Post 4 Criteria for Success — Critiquing the Author

Hi guys!

Thanks for posting over the weekend even though I didn’t set a Criteria for Success up for you. You guys are TRULY independent readers and writers. I am very impressed! Tonight, after providing a brief summary of what you’ve read, please critique your author. You may choose to critique his/her writing style, character development, biases, themes, symbols, etc. Just show me that you have an opinion on what you’re reading. 🙂 Good luck!

1. Username.

2. Brief synopsis (synopsis is a great synonym for the word “summary”) of what you read this evening. (2-3 sentences)

3. Critique of the author/the text. (For example: Anne Lamott’s voice in this book is very informal and casual. Because she is writing about what it takes to be an author, I expected it to be very serious. However, she seems to prefer to keep things light and humorous. I appreciate this style. However, I am not convinced that it is effective for inspiring young writers to become authors.)


8 thoughts on “Post 4 Criteria for Success — Critiquing the Author

  1. angeline2015: I am currently reading Revenge of The Wannabes by: Lisi Harrison. In tonights reading, a girl named Alicia Rivera always thought that sweating was something that happened to you because you were weak. When she stepped into dance class and did her dance she noticed that sweating is something that happens to you when you work hard. Lisi Harrison writes books about groups of girls, in this book she kinds of does a summary of other groups shes written and writes somethin similar with different characters. Her books explain what girls go through and how they solve their problems.

  2. My user name is jasonb2015. I am currently reading Hush by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonight’s reading, Toswiah Green, the main character, started to finally adapt to her new life in Colorado. She started to make new friends and shared her feelings with them. Jacqueline Woodson is an author who is best known for her usage of racism in her books, but in this book she didn’t use racism as her main message for readers. She created her book more around the idea of making sacrifices for your family and understanding them. I really liked how she changed the theme of her book to show that family is also an important element in an individual’s life.

  3. sammy2015: I am currently reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. So far the book continues to speak of the tapes. Each tapes has a different person to speak about. The first side of the tape, side A, was about Justin. Now, side B is about Alex and the reason of him why her death had happend. Jay Asher seems to have written a very good book that I am enjoying to read. Though it is good, Jay Asher speaks only of the tapes. Each tape has a story,yes, butsometimes i get confused if he speaking of the tapes or his life. The slanted words means that it’s Hannah speaking and the normal writing is Clay speaking. I may get lost because it talks for one thing to another. The book is still great though.

  4. mm2015: Tonight, I continue to read Sticky Fingers, by Niki Burnham. This book is about Jenna, the main character. trying to finish high school on a good note, but at the same time getting better at her social life. At this point, Jenna has just seen her best friend, Cortney, steal a bottle of nail polish from CVS, but then also lie to her her boyfriend and tell him that Jenna was looking at a “cute” guy at the cashier. If I were Jenna I would talk to my boyfriend and tell him the truth. Later on I would try to talk to Cortney about the situation. I would probably talk to my boyfriend first to keep myself from exploding while talking to Cortney…and maybe even from slapping her.

  5. ClarissaC2015: Today, I have continued to read Lush, by Natasha Friend. The boys in her school, made a list called The Best of the Best. Samantha or Sam, has been nominated best boobs. If I were her I would have been so embarrassed. Now her friends are telling that since she is on the Best of the Best list, she could get any guy she wants. Sam automatically thinks of her crush, Drew, the guy in the green hat. I would have expected for Sam to be excited, but she seemed kind of bummed.

  6. Arsh2015: Today I am starting a new book called Fair Weather. It is about a kid named Rosie who lives in Chicago. This book takes place in 1893, the year of the “World’s Columbian Exposition”, and her aunt invited her to the Chicago fair. She thinks it’s goinbg to be the best summer ever. I don’t like the way Richard Peck discribes the fair as if it was the only interesting thing happening in Chicago. It makes the story sad, and depressing.

  7. Hello, I am reading Tick Tock which is about a man who are arrived home- after buying a new car- to find this weird voo doo doll on his doorstep. When I read the blurb, it sounded interesting, but now it’s boring. All the author does is use big words and use a dead- in the sense of boring- storyline. The author should’ve made it more informal an interesting like books I have been reading.

  8. ae2015: I’ve been reading the book Crystal by Walter Dean Myers and is very realistic. I was reading about how Crystal has been doing in getting into the school newspaper since she loves to write. I love the way the author is very realistic with his writing although I would say that using inappropriate language should change because it might actually be a bad influence on his readers.

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