Post 14 – Keep it Simple…

1. Username.

2. Brief synopsis of what you read this evening.

3. Make a prediction about your story. Use proof from your reading to back up your prediction.

See you tomorrow! Good luck, volleyball!




6 thoughts on “Post 14 – Keep it Simple…

  1. My user name is jasonb2105. I am reading “That was Then, This is Now.” In tonight’s reading, Bryon and Mark finally understood each other and were back to being the best of brothers. They have learned that nothing should get in the way of their brotherhood. Though I have obviously already finished my book, I predict that further on in the lives of Bryon and Mark they will form a strong brotherhood relationship and look back to the moments in which there were obstacles that interfered with their brotherhood and learn from their mistakes.

  2. My username is sammy2015. In tonight’s reading, The Vigils’s plan had worked. When the kids went to class, everyone’s chair broke apart including Brother Eugene’s chair. Brother Leon heard of the problem, came over and accused Archie. I predict that in tomorrow’s reading, Archie will get in major trouble and the chocolate sale will continue. I think the conflict may be approaching soon.

  3. I”m reading the chocolate war by Robert Cormier. I’m in the exposition where i met Jerry, the protagonist. I predict Jerry will make a stand against the strict uptight school. there are clue words and the blurb states that Jerry will rebell.

  4. lourdes2015: I am reading Pitch Black. Morgan starts to find different ways of dealing with Jason’s death. She starts to find hope after her grandmother stops her from taking her own life. She also finds support from her friend Carly’s youth group (religous club). I predict that Morgan will use the message she heard at the youth group meeting to help her more. She already understands it, even if it was confusing for others.

  5. angeline2015: I finished reading my book called Some like it hot by:Zoey Dean. Today, I read that prom finally came even though there was some problems. Some of them had fun and some of them didn’t enjoy it that much. If this book were to keep on going I think that their would of been a lot of fights and I also think that the kids would become worst then they already are.

  6. Hi I’m DD2015! The book I just started reading was Rumble Fish. Rusty- James, protagonist, has met up with his new friend that he hasn’t seen in a while. His friend is here on a vacation. From my perspective he might be a bad influence on James. I predict that James’s friend is not a friend at all!

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