Post 5 Criteria for Success

1. Username

2. Write a synopsis of what you read this evening. (2-3 sentences)

3. Take a walk in your character’s shoes. Write a few sentences explaining how you connect to a character in your book. (You may want to explain your empathy or your sympathy with the character.)


12 thoughts on “Post 5 Criteria for Success

  1. my name is ashley2015, and I’m reading a book called push. If i were in Precious’s place, I probably would of had ran away because I do not think that I could of had took something like that. For on thing my father is raping me and had a baby by me already that has down syndrome and I am pregnant with another baby from my father. I would be scared and I would seek help,m but II can see why she can’t get help because he mother knows that this action is going on in her house, but she sits and watches and says nothing to help stop it.

  2. Hello, I am sp2015. I am reading a book titled Tick Tock. Tommy, the main character, is Vietnamese-American and wants to just be American. If I were Tommy, I would embrace both my heritages. It seems like Tommy is ashamed of being Vietnamese which is horrible.

  3. Arsh2015: Today in my reading Rosie hates that her aunt is feeling so sad. She is having a bad day, and all Rosie can do about it is stay home helping her feel better of herself. If I were Aunt Euterpe, I would have told Roise that she was not just having a bad day, but that she wanted to spend more time with her. She doesn’t want to tell Roise that because she feels if she does Roise will take advatage of her. Roise is better than that, and also cares about her aunt.

  4. My username is jani2015. The book I am currently reading is Speak by Laurie Anderson. This evening I read about how melinda is hated by everybody because she called the cops on the hugest summer party. Many of the kids who now hate her were either arrested or in trouble becuase of her.Now She’s living with a guilt inside of her that is killing her. If I were Melinda I would’ve kept to myself and not call the cops because now she has a bad reputation in high school. I understand that she thought the party was dangerous but she should’ve minded her business.

  5. mmmarie911: Tonight I continue to read Sticky Fingers. Today I read about how Jenna’s boyfrind is trying to presure Jenna to have sex. He even tries to presure her tom have sex in the back of a car parked in a parking-lot. If I were Jenna I would either try to talk to my boyfriend, and if he didn’t understand, I would probubly brake up with him.

  6. My user name is jasonb21015. I am currently reading Hush by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonight’s reading, Toswiah Green’s father went to court to testify against the fellow officer in the murder case. Unfortunately, it was thought that the case would be over, but the judge asked them to come for another day. If I were Toswiah Green, I would try to understand my father more. Toswiah’s dad really cares about her and she should be more patient because of all the problems her father has right now. Although this is true, I feel empathy towards Toswiah because she is new to this place and her way of living is now different.

  7. sammy2015: I am currently reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. The story is only about the tapes being listened to by Clay Jensen. He still want the tapes because it is the memory for Hannah since he will never see her again. Clay is listening to the tapes about Alex Standall and Jessica Davis. If I was Clay, I would just listen for my name to pop in the tapes and after I would just send it away to the next person. Since this is a book, it has to be interesting so the way it’s written is fine.

  8. ClarissaC2015: I am still reading Lush by Natasha Friend and so, far she has still been writing this stranger about her father. He goes by the name of A.J.K. I would think that it was someone trying to play a prank on me at 1st. My thoughts have changed as the letters were coming in more often. If I were Sam I would try to find out who it is. I guess that Sam really likes mysteries!

  9. angeline2015: I am currently reading Revenge of The Wannabes by: Lisi Harrison. Today i read that everyone found out Massies secret because of a mistake her friends and she made. While Massie tries to solve her problem her enemy (the other group of girls) try to ruin her life. I can connect to my character because i would just move on when one of my day has been bad i don’t pass it on on other people i just forget about it and move on.

  10. ae2015: The book that I am currently reading is Crystal by Walter Dean Myers. This book is about a model by the name of Crystal that gets into sticky situations. If I were Crystal I would stick to the friends that I have known for along time and I would not build a relationship with people with bad reputations. This could lead me to have a bad reputation. Also that hanging out with the wrong people could lead me to make bad choices that I will regret in the future.

  11. What I am currently reading is Nothing Can Keep Us Together. It is about how the girls in New York are going through some drama issues within school. If I was S I would be so mad at B because she is mad at me for no reason. If N was my boyfriend I wouldn’t care what anyone would say.

  12. My username is Margey2015 th bookiam currently reading is Sticky Fingers by nikki Burnham.I just read that jenna is sliiping on her grade and wants to improve so she is coming up with plans toget her grade higher. If I was Jenna I would do the same thing she did,brainstorm ways to get my grades better but not as hard as she is pushing it which is by not relaxing..

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