Tonight’s Post Postponed Until Tomorrow Night

Hi all!

Because of the late night for volleyball, I was unable to post early enough tonight. If you’d like to blog tonight, you may. Go ahead and write a brief synopsis and then practice any skill you’d like. If not, go ahead and complete your book log on your homework instead. Thank you!




2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Post Postponed Until Tomorrow Night

  1. Arsh2015: In tonight’s reading, Susanna faloows Ann to the parsonage. She figures out a secret that suprises her, Ann is a witch who wants to hurt innocent people. I predict that Susanna will try to stop her. I think this is why a part of the title is “break” and “charity” because Susanna can keep quite, or help people by “breaking charity”. TELLING THE TURTH!!!!

  2. Lourdes2015: I am reading Pitch Black. So far Morgan has to deal with her best friend’s death. She depended on him to make her feel better about her mom getting married and other issues she can’t emotionally deal with herself. I predict that it will make her feel worse once her mom is marrying someone young enough to be adopted by her
    (in 20s).

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