Post 17 – Explain the Mood

1. Username

2. Book title and author.

3. Briefly retell what you read this evening.

4. Explain the mood. Provide some of the words or phrases that clued you in to the mood in your reading this evening.


6 thoughts on “Post 17 – Explain the Mood

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. I am reading “Blind Faith.” In tonight’s reading the entire family went to the funeral to say the last goodbye to Liz’s grandmother. Everyone in the family was affected by her death and now have to learn how to live without her presence. At first, the mood of the story was a sense of sad, but then the mood turned to anger because Liz thought about how her mother never acted like her mother. She felt that her grandmother was more like a Mom. She received more love from her grandma than her mom.

  2. My username is sammy2015. Tonight, I finished my book: The Chocolate War. in tonight’s reading, Jerry get tormented by Janza. In the end it all came to a big fight between Jerry and Janza. At first Jerry misses the punches but then Janza hits him hard on the jaw, then stomach, then Janza missed hitting his personal space(groin). When Janza gets mad, Jerry punched him hard but then Janza punches 16 hard times back to Jerry. Finally, Archie tells Obie not pull anything out of the black box like that again. The mood the entire time in this ending was tense. It was full of violence and suspense. This ending seem to have seemed like it has a sequel. It really didn’t seem like a good ending.

  3. Arsh2015: I have just started reading 3NBs of Julian Drew. So far, I really don’t understand the exposition of the book, but Julian is writing in this code that seems like a text mesage. This leads me to the mood of lonliness because he is really not writing to anyone, and also a loving mood because he always writes something close to “ME+U”. I wonder who he is talking about?

  4. angeline2015: I am reading a book called Finding Daddy by: Louise Plummer. Tonight, I read how the main character starts to think about how shes already getting old and she’s never heard something from her father since she was 3 years old. Her mom never wants to talk about him and the main character starts to realize that her father probably did something wrong and her mom doesn’t want to tell her. The mood in this book is missing people and being aggressive. Clues from the text is that it says miss,howling wind, crushing waves.

  5. Hi I’m DD2015. I just started a new book called The Afterlife, by Gary Soto. What i just finished reading was that Chuy thinks about his dream girlfriend, which led to the mood. The mood is a curious mood. He is always thinking. The word that mostly stuck out was ” thought”.

  6. lourdes2015: I am reading Ask Me No Questions by Marina Budhos. So far, Nadira (protagonist) explains what is happening with her and her parents. She mentions how her sister Aishia is perfect in her father, Abba’s, eyes. Nadira also talks about how they are on their way to the Canadian border since their Visa licences expired. The mood is nervous. She kept thinking about the possibilities of what would go wrong. The clues were “what if” showing how she is concerned.

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