Post 16 – Weekend Update

1. Username.

2. Book review! You should have finished your book for the week by now. Retell, briefly, what it was about. Describe the setting and major characters. Describe the themes.

3. In one or two sentences explain your opinion of the book. Would you recommend it? Why or why not?


8 thoughts on “Post 16 – Weekend Update

  1. to continue of of the first one they live on diffrent clans one example of a clan is the River clan, a group of cats who live of the river by eating fish and salmon.

  2. The book Iam reading is Wariors the book is about a bunch of cats se[perated into groups which they call clan.My opinion of the boook is that their is alot of exposition which means a lot of introducing to stuff

  3. I am almost done with my book. I am about 20 pages away from finishing. The Chocolate War is about Jerry, the Vigils and the chocolate sale in school. Jerry has to sell chocolates but he refuses. People think it’s because of the Vigils he refuses but Jerry says it’s personal. Jerry has been pranked call, project disappeared and had his poster ruined. I recommend this book to people my age and older. This is a book that needs to be read carefully and though it may seem boring at first, it becomes more interesting. For KIPP, in the 8th grade reading class when we read this book, KIPPsters should try to focus and really have a creative mind in order for this story to be enjoyed.

  4. angeline2015: I finished reading my book. This book was about a girl named Dicey that struggles in life. She passes through many bad things in life. At only 13 years old she finds herself looking for a job in order to support herself and her family.
    I would recommend this book because its very interesting and kids that enjoy a relaxed book would really enjoy it. I wouldn’t recommended to someone that doesn’t like boring expositions or that give up because they find the exposition boring.

  5. Arsh2015: I have just finished reading Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. This book is about a girl named Rachel who enters high school without any firends. Her firends from middle school have found new groups, and have started a new begenning at Merryweather Highschool. Now Rachel has become the outcast with no firends. Heather, her ex-best firend has joined a new group, the Marthas. Rachel is suprised, and when Heather askes for her help, she says yes!! She doesn’t want to be the outcast, but she already is. She soon becomes firends with David, the smartest kid in school who has his future all planed out. When Rachel does better than him in Biology, he becomes jealous. So the school year passes by with drama, broken firendships,and being the outcast, for Rachel.
    I didn’t like this book because thier was no rollocoster element to it. The plot was straight forward, and you could predict everything that was going to happen. At first it seems like a nice book, but as you keep reading, you realize that there is not much of an exciting,or emotional part. The whole story is a long exposition.

  6. lourdes2015: I read Colibri by Ann Cameron. It was about a girl named Tzunún, nicknamed colibri, who has to live with her “Uncle” after losing her parents. He renames her Rosa. They are always on the go and beg on the streets of Guatemala. Uncle doesn’t care about her and only keeps her because a fortune teller says she will bring him a treasure one day. The setting is in Guatemala. There isn’t a permanent place since they move everyday. Uncle pressures her to find the treasure. He makes her do everything she’s againts like stealing and lying. Then he tries to make her do something horrible. He wants her to help him steal the famous statue from a church. She doesn’t. Instead she tells the priest who calls the cops and arrests uncle. Rosa later finds out that Uncle kidnapped her from her parents. Because she doesn’t know where they live, she starts her new life with the fortune teller because she treated her as if she were her own child when she visited her with Uncle.
    I thoght that it was hard to keep track of the setting. They would have to move everyday since they stole from others to survive. I would recommend it because it is a good book for anyone who likes realistic fiction.

  7. My user name is jasonb2015. “The House You Pass on the Way” by Jacqueline Woodson is about a girl named Staggerlee who is lesbian and has kissed a girl before. She feels confused about who she really is and feels lonely. She has no one to understand what she feels. This is not true though, when a new member of the family shows up, who’s name is Trout. Trout also confesses that she is lesbian and enjoys being with girls. These two girls share a nice relationship and become the best of friends. They finally have someone who they can tell their secrets to. They finally have someone who they can relate to. The setting of this book is on a farm around the 1950s. Jacqueline Woodson reveals that when one has a friend, they trust them and rely on them. I would recommend this book to someone because this book shows the trust in friends one has, but most importantly reveals that being gay or lesbian is not something to be ashamed of. It is just the way you are and what you feel.

  8. I just finished the book Rumble Fish. It was about how Rusty-James was at the bottom of the dump and risen to the top. The setting was in the small town in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The main character Was James who was not a bright little boy. Two themes were care and trust.
    I would recommend this book because it shows how you start at the bottom and rise to be successful.

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