Post 11 – Criteria for Success

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Sorry this post is late!

1. Username. Title, author, pages read this evening.

2. Brief retell.

3. Write about a literary element – choose from theme, symbol, character, narration, setting, plot, conflict. (2-3 sentences)





7 thoughts on “Post 11 – Criteria for Success

  1. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson. I read 26 pages. In tonight’s reading, Ellie went to school and everyone there asked about the death of Miah. This made Ellie feel even worse about Miah’s death and doesn’t know how to stop this. Miah is used as a symbol to represent strength. Ellie has to hold on tight now that the closest person she ever had is dead and gone forever.

  2. Arsh2015: Today in Fate, Bailey is with her sister, and wishes she had as good as a memoey as her. She is jealous because she is the older sister, but her younger sister is one grade ahead. A possible theme in this book is family becuse to find out what is worng with Bailey, Delia has to inspect her family. It might sound odd, but she is doing this, so her firend does not have anyless self-estem.

  3. This is DD2015. MY book is The Boogeyman by Gayle Wilson. Tonight I read 47 pages. I read on how they now what the daughter’s dreams are about. She is dreaming about her father dead. the setting is back in time in a old town in the middle of know where. That’s terrifing!

  4. lourdes2015: the title of my book is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and I read 28 pgs. Today I read about how Bod ignores Ms. Lupescu and gets in trouble when running in to the ghouls. The ghouls are made the ghosts of an empire of china, the 33rd priesident of the united states, etc. They kidnap him and take him to an unfimiliar place. The setting of the story is mainly in the graveyard where Bod lives at.

  5. ClarissaC2015: I have read 16 more pages of Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper. So far, Destiny and Romiette were having a sleepover, watching romance movies. Destiny swears that shes an expert on romance when she has only had one boyfriend in her entire life. Romiette has been talking to Julio on the internet. Kind of like AIM, looks like the old version though. I think she doesn’t notice Julio’s race until they meet in school. They don’t really relate that much, but i think it brings them together. A conflict could be their races because it matters to some of the kids in the school so them being together could make things worse for them.

  6. angeline2015: The title of my book is New Moon by: Stephenie Meyer. Today I read 30 pages. One theme on this story is caring for people. Edward gave Bella a gift for her birthday eventhough he knew he could get in trouble since hes a vampire and she isn’t. He’s making his life harder than it is because if the other group of vampire find out they can hurt her and she can get killed.

  7. Hey! I am reading Haters by Alisa Rodriguez. In tonigt’s reading, Paski’s old friendships become more and more strained because she moved to L.A. Even though the media depicts L.A. as a glamorous place, it really isn’t all its rapped up to be. Paski, being the new girl, has no friends and doesn’t live in a nice condo; she lives in a regular apartment. Some themes might include fiiting in, long distance relationships, moving, and having a broken family.

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