Post 20 — Weekend Review

Hi Readers!

Today, please write 2 short paragraphs:

1. Synopsis of your reading.

2. Would you recommend this book? Why or why not? For whom would this book be a good choice? Why

Hope you all enjoyed the snow! See you tomorrow!




7 thoughts on “Post 20 — Weekend Review

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “Blind Faith” by Ellie Wittlinger. In tonight’s reading, Nathan’s mom unfortunately died of cancer. Everyone was affected by this especially Nathan because he no longer has a mom. He will have to get used to living with his dad only.
    This heart-breaking, friendly, loving novel is sure to be recommended by me to all teens who have lost someone in their lives. This book definitely connects to the life that one goes through when they have lost someone very important in their lives. This book especially goes to teenagers because while they are growing their minds start to change and their ways of thinking are not the same and with this book they will realize what life is like without a parent to look after them. They will even realize that their behavior with their parents is not loving, but aggressive. This book will change the way that teenagers look at their parents and appreciate them more.

  2. Sammy2015:I am currently reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. So far, Edward was noticing the things Bella had received from last year’s birthday and noticed the tickets that were given to go to Florida. Edward was trying to convince Bella to go but the subject was changed. Edward brought up to Charlie while Bella washed dishes. Bella stood up for herself to say she isn’t a child anymore. Anyways, Bella,Edward and Charlie are settling thing. Charlie tried to have “the talk” with Bella. Bella has already had the talk with Renée.

    I would recommend this book. This book is full of romance, mystery and unexpected surprises. This book isn’t predictable and has a bunch of attraction for teens to read. Teens would love to read a book like this book because it is during a stage where there is growing teen entering her adulthood while dealing with a vampire fiancée. The emotion, drama and suspense built in this book would bring teens to never taking their eyes off of it. For my perspective, I think this book is great…so far.

  3. lourdes2015: I am reading Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos. So far Nadira and Aisha go to the lawyer they hired for their father. Aisha isn’t mad about Nadira shouting at her, but she is getting back at her. Their lawyer doesn’t try to help them and it is making Aisha mad.
    I would recomend this book because it is interesting. It is an interesting story about what happens to muslim family after 9/11.

  4. Arsh2105: In this weekend’s reading, Anna goes on her trip to Las Casitas, Mexico because she needs time off from all the drama in her life. She sets off to find a luxury spa. When she gets there, she sends her week waterskiing, scuba diving, and with boys. She is having the time of her life until she reaches this old mansion.

    I would recommed this book because it is full of drama, mystery, and romance. This is a good book for people who are under stress, and just need a relaxing, funny book to read.

    ***Yes, I did have fun in the snow! :-)***

  5. angeline2015: I am currently reading Finding Daddy by: Louise Plummer. This weekend I read that Mira kept on receiving e-mails from her father. She made a huge mistake when she calls him and tells him her address and every important detail. Since this day someone has been going inside her house and killed her dog and her grandma, Bella. When they meet on Wednesday he brings her a cute little puppies so that she won’t be so sad after the death of her dog. At this moment she still doesn’t know who her father really is, thats until she gets on the car with her and he tells her everything. He starts abusing her and tells her if she doesn’t do what he says he would kill her mother and her boyfriend, Dylan’s family.
    I would recommend this book because its amazing. This book is becoming one of my favorite book. I would recommend it to someone that likes reading books about mystery and romance.

  6. My name is MArgey 2015 my book was mainly about how luffy ate a GumGum fruit and it gave him the power to stretch but that also meant taking a risk which was to not know how to swim. On the other part Zoro meats captain Buggy which to him is very goofy.Afterthat Captian Goofy hurtsZoro and that gets on Luffy badside so is pirate vs pirate.
    I would recomend this book to certai n people because thrughout the book the pirates show alot of teamwork for example when Luffy helped Zoro out on fighting fighting captain buggy. This book could also be recommended to peoplethat like adventures because this book can also be said to be Adventurous for the things that they go through as pirates.

  7. Hi this is DD2015! What I just finished reading was how Martin is now in trouble by the toughest guy in the gang and block. He is after Martin because Martin backed down from a job.
    I would recommend this book because it proves the true meaning of payback. People who like action, fun, and true care. This book would be full of everything!

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