but in a different kind of way. It is high quality for its entertaining plot, but it doesn’t really have a univeral theme or message like ATGIB does. Even though its message might not be obvious, there still might be one. Either way it’s still a good book to read.

  3. My user name is jasonb2015. The title of my book is “Bird” by Angela Johnson. Today, I read 32 pages of my book. In tonight’s reading, Bird flashes back to when she decides to look for Cecil, her step-dad because she really missed him. She unfortunately is not able to find him and hides in an old farm where she lives without anyone noticing her because she is lost and can not go back home. While she is still living there, she sneakily enters a family’s house to eat, shower, and even rest. Some of the characteristics that make ” A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” high quality literature is its realness that such families like Francie’s family suffer in a poor and diverse community. Many social issues and universal themes appear in this novel such as having an irresponsible father, or not feeling safe in your own community or even the fact that Francie must face the death of her father when she needs him the most. In my personal opinion, I feel that my book is also high quality literature because it portrays the idea of being abandoned and having to be on your own. It strongly teaches readers that even in the most unexpected times, one must grow up and learn how to be an individual.This also leads to loneliness, but one must also face the harsh reality of the world and the idea that one will not always be protected by their loved ones.

  4. Arsh2015: I am reading After the Dancing Days from page 1 to page 36. So far, the book is about a girl named Annie, who’s father is at war as a doctor, and is coming back home. Annie wishes to see him come out of the train, and not dead like her uncle. ATGB is high quality reading because it has to do with many social issues and themes. For example, poverty, buildugsroman,education, etc.. My book is high quality reading because in the first 30 pages it talks about death and the need of family. It teaches us that we don’t just have one issue in life, but many, and everyone does.

  5. My name is Maregy2015 and the book I am reading is the lightning thief by Rick Riordan. I read 2 chapters today. What happened in my reading today was that Percy and Annabeth and Grover were all offered a quest which was to return Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt. In the thought of going on the quest Mrs .Dodds reappeared and fought Percy which caused a bus to explode. after that they fell right into a trap and went into Medusa’s hiding place which was a store she offered to comfort the three warriors ,but Grover smelled something fishy and knew it was a trap ounce he saw his uncle Ferdidand as a stone. so
    Percy ended up cutting her head off and Annabeth decided to take it on their quest. I do think that ATGIB is a book that has to do with high quality reading because many of the problems that showed up in the book showed up in real life. I think my book is a little high quality b4ecause the book has a lot of parents abandon their children, which also happens today in real life.

  6. sammy2015: Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. I read 100 pages tonight. Bella has fed her baby by drinking some human blood and seems to be feeling a bit better. Jacob, Leah and Seth are wanted home, but the request was denied. Bella is having loads of pain, cracked ribs and blood drinking. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn states issues that people still deal with now. Alcoholism, poverty, parent passing away, and education are some of the issues included in the novel. My novel states love between a vampire and a human, which is realistic. The story uses love with a mix of fantasy,vampires and werewolves, which attracts young/teen readers. Stephenie Meyer doesn’t really teach a lesson but for me, it is interesting how two people from different world do anything for their love to last.

  7. Angeline- The title of my book is Fate by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. Tonight i read a total of 30 pages. In my book, the narrator is human by morning but an ancient mystical by night. One day, while she’s in school she’s called for an important meeting. At this time she’s scared because her powers are taking over her and shes about to transform. She has to do whatever she can in order to keep her secret a secret. Her mom from the ancient world is named Valgius and shes in charge of making sure to talk to her in school in a way that no one finds out whats going on. Something that makes A Tree Grows in Brooklyn a high quality literature is that it connects to a real life event and it explains the life of a family that ends up being successful even after passing through a lot of trouble. Some social issues and themes that make this a good book is never giving up. When you don’t give up a lot is accomplishes. I think my book is high quality because it deals with a lot of social issues. Something it teaches about the world is that when you have a secret make sure the person or people you share it with are trust able and they can keep your secret. This makes me feel good about a reader because it also helps me deal with my problems.

  8. ClarissaC2015 – Girl 15, Insane but Charming. Sue Limb. I read 20 pages tonight. In my book tonight, Jess, the main character, invites boys to her house and things don’t go as planned. The boys have their own language and Jess trying to seduce Ben isn’t going well either. She actually spat on him. How embarrassing. Flora isn’t really helping the situation and neither is Mackenzie. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is high quality literature because it deals with a whole bunch of issues that really hit home. Poverty and the other issues mentioned in ATGIB are really serious issues unlike friendship and competition and so on. I really don’t think that my book is high level literature because it has smaller and more unimportant themes.

  9. Shakeema, the title of my book is”Spear” by Julius Lester. I read a total of 35 pages. In this book Ifigured out that the school Spear attends is a racises school.A Tree Grows In Brooklyn is a high quality book because , the story has realistic events that can occur in the real world.This story also shares nomerous amounts of social divison and includes many themes. I think that ma book is a high quality book because is shows and reveals real stories about the abouths life and problems they face. This Book is Broken up in to short stories and the past stories i read reveal that parents want the best for their child and dont want their kids to make the mistakes they made in their early life

  10. my name is diamond, the title of my book is Reincarnation by Suzanne Weyn. Tonight I read 30 pages. Deliah Jones met a younge college student named Bert Brody who wanted to interview her. At the interview they atmediately fell in love with each other. ATGIB is high quality literature because Betty Smith created a story that had the reader watch as a character change from a young girl to a young adult. It is also high quality literature because it has to do with some of the issues that occur today. Some example are poverty,class,relationships,and education. I think my book is high quality becase the author made two character like each other as time goes on. Two social issue that keep occuring are love and death. It teaches readers that sonetimes people are brought togeher because of fate,or it was just ment to be.

  11. AG2015- Book Thief, Zusak. I read 22 pages tonight. In my book i figured out that the person speaking is like a killer or like a person who deals with dead people, im still on the fence on what he is. I realized that its not that hard for him to do what he does. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn was high quality because it was very memorable, serious story it had many realistic events and was also historical. It also had economic problems, and social divisions. I feel my book is high quality too because it has to do with killing or death and that’s an very important part, and he has to deal with everything the same day and he doesn’t want a break.

  12. Aneli-death on sacred ground by Harriet K. Feder. Tonight I read 30 pages. Tonight in my book, Vivi went to lunch with Paula Ash and saw that Paula Ash does not sit with a group of kids known as the Indian kids. Vivi was nervous and something about the people surronding her did not feel right. Many of Paula’s friend accepeted Vivi in their table as a new friend. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is high quality literature because it deal with very realistic problems that people must go through. Some examples are poverty, fitting in and being teased. I think that my book is high quality because the main character, Vivi, has to go through violence, and fitting into certain groups in her school.

  13. my name is ashley, the title of my book is the diary of latoya hunter, and the author is latoya hunter.what has happened in my reading today is today llatoya has wet to school and she had made new friends, and she has decided to sit at the lunch table w| someone every day instead of sitting by herself everyday!ATGIB is a very high level book because it deals w| real issues that surface the earths face today like , proverty;rape;being poor;being teased; neglected; lack of parent relationship;education; and much more ! it also shows that if u continue to have hope then u will always make it somewhere thats better than where you are now. yes, my ir book is very high quality, because it deals w| social issues such as facing the fact that you need new friends because your old ones switched schools and moved away; it deals w| trying new things, and it ventures on to being yourself people will accept you more

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