Post 12 Criteria for Success

Hi Bloggers!

1. Username

2. Brief synopsis of what you’ve read tonight.

3. Make a prediction about what will happen in your reading tomorrow, based on what happened tonight.

4. That’s it!



6 thoughts on “Post 12 Criteria for Success

  1. My username is sammy2015. I am currently “The Chocolate War” by Robert Cormier. What is happening in the story so far is that the protagonist, Jerry Renault, is getting hurt during the game of football. He can barely walk or move, but he has strength. Jerry has gotten really crushed during the game and even if he is in pain, the coach pushes him to play at 3pm. or he will be out of football. I think Jerry may think he might survive all the pain he has been through but may once he continues walking and pushes himself to do things he can’t do, he will become really weak which may cause him to maybe not make to the practice. Football seems like a very dangerous game in this case by the way they play.

  2. Lourdes2015: I am reading Picth Black. So far, Morgan finds out her best friend commited suicide. He was the only one she could talk to in order to deal with her issues at home. I predict she will have to find another way to deal with her mom and brother. People might want to help her but she might not want it.

  3. My user name is angeline2015. I am currently reading Some Like it Hot by: Zoey Dean. Tonight I read how the girls were preparing for the Beverly Hills High School Prom. The boys were acting silly and seeing how they were acting like prom was just something not much important, but the girls were talking about it every time and choosing what prom dress to wear. A prediction I have is that I think the boys would start being nervous when prom is coming. They haven’t asked any girls to go with them and therefore I think that they’re talking now about the girls but at the end the girls would laugh at them when they’re desperate to ask girls.

  4. DD2015: Today I stareted a brand new book, The Westing Game. What I just finished reading was how Barney Northrup, house sales man, is selling sunset towers to many varieties of people. What I think would happen is that some would get a strong suspition of the towers.

  5. Arsh2015: Today I started reading A Break With Charity, by Ann Rinaldi. So far, the book is about a girl named Susanna who wants to fit in with this group of girls lead by Ann Putnam. I think that in the next few chapters, Susanna will fallow Ann and the girls to their meeting place, the parsonage.

  6. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading “That was Then, This is Now” by S.E. Hinton. In tonight’s reading it talked about how Bryon and Mark are very close friends and they go to the bar to play pool. By playing pool, they earn money for their necessities, but also for their addictiveness for alcohol and cigarettes. These teenagers are not well taken care of and they do whatever they wish to do. Based on my reading, I predict that Bryon and Mark will not only play pool, but even steal to get money maybe even starting some kind of a conflict in the story. These two adolescents will probably even get into a lot of trouble as well.

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