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1.  Username

2. Brief summary- What I just finished reading was The Westing Game.  It turns out that turtle was the killer. She did it because no one would pay attention to her. Everyone thought she was a lunatic. I would agree!

3. Now tell me what the climax of your book was – The climax of my book is when Turtle starts to find out who Barney Northrup really is.

4. If you hadn’t gotten to the climax then tell a prediction you have.

 Love DD2015


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger

  1. Arsh2015: In today’s reading, Susanna becomes the hero of the town by making her big choice of tell others. The climax of my book is when Susanna santeds up to Ann, and her family of witches. This was the very important part because this is when Susanna is the hero, and save everyone.

  2. My username is sammy2015. In tonight’s reading, Trinity School is selling chocolates for a fund-raiser for the school. They are assigned to sell twenty thousand boxes of chocolates. I haven’t reached the climax of the story. I predict that since the title says “war” that there may be a war that has to do with the chocolate selling fund-raiser.

  3. My user name is jasonb2015. In tonight’s reading, Mark has met this girl and has fallen in love with her. Now, he usually spends most of his time with her. He no longer wishes to spend time with his brother, Bryon. Because I have not reached the climax yet, I predict that Bryon and Mark will grow apart from each other and live separate lives. I predict this because it seems that Mark’s girlfriend is getting more attention from Mark than Bryon. Mark’s girlfriend is affecting the brotherhood of both Bryon and Mark.

  4. lourdes2015: I am reading Pitch Black by Melody
    Carlson. After Morgan’s best friend, Jason, commits suicide, leaving her alone and depressed. She finds out before his death, he called her but she wasn’t available. Now she blames herself and wants to commit suicide. Just before she does her grandmother shows up and she backs out. I predict that when she tries to again someone else will talk her out of it.

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