Post 9 – Criteria for Success

Hi KIPPsters! Sorry my post is late this evening!

1. Username

2. Brief retell — some of you are NOT retelling in 2 or 3 sentences!

3. Describe one of the stages on the plot mountain (wherever you are in your book). For example, I am reading The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander and I am in the exposition (only on chapter 3). In the exposition, I have met Taran, Gwydion, Hen Wen and two other major characters. This story takes places in Prydain, a fantasy country full of pigs that tell the future and people that hunt one another in dark and mysterious forests.

That’s it! If you are in a different stage, explain the amount of tension, the problem, the resolution, etc. Good luck and have fun!




10 thoughts on “Post 9 – Criteria for Success

  1. I am MArgey 2015 the book I am currently reading is Diary of a Wimpy Kid The last Straw. Right now i am in the Conflict. The Conflict is mainly about how Greg is not getting enough sleep and how his father is always grumpy when he wakes up. and he cones up with a solution that gets his father grumpy which is to put ion his m oms robe and wait on the heater outside of the bathroom while his mother is in the bathroom.

  2. My username is sammy2015. I am currently redaing Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Tonight’s reading was about Ms.Benson and Marcus Cooley. Hannah was getting in a small problem and also Marcus was being the comedian to them. The rising acting in the story is very long. New characters are named since each chapter is a reason for people of thee death. Her reason of why Clay is included has to come in order for the climax to start.

  3. Hi I’m DD2015! I just started a new book called “The Boogyman”. What I just finshed reading was that the mother’s husband died in strange death. The mother thought it was time to move. Right now I’m on the exposition in the book. I just met the mother and daughter and they just moved to a town where the mothe grew up. When they got there they heard it was haunted. This is going to be a wicked book.

  4. ClarissaC2015:I have finally finished Lush by Natasha Friend. The last 30 or 20 pages were the rising action because Sam decided to be grown and want to go to a high school party when she is only 13. She got drunk like her dad does all the time and got raped by some boys in her grade. One these boys , Danny Harmon,is her best friend’s, Angie, crush. She is devastated and doesn’t talk to Sam anymore. Sam cuts school the next day and gets a letter from A.J.K. telling her that they need to meet. This person is not who she expected to be. She finds the shelving boy from the library. They begin to talk and drive somewhere, far of into New Hampshire, where they meet Sam’s father, in a rehabilitation center. From there, we begin to go back down the mountain, all the way to the ending. I can’t wait to get a brand new book.

  5. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonight’s reading, Ellie was walking in the park, taking some of her time to reflect on the death of Miah. As she continues walking, she feels the frustration of Miah’s death and screams. She could do nothing to prevent Miah from dying, but to just yell out to the world. Right now, I am at the rising action of Behind You. In the rising action, Ellie is starting to feel anger about Miah’s death because first of all, he was innocent and there was no right reason for the cops to have shot him. She feels as if the cops were the real criminals because they were the ones who killed Miah.

  6. mm2015: Tonight I continue to read Gossip Girl, by Cecily von Ziegsar. Tonight I read about how Serena is planning a part called the Kiss And Tell. The party is going to be really expensive, with many of the rich seniors invited. I am currently reading the rising action. During this time while Serena is planning the party, something dramatic is probably going to happen in the party. For example, someone might get drunk and crash the party.

  7. angeline2015: I am still reading I like it like that by: Cecily Von Ziegesar. Tonight i read that Gabriella and Ruby got in trouble in school since they were downstairs when the bell rang. When they went upstairs they couldn’t dicide who was going to go in first in case they got in trouble. In the falling action the problem beetween S and B is finnaly solved and they decide to still be friends.

  8. Lourdes2015: I am still reading The Graveyardbook. Today, Scarlet visits Bod again and the two make up for the fight they had. Bod decides to let her come in the locked cabin. While leading her through the dark( he could see), the run into these ghouls. The are completely dressed in black and are ready to attack. I am in the rising action beacause the conflict is beginnig to be revealed. The are facing a situation with the ghouls which might lead to a conflict.

  9. Hello everyone! I am still reading Slam!(but I’ll probably finish it on the train tomorrow) by Walter Dean Myers. Slam (Greg) was in a basketball game and won. There is talk of an after party, but I don’t know if there will be one, I stopped reading. Nevertheless, Walter Myers’s use of plot is very disorganized, I’m not too sure, but I think I may be nearing the climax. In the rising action, some problems introduced include Greg’s lack of family sturcture thanks th his father’s drinking, Greg’s bad grades, and that his bad grades effect whether or not he can be on the basketball team.

  10. Arsh2015: Today when I was reading about how Ida misses her firends. Her old firend from school calls her, and she has turned into a bad influance. She has told Ida not to lisen to her mother when teaching because it’s not important anymore. Ida beginnings not to study, and in the climax, Ida is taking a test, and ceating. She feels so pressured,and after finishing the test her mother tells her that she knows Ida is ceating.

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