Post 10 – A Weekend of Reading…

Dear KIPPsters,

I hope you had a great weekend! Please write two paragraphs in your post. The first paragraph should explain what you read this week: title, author, number of pages you read, retell of the events that have transpired. This should be approximately 4-5 sentences.

The second paragraph should tell me about your reading habits. Where do you read? When do you read? Where do you prefer to read? What are some challenges you face when you read independently? Make us all visualize you reading on the weekend. This should take approximately 4-5 sentences as well.

That’s it. Have fun, bloggers!




12 thoughts on “Post 10 – A Weekend of Reading…

  1. Jm2015: I’m am reading Iron man 2. Over the weekend i finished the book just finished reading that iron man an his assistant like each other. It seems like they are both looking forward to spending time together but they are also focused on their job. Also she believes that iron man will make a good boy friend. I usually read in my room because that’s where I am not bothered by anyone an I can just sit on mi bed an really get interested in my book as I turn the pages of my novel. Although I like reading in my room I also like to read in the car where there is nothing to do so u can’t take out your book out an just read while listening to some hip hop music as I read an feel the rhythm of the music when I read. This might sound weird but listening to music helps me considerate

  2. Arsh2015: I am currently reading Fate by Jenifer Lynn Barnes. I have read from page 1 to page 66 this weekend. So far the book is about a girl named Bailey. She lives “two life”, one at night, and one in school. She really has no firends, so no one knows. She gets a tattoo that is supposed to be fake, but it is really.
    I mostly read in my bed because no one dares to get near it. Though I do most of my reading there, I really like to read outside because I love reading while the wind is on my face. I read at around 7pm, when I finish my homework because I can read without worrying about anything. The biggest problem I face is finding a quite spot to read where no one borthers me. In my house I am the one whose helps eveyone.

  3. Lourdes2015: I am reading The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I read 76 pages in total. Bod’s guardian, Silas, leaves to go travel. Bod is upset, especially when he is replaced with Ms.Lupescu. He doesn’t like her because she feeds him soup, salad when he is use to junkfood that Silas usually buys him.he has to get use to being fed homemade foods. He also doesn’t like her because she takes school too far. She teaches him things he doesn’t believe is nessacary for his future (fourtunately it does).

    I read on my bed beacause it’s comfortable and my room is quiet. I read when I am done with other homework. That way I have more time to read. I face problems like sometimes it gets loud around the house and it makes it harder to concentrate. Also when reading the class novel, I don’t have time to read it as much as I usually spend.
    I read in

  4. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson. In my reading, Ellie is starting to realize that she has to move on with her life even though Miah is dead and she no longer has anyone to spend time with. In a way, Miah is starting to mature faster than expected because she has learned to move on. In total, I have read 75 pages over the weekend; 25 pages each day.
    Some of my reading habits are that I read in my bed. I often read as soon as I get home because if I read at a very late time, my eyes get tired and I start to get too sleepy. I prefer to read in my bed really. Although I feel comfortable, I often get distracted by the loud music played by my sisters and even the sound of my mom’s cooking distracts me as well.

  5. mm2015: This past weekend I finished reading Gossip Girl, by Cecily von Ziegesar. Tonight I read 27 pages. Tonight I read about how Blair was about to go sleep over at Nates house, but when she walks into her fathers room, she notices that he is hiding someone. She discovers that her dad actually is a, “lying,cheating scum-bag, after all”(pg:214). I usually like to read at my desk or in bed. I often read after I finish doing all my homework. Some challenges that I face while doing independent reading is that i easily get distracted by my phone, brother, TV,ipod, or computer. My biggest challenge is being able to concentrate on my reading without drifting of and thinking about something els.

  6. My username is sammy2015. I’m currently reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I read for pages 141-207. Clay has been lately listening to the other reasons why Hannah ended her life about other people. Hannah has changed on the topic spoken of because now she speaks of how the school was like bullies, dances, etc. Clay has been finally mentioned and Hannah said that he is barely a reason. He was a good guy.
    I love to read on my bed or the train but with low volume music playing in my ear. I read when I have nothing to do or when I start to wonder about what will happen in my story. I have trouble reading when I get too much distractions around me or too much in my mind. I also have trouble on my independent reading book when I have to read another book after from class novel. I get confused and the enjoyment in my book goes away.

  7. angeline2015: I am finishing I like it like that by: Cecily Von Ziegesar. Today I read the last 20 pages of the book. I read that Serena, Nate and the other friends decided to forget about their problems and enjoy by going to a party. Serena and her parents also get along more. They don’t fight anymore and feel more together.
    I read in my bed or in whatever place i have time to take the book out and just start reading. I prefer to read in my room because its silent there and I can concentrate in the reading more. Some challenges I take is that sometimes theres a lot of noises and I have to ignore them and still read. Another challenge is that sometimes I am tired and I don’t want to read but I still do even if is not more than 30 pages.

  8. Hello, I am sp2015. I have started reading Haters, by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. Over the weekend, I’ve read about 70 pages and the book’s about a high school student who isn’t very popular and learns that high school isn’t like what the T.V. shows/ movies potray it as. In some ways, there are similarites, but the media hypobolizes a lot.
    I usually like to read on the train and the bus because my ride is long and just sitting (or sanding) is fun. Besides public transportation, I like to read in my room with the door shut. If I don’t close my door, my brother will come into my room and distract me. I usually read out loud so I can stop the noise of the living room from annoying me. Even though my room is closed, my family still makes a lot of noise. My brother knocks on my door and cries, my mom talks really loud all the time (even if she’s calm and relaxed) and my step dad is yelling at my brother all the time (it’s as if he thinks my brother is deaf).

  9. My user is Elianny2015. I am finishing New Moon by Stephenie Meyers. Today i read about how Bella thinkes that when it comes to love that ever thing doesnt matter. She sacrifices her intire life to feel what love truly feels. On the other hand Jacob is tying to seperate Bella and Edward. While Edward is giving up his life for the safty of Bella.
    Some reading habits i have is that i always read in my roomon my bed. I also read with ma room silent with out any one around because i get really distaracted by any sound i here. I started this a long time ago. I also read really girly books because i always used to take my sisters books and read them and she really liked those books.

  10. ClarissaC2015: The book i have been reading this weekend is called Romiette and Julio by Sharon M. Draper. It started of with a character drowning and the audience didn’t know who it was. Then someone woke up and it was Romiette. She began to write in her journal, basically introducing her self to the audience. She told us of her fear of water and drowning. Then she moved on and talked about her family and her opinion on boys. Then as soon as the journal entry was finished it was time for her to head to school. In the next chapter we read about Julio and how angry he is at the world. I stopped at page 44, after the group chat.
    Some of my reading habits are reading in a place that is not too quiet and not too loud. A little chatter couldn’t distract me if the book is really good. Sometimes, if I don’t understand what the book is trying to say I would read it out loud to see if it makes more sense. I don’t like reading anywhere were I cant put my head down or lay down, sitting down and reading makes me uncomfortable and makes me a little squirmy. When I read a really good book I get into it, as if I was a main character or something. I might giggle if there is something funny.

  11. Hi I’m DD2015! The book I’m currently reading is The Boogyman, by Gayle Wilson. I’ve read about 40 pages over the weekend. What i justed finished reading was that Maddie has been having these weird dreams about things she can’t even explain herself.The mother is worried that she would never wake up from these dreadful dreams.
    Where I mostly read is in my room it is nice and soothing. I mostly would read after i do all of my other homework. I would sometimes perfer to read at school because my brother can be a pain in my neck. OH BROTHER!!!!

  12. This weekend I was reading the novel Crossing Jordan by Adrian Fogelin. This book has alot to do with racism because it is abou 2 friends who ‘s parents do not want them to be together. Cass and Jemmie have to fight through racism to keep their relationship strong. They are determined to be friends without the nagging of adults who are racist. This weekend I read 76 pages and I plan to finish by Tuesday.
    Some of my reading habits are reading in a place that is silent. I usually will read in my room. I sit on my bed and dive into a world of stories. Some parts of the text I like to read out loud because I might not understand what I am reading. Other times I can’t get my hands off the book and I do not like any one to disturb me. The only reason for someone to disturb me is if the building is on fire.

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