Post 7 – Criteria for Success

1. Username

2. Synopsis of what you read this evening.

3. A line you love from the text and why you love it. (Just like the way we chose quotes today in writing class.) Don’t forget to use quotation marks, and please include the page number and book title. Explain what it is you like about the quote.

4. Have fun!




12 thoughts on “Post 7 – Criteria for Success

  1. Arsh2015: In today’s reading, Ida Finds out that her mother wants to home school her, and she doesn’t want to beause she will lose her firends. “Can you feel how beatiful it feels?” I like this quote because it shows how Ida feels when leaving her old firends. It shows sadness, and foreshadoeing to build effect on what might happen next.

  2. I am currently reading Speak. A line I love from the text is; “Our clan, the Plain Janes, has splintered and the pieces are being absorbed by rival fractions.” Pg4. I like this quote because it shows how much people change onece they go into highschool. It shows that highschool is all about finding your own group of people who likes doing what you do. I also like the complex vocabulary that the author uses int this qoute because it makes it sound like something that will affect Melinda’s social life.

  3. My username is lourdes2015. Bod escapes the killer, Jack. He is a mischivious baby becuase he somehow found a way to escape his crib before the killer got to his room. Bod is saved by the dead ghost couple. They prevented Jack from hurting him. Pg.29 “Everyone wanted to say something. 300 voices. 300 opinions.” I like this line because I can visualize how they want to deal with the baby situation.

  4. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading Behind You by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonight’s reading Ellie remembered that Miah, her boyfriend, was killed. He was killed by the cops, confusing identities with another person. Miah was really innocent. Ellie’s family was very depressed by this despite the fact that Miah was black and they are white. A line I loved was ” Some people look at me and see a white girl in a uniform – burgundy jacket and gray jacket with gray skirt – and think, she has all the privilege in the world. I look back at them, thinking, if only you knew ” (pg.9). I really love this line because it shows readers that all races really are the same. There are just some minor differences in them, but most of them is the same. No one is better than the other.

  5. mm2015: Tonight i have started reading Gossip Girl, my Cecily Ziegesar. It has started of to be about a bunch of rich senior students who life down town of New York City. One of the students, Blair, has a HUGE problem with her mother dating some poor looser when she just got a devours from her father. The quote that i have chosen symbolizes the fast turn that life can change, for the good or for the worse. Blair thinks, “The movie of Blair’s life had taken a sudden, tragic turn” (pg:15). One thing that I like about this quote is that it shows the emotion by using good words like tragic.

  6. angeline2015: I am currently reading I like it like that by: Cecily von Ziegesar. In tonights reading, I read that Blair didn’t felt like her mother cared about her because since her brothers wanted to go to the Nort Shore resort to learn how to surf she couldn’t go to the place she wanted therefore she would have to go to this resort again. A line i loved was on page 11. ” I heard Serena got a huge modeling contract after she did that perfume ad. Shes going to bring her baby back from France.” I liked this sentence because it showed a little of humor, if you keep reading you can see that her baby was actually born in the place she didn’t want it to be born. Her photo came out funny since the baby was there.

  7. My username is sammy2015. I am currently reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. In tonight’s reading, the tape ,on cassette 2: side B, was about Tyler. Hannah explain that he was peeping on her window with a camera in his hand. She described how she began to trick him from the picture taking. A line that really stuck out to me was on page 16. I have mentioned this line once and it’s because it really showed how Clay really does miss and crushed her. It said, “Why not jist pop the tape out of the stereo and throw the entire box of them in the trash?… Because it’s Hannah’s voice. A voice I thought I’d never hear again. I can’t throw that away.” he really didn’t want for her to die. He doesn’t care if getting these creepy tapes of a dead girl came to his house but mostly he gets to hear her voice again.

  8. ClarissaC2015: I have continued to read Lush by Natasha Friend. Sam’s father was drunk and when Luke, Sam’s 5 year old brother, decides to be loud and act his age, Sam’s father takes action and hits him in the face with a beer bottle. They rush to the hospital with Luke and he gets 32 stitches from the side of his nose to his left ear. Sam’s dad goes missing for 3 days and is found in Shady Brook Farm. Sam tells us that this place doesn’t look like how it sounds. I line that I love is ; “Luke came home looking like a relative of Frankenstein.” I like this line because you can actually imagine how Luke looks in this part of the book. You can just picture it in your head, a 5 year old with a lot of stitches in his head.

  9. Hi! I’m DD 2105 and my new book is One Piece, Buggy the Clown. What I just finished reading was that Monkey D. Luffy is now teaming up with Nami to steal from Buggy( a pirate). ” Does my nose look funny to you? You think it looks fake?” PG.11. I like this quote because it shows the reason why Buggy reacts to people the way he does.

  10. Arsh2015: Today I have started Ida B by Katherine Hannigan. So far it is about a young teenaged girl named Ida, and that is only her nickname. Her parents don’t let her go out much untill she is done with her homework and chores. She really loves to draw, and write about the outside world. So far, my favorite quote in the book symbolizes protection, and not liking to have to much protection. Ida doesn’t like the fact her parents don’t give her freedom, and she tells her father that “There is never enough time for fun.” I like this qoute because it showes how sometimes you have to stand up to your parents and tell them what you want, or they will control you life forever.

  11. Hi! I am sp2015 and I’m reading Slam! by Walter Dean Myers. I just started reading it and I am being introduced to all the characters- nothing too special yet. On the 1st page, it reads,”You can take my game to the bank and wait for the interest.” He is bragging about his basketball skills and I feel that the quote above is very clever. It’s better than saying something like ,”I’m nice a basketball.”

  12. ae2015: The book that I am currently reading is Romiette and Julio by Sharon Draper. I was reading about my main character Romiette and her personality. A line I loved was on page 15 and it said ” He was tall. He was stong. he was angry. And he wasn’t afraid to fight.” I loved this line because it can draw a image in your head and describes the person through the inside and through the outside.

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