Post 15 – Talkin’ ‘Bout the Exposition…

Hi Guys!

Here are your Criteria for Success tonight:

1. Username. Book title and author.

2. Brief synopsis of what you read this evening.

3. Two visual details about your setting AND two visual details about a main character. (You thought you were getting off easy tonight, huh? 🙂 )

That’s it.




6 thoughts on “Post 15 – Talkin’ ‘Bout the Exposition…

  1. I’m reading Never Mind! by Avi an Rachel Vail. I finished it today and it was a book I would recommend to another KIPPster, especially one with a sibling who they bicker and quarrel with often. The setting is in Manhattan or another major city. It also takes place in modern times (the 90s or 2000s). I am reading a book where there are two protagonists- Megan (Meg for short) and Edward, who are twins but are nothing alike except some similarities in looks. I picture Edward with brown eyes and pale skin. I picture Megan as tall and skinny.

  2. My username is sammy2015. In tonight’s reading, Jerry constantly kept getting tackeld by Carter. When Jerry made the great pass to the Goober, the coach was proud. The chocolate sale is beginning a nd Jerry refused to participate. John Sulkey wants to sell the most chocolates just like he did with raffles. Tubs wanted to earn money to get a present for his girlfriend. Setting: This story takes place in Trinity School just like normal high schools except with less disipline. The school has many misbehaved kids. Chracters: Jerry is getting tackled and getting very hurt by Carter. Also, Jerry kept denying to sell chocolates even when constantly being asked, he still said no.

  3. Lourdes2015: I am currently reading Crash by Jerry Spinelli. So far Crash meets Webb, his new neighbor that he dislikes. When he invites Crash to his house, he learns Webb is a Quaker and a vegetarian shocking him. The setting is in a suburban area. Webb’s home is as small as a garbage can according to Crash. Crash can be mean but Webb doesn’t notice. Webb is dorky and unusual.

  4. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “The House you Pass on the Way” by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonight’s reading, Staggerlee got a letter from Tyler, a new member of the family. Staggerlee wants to meet her so bad that she begs her mom to accept Tyler into the house. Her mom finally agrees for Tyler to come home and visit. In order to understand this book better, I visualized Staggerlee as a lonely girl with a serious face because she has no one to communicate with. This is the main reason why she wanted Tyler to come and visit, so she can talk to her and not feel as lonely. Tyler is best described as an orphan who was adopted by Staggerlee’s father’s sister. She is getting used to living in this new family. Now, for the setting, Staggerlee lives on the countryside on a farm. It seems that her family always has to harvest the corn because of winter, which makes me think that all seasons occur in this particular setting.

  5. ClarissaC2015: I haven’t been on in a long time! I just started reading Boys that Bite by Mari Mancusi and so far I think this character is hilarious! Her name is Sunshine McDonald and she got bitten by a vampire. It was supposed to be her twin, Rayne, who is extra goth. What makes it more suckish for Sunshine is that she just got asked to prom by her crush. She fears she cant go because of her vampire issue. The setting started off in Club Fang, a goth club Rayne dragged Sunny to. I noticed that Sunny is very innocent and hates that. Rayne is more kick butt and goth, kind of crazy too.

  6. Arsh2015: In Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson, Rachel is in her second day of highschool, and finds out that her ex-firend is now in the Marthas. After Heather leaves her firend, she tries to ask Rachel for help, and Rachel says yes!? Looks like she doesn’t want to be the outcast, but she already is. The setting is in Merryweather Highschool in Connecticut. The school is divided socialy by “clans”, with are really groups/chiques. The Marthas are the type of girls who wear maching outfits accoreding to the seasons. If these are not fallowed, your kicked out. Heather is not that type of person, bot now that her family is rich, she thinks hang outh with most exclusve clan in the hihg school. Rachel is sudunned because Heather was never like that.

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