Post 18 – Character Talk

1. Username

2. Title and author of book.

3. Brief synopsis of what you read this evening. (2-3 sentences)

4. Tell me about your protagonist. What are his/her outside traits? What are his/her inside traits? What does your character like? Dislike? How has your character changed so far in the story?


7 thoughts on “Post 18 – Character Talk

  1. Tonight I read Park’s Quest and he is talking about how he wants to go back and visit his fathers grave. He also told his mother about how emotional the trip was,so she decided that she’d tell him a story about his father before he had went to the war just to prove to him that he acts a lot like his father. The protagonist in my story is a very smart,kind, and caring person. He loves his father and wants to learn as much as he can about him even though he never met him, and never will, because he is dead. His outside traits are that he is a boy, teenager, blonde hair, and white!

  2. My user name is AG2015. I am reading “ I Am the Messenger” by Markus Zusak. In tonight’s reading, Ed Kennedy had to do many dangerous things he was angry and nervous because he was punched in the face with a gun. Ed though doesn’t seem to be fine he is for now. Ed is a taxi driver and he’s been on an adventure.Ed isn’t really explained by his outside traits. Ed doesn’t have anyone so he feels alone and bored and like he has a terrible life. I don’t know what my character likes but he dislikes having to be a taxi driver because that’s not what he wanted to be.

  3. My user name is jasonb2015. I am reading “Blind Faith” by Ellen Wittlinger. In tonight’s reading, Liz was nervous because she was going to perform at school by playing the piano. Liz though doesn’t seem to be happy with this because she is not thinking about being a pianist when she grows up so she thinks that there is no point of her playing the piano now. The outside traits of Liz are that she has white colored skin and she’s a teenager. Her inside traits are that she is brave, honest, and loving. My character enjoys playing the piano though sometimes she is not sure why she even plays it. Liz dislikes the fact that her mother doesn’t even act like her mother. She barely pays attention to Liz. My character has already changed because at first she was greatly affected by her grandmother’s death, but as time passed, she got over it and now is living a normal life again. Unlike her mother, Liz’s mom still suffers about her mother’s death. She just can’t seem to get it over with.

  4. lourdes2015: I am reading Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos. Today I read about how Nadria’s family breaks apart. Canada denies their applications for citizenship so they must go back to the U.S. where her father is arrested. The protagonist is Nadria. She is fourteen and is from Bangladeshi. She has one sister and she is jealous of her because her parents think she is perfect.

  5. DD2015: I’m reading the book called The Afterlife. I just finished reading on how Chuy is living in the afterlife. He is looking back into his life. Chuy is a good looking guy for the description in the book. He seems like he was a little crazy. Now that he is dead he has started to change his ways and make it better.

  6. ClarissaC2015: I am still reading Boys That Bite by Mari Mancusi. I’m almost finished with it and so far its very exciting. Tonight, I read about Sunny and Magnus’s adventure to England to find the Holy Grail. They seem to have a secret romance going on between the two. Its so secret that they dont even realize it! Its an exciting/weird twist because they hated each other in the beginning of the book. Sunny McD. is a 16 year old blonde chick that seems innocent to everyone that she meets. She hates her freckles. On the inside , she is trying to break free from the innocent role but its hard for her because she thinks she sounds lame. In the story, Sunny has changed by being a little bit more daring and carefree. Lets see if she goes back to her old ways.

  7. Arsh2015: In 3 NBs of Julian Drew, I am in the begnning of the seconed NB. So far he writes about Jenny, his stepmother, and how much money he has/gets. Julian Drew is not the kind of boy you see playing sports outside, he is more like a writer. When he gets his first notebook, he writes about what has happen to him, and not tell others. He uses some numbers as etters, so that if someone dared to look in his NB, they would not understand it. When you first read this book, you don’t understand the writing, but as you keep reading, his entries explain the type of writing he does.

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