Post 3 Criteria for Success

Now that you’ve been blogging for 2 days, I am going to see if you can do this without my model post…


1. Username

2. Retell (briefly in 2-3 sentences) what you read this evening.

3. Today’s skill is: INFERENCE… Make a prediction, draw a conclusion or critique the text. INFER about the text and make more of what you read… (2-3 sentences)

Good luck!


Ms. Stabookski


21 thoughts on “Post 3 Criteria for Success

  1. Wow! This is super impressive, KIPPsters! I’m so proud of you all and your blog posts are excellent and very informative. I love hearing your ideas about your books that you are reading. Keep it up! 🙂 -Mr. Dukeman

  2. sammy2015: I am currently reading the book Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. So far what is happening is the Clay Jensen is still listening to Hannah speak in the audiotapes. He wishes to get rid of the tapes but since he had a major crush on her ,when she was alive, he wants those tapes to remember her voice. He might as well listen to the tapes to her the reasons why her life was ended. She is mostly explaining all of her relationships and Clay knows almost all of those memories because he met her after a party and that’s when he started to fall for her. I think that may Clay’s reason of her death is that they had some kind of problem together or maybe because Hannah thought they might not end together. Another possible prediction is that maybe she liked him too much she couldn’t handle it. What is his reason?

  3. My username is Jani2015. I finished the book Learning The Game. I read that Marvin might have a chance in helping the team win the game. Everyone has thrived in the different skills, so it means that they have a certain chance to win the game. I think that if they are really destined to win, something unexpected will happen during the day of the game.

  4. DD 2015:I just finished the book That was Then, This was now. It was an o.k. book. It leaves you wondering. Both brothers prove that they can’t be without each other, witch I kind of knew that was going to happen. S.E. Hinton would never break up a family in one of her books.

  5. arsh2015: I finished the book Princess Party, and in the end Mia finally wants to be a princess. She is now happy to say she is a princess, and is ready to rule. In the next book, I predict that Mia will go to Ginovia, and is going to become queen. She will not be used to the rules, but she will make it work.

  6. lourdes2015: I just finished the book The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place. Margret finds out the town wants to destroy her uncles’s towers that they worked hard on and that she admired. Prediction: I predicted that Margret would try to stop the people of the town from destroying the buildings.

  7. My username is zdavis 2015 and I am reading Accidental Love by Gary Soto. I read that Alicia, Marisa friend, is in the hospital because of her boyfriend. They was driving her aunt’s car and got into a car crash. Now Alicia is in the hospital with a broken leg. Prediction: Since Marisa has been sending her the school work she is all up to date with schol. I think that with the help and care of Marisa, Alicia will be back at school in about 3 to 4 weeks.

  8. MArgy2015:Today I continue to read on how Rain and her moms relationship continue to be messed up in how Rains Mother slapped her,I also read on how Rain found a bear and named it Usha.Rain really loves Usha In that she wants Usha to come out in war with her because of its fierness.Prediction: I think that when Rain Becomes queen she is going to make a way that bears like Usha join and help the women.

  9. My name is MArgey2015:The book I am reading is The Fore telling. Today I read how RAins mom really loved a man before RAin was born. But since she was chosen as Queen of the woman group she was obligated to hate men. One infrence I got is not always all women hated men.on prediction I got while reading was that Rains Mother the chief does not spend enough time with rain because she is a chief and has alot to run and take care of.connected to our presiddents job she not only has to take care of her sons and daughter but the villedge they are running. I think that Rain is probably going to spend other times with her mother in other parts of te book. Compared to other Kids not only Rain or book characters go through these problems other kids go through it our age.

  10. My username is jani2015. Today i read about how nate is having a really hard time at basketball. He has no pace, rhythm, or flow. Everybody in the basketball team has a problem such as thinking they’re the star, twisting their ankles, and inventing fouls if they miss. This makes Nate want to give up because his team is getting him nowhere near his goal which is to get in to a professional team. An inference i have is that Nate will give up on basketball because it’s making his life fall apart. He’s at risk of losing the trust of his girlfriend, brother, and even his friends because he’s not spending enough time with them.

  11. lourdes2015: today I continue to read about how Margret’s father and uncle’s relationship is strained. INF: I noticed that margret and her uncles are close. She seems closer to her uncles Alex and Morris than to her parents. She has more in common with them.

  12. My user name is ClarissaC2015 and I’m currently reading Lush, by Natasha Friend. So far Samantha, or Sam, as she likes to be called, talks to her about her friends. They all talk about boys. Sam says that lunch table is the only place that she doesn’t think about her dad. Maybe she thinks about how to prevent the drinking problem most the time. A prediction or inference that I have is maybe this person she continues to write to will become her closest friend in the end of the book.

  13. angeline2015: Today I read that the girls in the comitee team made a new internet page. Here they act very sneaky and take embarasing pictures of people. They have a section called the wacky pictures wich they use to show everyone the pictures they have taken. If I was this group of girls I wouldn’t do this because this might bring problems to everyone especially to them since they loaded and took the pictures.

  14. My user name is jasonb2015. The book that I’m currently reading right now is Hush by Jacqueline Woodson. In tonight’s reading, Toswiah admitted the fact that she was tired of only being inside her bedroom and not getting the chance of going outside. She doesn’t want to keep seeing the faces of only her family; she wants to see what’s outside of the four walls, in which she’s trapped in. This is just for the better tough because her family wants to keep their identities a secret. Throughout the text, it seems to me that Jacqueline Woodson reveals that sometimes individuals have to make sacrifices for the better to help their families. It may not please them, but it’s an obligation they have to commit to their families.

  15. Hello, I am Samaiyah. I blogging for the first time today! I am reading a book called Homeboyz. In tonight’s reading, Teddy, the main character, is meeting Micah, a troubled 12-year old. Teddy must help the young boy get his act together or his, “(butt) will end up right in jail.” Officer Diaz, Teddy’ parole officer, will take no misbehavior from Ted. I think Teddy will end up in jail because he has a smart mouth. He’s really intelligent, so it’s easy for him to come up with witty, disrepectful comments.

  16. I’m DD2015! What I just read was very strong because the brothers are now breaking apart even their home. Mark has a new girlfriend and is staying with her. Bryon doesn’t even notice that his brother isn’t around anymore. If I was in this situation I would do the best I can to get us back together. I would not want to lose the only family I had left.

  17. mmmarie911: I am currently reading All I Want it Everything: A Gossip Girl Novel, by Cecily Von Ziegser. Tonight I read about the different perspectives of some of the juniors about sex, love, and relationships. They discussed about how if you are not sure that you are in love with your boyfriend/girlfriend, then you probably are not ready to have sex. This shows me that many of the juniors and seniors are already thinking about if they are ready or not to lose their virginity. I predict that Jenny, Nate’s girlfriend, will end up either having sex with Nate, or end up braking up with him because he doesn’t think that they are ready.

  18. sammy2015: I am currently reading Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. I have just started the story; it has started with a bunch of suspense and mystery. There are 7 audiotapes sent to Clay Jensen, the main character, and there are the numbers from 1-13 on the audiotapes. Hannah Baker sent the tapes and they explain why she ended her life; Clay is one of the reasons. This story is very strange. Hannah seemed to be crazy by the way she talked in the tapes. Why would Hannah put Clay through all this trouble ,because now he has tapes of how a young girl ended her life? Hannah seemed to have planned this through. She wants the videos to go out to the public and/or be passed down after clay, tell reasons why she killed herself and seems like she’s trying to put Clay through trouble. What will happen….

  19. My name is ashley2015 (ashley)
    The book that i read tonight was The Notebook of Melanin Sun by Jacqueline Woodson. Today the main character Melanin’s mama is going out on a date with a man and you can tell that he is a little about what he feels about it. His mother s in the shower and he yells never trust a man who’s late and doesn’t even phone that means he doesn’t care about you. This tells me, that does not like the fact that his mother is going on a date. I can predict that when the man does get to his house that Melanin is not going to like him at first and he is going to be questioning him as if he were on an interview. Maybe his mother will end up going out dating this man for a long time and then that will bring a male figure into his life. So, if this date stays in his mothers life than maybe him and Melanin will become the best of friends.

  20. Arsh2015: Today, my reading is about how Amelia goes to a party at the beach, and she is changing in a tent. Tina pulls down the tent when Mia (Amelia) is changing and all the press take pictures of Mia naked!!! The next day those pictures are in the newspaper, and Mia’s grandmother gets really angry. Tina and Amber are only pretending to be Mia’s friends because she is a princess, and they want to embarrass Mia in front of many people. They are just jealous.

  21. ae2015: Tonight I read a poem that really caught my attention which was called Prayer. It is about the type of god that you want in your life. Because this poem interested me so much, it led me to the inference that this poem is a symbol of believing in the god or leader you know can relate and can help you. It was a symbol of a god that understand all your issues and can help you no matter the problem.

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