Post 19 – Setting

1. Username, title, author.

2. Brief synopsis (2-3 sentences) of what you read tonight.

3. Describe the setting of your book. What if your book took place in another time period, like 100 years ago, how would that change the outcome of the story?


8 thoughts on “Post 19 – Setting

  1. Im reading a tune for bears to dance to by robertvcormier. the main characters are henry, mr. hairston, and a strange man whose name is unknow. the setting isnt important, but i’d say it happened in mid 20th century, or early this year. nevertheless, it doesnt matter the time at all in my book.

  2. Arsh2015: Today I started reading Tall Cool One, by Zoey Dean. In todays reading, I was intoduced to the protanganist, Anna, and her friend David. The love to surf, and became firends ever since Anna moved from New York to California. The setting of this book is in a small town in California called Zuma. There, it is always sunny, and prefect for surfing. If the setting where 100 years before, I don’t think they would be in California, and the Waves would not be so good. Also, they would be working most of their time, not surfing.

  3. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “Blind Faith” by Ellen Witlinger. In tonight’s reading, some new people moved into Liz’s neighborhood. She is glad to see other kids that have her age like Nathan, but Nathan’s mother has cancer and will unfortunately die very soon. The setting of this book is in the suburbs around the 1900s. If this book too place 100 years ago, it would be different because there would probably being racism going and possibly Liz and Nathan could not become friends.

  4. Cont… Might have been different. Bella would have barely noticed Edward but since he live forever, he wouldn’t even get a chance with her. The whole story would have to change if it was a different time.

  5. Sammy2015: I am currently reading Eclipse by Stephinie Meyers. I have just started the book and so far Bella has just gotten a letter for Jacob that had been crossed out many times until there was the perfect sentence for Bella. Also, Bella had Bern set free for grounding. She is also weirded out by the fact Edward is her fiancée. She doesn’t really enjoy that concept. The book takes place in Bella’s home, te woods and the school. Now, it’s mostly the her home and school. If time was 100 yrs. ago, Bella would behave wouldn’t notice her differences Edward might have Hzha!aiff.

  6. ae2015: Back In Black: Zoey Dean
    Tonight, when I read, I was reading anout how Parker and his friends were in the casino and they are about to get in trouble because Parker is using a fake ID and the person who was supposed to give him $10,000, actually found that he was using a fake ID. The setting of my book is in Vegas where these kids skip a school field trip. If the setting changed , I think the book would not be so good because in my opinion the setting is perfect for the events in this novel.

  7. lourdes2015: I’am currently reading Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos. So far, Nadira has to move on and act as if nothing happened. She starts to feel better after her mother, aunt and uncle come up with the money to get her father out of jail. Now they are just waiting for their citizenship. The setting is in New York. It is around 2001 after 9/11 happened. The time affects the characters because they are Muslim and it is dangerous for them to be in America, especially New York.

  8. AG2015: My book is called Sixth Grade Secrets by Louis Sachar. I read that all the girls were included people to their club so the boys felt that not only girls should have a club,so Gabriel makes a boy club while Laura has a girl club. The characters are in many different places outside, club houses, school this had the kids feel that a little more privacy to talk and discuss.

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