Post 6 – A Reading Letter – Criteria for Success

Hi guys!

Sorry to be posting late in the weekend. For tonight’s post, please write a a reading letter to me, consisting of two paragraphs:

Criteria for Success:

1. Dear Stabookski,

2. My username is: __________________

Retell what you’ve read in your book over the weekend. Explain whether or not you are in the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action or resolution of your book. This paragraph should be approximately 4 or 5 sentences long.

3. Second paragraph: Pick a digging deeper skill. You can write about a theme and the author’s perspective on that theme. You can write about a symbol (or more than one symbol). Explain what the symbol represents and how the author uses it in the story. You can write about any literary device (foreshadowing, figurative language, etc.) and how the author uses it in the text.

Paragraph 2 is all about digging deeper. It should be about 6 sentences long. Feel free to call me if you are at all confused. Good luck!


Stabookski 🙂


13 thoughts on “Post 6 – A Reading Letter – Criteria for Success

  1. Dear Ms.Stabrowski,
    My username is lourdes2015. I am currently reading The Graveyard Book. I am in the exposition. The main character is Nobody Owens also called “Bod”. He is left an orphan after Jack, the murderer, kills everyone in his family. It is his goal to kill them for an unknown reason. Bod is a toddler unaware of what is happening.
    I believe the author is foreshadowing using the murders. The book doesn’t mention why he did this for so it might mean that it will be revealed later on. There might be a deeper reason for his actions.

  2. Dear Ms. Stabrowski,
    My username is ashley2015
    The climax of my book probably would be when they find out that Precious has an disease HIV and she had got the infection from her father who has been coming in the home raping the young girl whenever he wishes to. That goes to show that when she is raped it leaves a huge scare on sombodies mind so much that they feel like nothing. They and up feeling worthless until someone comes into t heir life and pushes and strives for them to do better, such as Precious’s teacher.
    sincerely mrs.stabookski

  3. Dear Stabookski, My username is jani2015. I am currently reading Speak. This weekend I read about how melinda is trying to find her social group. Heather joined a clan called the Martha’s and that makes Melinda take action into finding her own crew. I am in the rising action because its getting to the point of where there is foreshadowing leading into the climax.
    If I were Melinda, I wouldn’t care if I were in a group or not. I wouldn’t care because being an individual shows how strong you are and how you don’t need to be reliable on anybody. Melinda should realize that peer pressure is just an everyday thing at highschool, and she shouldn’t put much attention to it. If she really cares about herself, why would she want to be in a group of people who are all alike and there are no unique people? I wouldn’t want to be around people who are exactly like me because I would want to meet new people everyday. If she joins a crew, she would have to follow their rules and not their own, so if she decides not to follow their rules one day, it can dameage her reputation. I would just go on with my life and not care if people stare at me only because im the only girl sitting by myself of walking alone in the hallways.

  4. Dear Ms. Stabrowski,
    My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading Hush by Jacqueline Woodson. At this point I’m finally at the resolution. Toswiah’s dad has ended the case of the murder that his fellow friends committed. Toswiah’s family can return back to Denver and live just like before. After a big time of living in an environment that Toswiah wasn’t used to, she was finally glad of returning home.
    When the word hush is used by Toswiah, it means to be patient and trust the fact that everything is going to be okay. Toswiah was worried of not being able to live in a place in which she wasn’t used to and yet she managed to adapt to her new environment. She trusted her father when he said that everything was going to be alright. Because of the love of her father, she had the will of trusting her father and go along with what he said. Jacqueline Woodson truly demonstrates the art of love, sacrifice, but most importantly trust.

  5. Dear Stabookski,

    My username is sbrownie and this weekend I read the popular vampire series Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. At this point, Bella chooses to meet Laurent, a vampire that wanted her because Edward was too protective over her. She is told to meet him at her house in Phoenix, alone. He told her that he had her mother, and if she went with anyone else, he would kill her. Once she is there, Laurent tells her of another human that he had dome similar events to. This human is Alice, another vampire, who goes by Edward’s sister. Once Bella figures out who she’s dealing with, she tries to escape. Big mistake.

    Stephenie Meyer writes about the theme “trust” because Bella refuses to trust her friends, but chooses to trust a total stranger. Meyer wants her readers to give trust to their friends even if at the time, their decision seems wrong.

  6. Dear Ms.Stabrowski,
    My username is sammy2015. This weekend I’ve been reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. Hannah is still speaking in the tapes of a person who she considers as a reason for her death. She has spoken so far of Justin, Alex, Jessica, and Tyler. I am still going through the rising action of the story since so far he hasn’t been mentioned by Hannah in the tapes as a reason.
    There are many symbols in this story. One symbol that keeps Clay from keeping rid of the tapes is Hannah’s voice. Her voice is very special to Clay since he has always crushed on her and since there can’t be a chance for their relationship, he wants to remember her some way. She is dead and he will never hear her voice again only from the tapes. Jay Asher seems to show that even if there are the most weirdest things that can happen, you may let it be because of emotions. Clay’s emotion for the weird dead girl’s voice is love and that makes him keep her voice from the tapes.

  7. Dear Ms.stabrowski,
    My username is MArgey2015 and this weekend i left my book in school so I read the book Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw. I mostly read about how christmas came and Greg got the presents that he did not like one present he got was a Laundry hoop. I also read how the new year came in and he did new year resolution his biggest resolution was that he will try to help his siblings on their resolution for example his little brother Manny to stop sucking his pacifier.
    One possible lesson can be sometimes you dont get what you want. One thick question I have is why do teens mostly not get what they want they always get something that they did not want? One possible answer for this question is since they are going through their adolecence many adults may think that they dont want toys anymore but the truth is that we want toys like video games but adults dont think we do.

  8. Dear Ms.Stabrowski,
    My username is sammy2015. This weekend I’ve been reading Thirteen Reason Why by Jay Asher. Hannah is

  9. Dear Ms.Stabookski, My user name is mm2015, and during the weekend i got to the climax of Sticky Fingers, by Niki Burnham. During the climax, while Jenna is aggravated about Courtney lying to her boyfriend about looking at a cute guy in CVS, her boyfriend, Scott, takes advantage and almost gets her to have sex in a hotel. Jenna ends up stopping because she knows that she might only be having sex because she feels like she has a low self esteem. Scott gets mad because he has been trying to get her to have sex with him for about three months. One symbol in my book is the nail polish that Courtney stole. I think that this nail polish symbolizes Courtney changing into a new person. I also think that this shows that Courtney feels bad about her parents divorcing. This has probably led to Courtney having a low self esteem and stealing a nail polish. She has even lost 15 pounds.

  10. Dear Ms. Stabrowski,

    My username is ae2015 and this weekend I read the novel Princess In Training by Meg Cabot. It is all about the way that a young girl named Amelia finds out she is a princess and starts training as a princess.
    A possible theme in this novel is that what you do is your choice. I think this is a possible theme because Amelia at some points is not 100% sure that she wants to take on the responsobilities of being a princess. She is sure if she has the right qualities and so sometimes she feels like giving up which is why that from my point of view the message that Meg Cabot is trainging to give to the reader is that no one can force you to be someone you do not want to be.

  11. Dear Ms.Stabookski,
    My user name is Arsh2015, and I finished the resolution of Fair Weather. In the resolution, Rosie goes back home, and she finally finds out why the whole time is was there Aunt Euterpe was so sad. She was paying to much to the fair, and not spending time with her aunt. Her aunt invited her, so they could spend more time together.
    You should always pay attenion to the reasons why, and not just the facts. Rosie thought that her aunt invited her, so she could have fun in the fair. She did, but not with her aunt. The reason why Aunt Euterpe wanted Rosie to come is that so they could have a good time together, and make up for the times Rosie’s mom and her have fought. I’m serprised that she even let Rosie go. Rosie only paid attention to herself, and not to what her aunt wanted. When she finally figured that out, it was to late. 😦

    Arsthly Diaz

  12. Dear Stabookski,
    My username is : ClarissaC2015. During the weekend, I have finished half of the book Lush, by Natasha Friend. I’ve have read that Sam is seeing a lot more of Drew M. and A.J.K. is telling her to be more careful. I can understand where he is coming from because this boy is in highschool. I think that I am in rising action because Drew ask her to a party and that get her into trouble with her mother and father.
    A symbol can be the letters Sam is receiving from this stranger. It could mean that there are people that might go through the same troubles and are able to relate. It could also mean that you are never alone. In the beginning of the book Sam felt like no one really understood her and that her dad is the only dad that does things this way . Another symbol could be the beer bottle. It’s a symbol because it seems to tear this family in two, separating Sam, Luke, and her mom from Sam’s alcoholic father.

  13. Dear Stabookski,
    My username is:angeline2o15. During the weekend i finished reading Revenge of The Wannabes by: Lisi Harrison. I read that Marie and Claire made a bet about the show they were going to see. When they got to the show Marie went up to Claire and told her a joke and to tell her what she had to give in now that she had lost.
    A theme on this book was trust the people you’ve known for the longest and not let others ruin your relationship with friends. The author uses this theme in the text by giving an example when the girls were in the camp and they were meeting with the other group of girls. Macey, Claire, Kristen, Dylan and Alicia are separated and are all put in different groups. Eventhough they aren’t in the same group they always do their best to see each other. One of the other girls tells Masey that Alicia is forming her own group but she can take her spot. Marie believes her and tell the other girls therefore the 4 girls are mad at Alicia and they decide to accept the new girl. At the end they solve their problem and learn to trust each other and ignore people that want to ruin their friendship.

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