Post 2 and Criteria for Success

Stabookski: Today, I read about what how Anne Lamott focuses on characters when she writes, not just action. This book is kind of like a memoir about being a writer. She is giving instructions on how to write and how to live at the same time. Today, I found out that Anne creates characters and then actually takes care of them like they are real people. She creates stories only AFTER she creates characters that are as real to her as people. For today’s skill, I’m going to answer one of my thick questions: 3) How has writing affected or changed her life — personally and professionally? She used to be an alcoholic, it turns out. Writing and her religion have saved her life, literally. Now, instead of suffering through alcoholism and sinking into depression, she writes.


1. Username.

2. 2-3 sentences stating what you read this evening. This should be different from last night’s post.

3. Answer one of your 3 thick questions. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Post 2 and Criteria for Success

  1. angeline2015: I am currently reading Bratfest At Tiffany’s. Tonight i read that the girls want to have a room that only they can go into. They want a big room that has everything and a big sign in the front door that says no boys, no teachers , no parents just us, just the new preety comittee! One question i’m answering is, are the girls getting more priviledge now that they are in 8th grade? My answer is yes because now they get to choose the room they want to be in and they feel more mature.

  2. mm2015: The book that i am currently reading is All I Want is Everything: A Gossip Girl Novel, by Cecily Ziegesar. Today I read about how Serena gave Flow a goodbye kiss, left to another country and has already sent her flowers to her as if he’s already in love with her. She is fine with him sending her gifts as long as he doesn’t go overboard. Tonight, i also read about how Dan likes to wright poems. He has decided to right a poem about how his girlfriend,Vanessa makes him feel, but he keeps crashing into the subject about sex. For today’s skill I am going to answer one of my thick questions- Why is Serena flirting with Flow, a celebrity, in the first place? Serena was only flirting with Flow to have some fun that night, but it might have caused Flow to potentially fall in love with her. Now, instead of just having some fun, it has turned into a relationship disaster.

  3. My username is sammy2015. The book i am reading now is The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. Tonight’s reading was the ending of how Bod’s problems with the Jacks are settled. Since i have finished the book a question i would have asked before is why was the man Jack trying to kill Bod so badly and killed the entire family? Did they have a connection or history? The answer to this question was that Bod’s family was part of a prophesy. Since Bod was the son, he was part of it. He was meant to die too and die before a grown man. Obviously, the ending was possitive and Bod made it through. He ghostly family and Silas had helped him through the entire time of his life.

  4. My username is Jani2015. I am currently reading Learning The Game by Kevin Waltman. Tonight I read that it was Nate’s first day of school. Everyone looked new and ready for the school year ahead of them. Jackson finds two new friends which Nate finds to be very mysterious and wants to find out more about. My question from last night’s post was: what does basketball symbolize to Nate? To Nate, basketball symbolizes a good future and popularity. He believes that he will become a professional basketball player or become popular for his achievements.

  5. The book I am currently reading is Engaging the Enemy by Elizabeth Moon. Tonight, I read about how Kylana Vatta, or Ky for short, isn’t sure about how she is going to deal with the recent murders going on and how that would affect her family’s name. For tonight’s skill, I am going to answer the question, Is Ky being paranoid or is she just standing guard? I think that Ky is being paranoid because she is suspicious about family members as well even though they have complete trust in her. I think she should try to calm down, but keep her ideas to herself (if it is about her family members).

  6. My user name is jasonb2015. The book that I’m currently reading right now is Hush by Jacqueline Woodson. Tonight’s reading was about how Toswiah looked back to her past life. She misses her hometown, and knows that she has to get used to the fact that she is Evie Thomas and NOT Toswiah Green. She remembers when her grandmother had decided to stay in Denver because she grew up there and her heart felt that her death should be held there as well. For today’s skill, I’m going to answer one of my thick questions. Question: How will Toswiah’s life change now that she has to leave her past life behind? It seems as if Toswiah has no friends at this moment. Even though her family is always with her, she needs friends. Back in Denver, Toswiah already had friends, but now that she is living in a community that is different then the one in which she used to live before, she has to make new friends. Though, it may be hard to do this since she’s new to this community, so it may take a while.

  7. Today, I read about how Samantha, my main character, writes a letter to a random person and leaves it in a book hoping that someone will read it and try to help with her dad’s very serious problem. This shows that Samantha is really trying to get help and resolve this problem. She seems to feel very strongly about this which is the guiding question I decided to go with(How does Samantha feel about her dad’s drinking problem?). The person who replies doesn’t reply nicely and doesn’t really help her either.

  8. Arsh2015: Today, I read about how Amelia got a new make-over, and she was embarrassed to show her friends, so she wore a hat. Her best friend, Lilly, hates her new look. It’s against everything they believe in. When in class, she is forced to take off her hat, and show her new hair style. Everyone laughs at her, and she feels very bad. For today’s skill, I am going to answer one of my thick questions: How dose Amelia show happiness when doing something she doesn’t like? Even though everyone makes fun of her in school, she wants to make her grandmother, and father (‘s sprit) happy. If they are happy then she is happy.

  9. ae2015: Today i read a poem that really caught my attention. The poem is entitled Revenge and is located in my independent reading novel which is Revenge and Forgiveness. The poem interested me because it was talking abou the actual meaning behind the word revenge which is a word that can sometimes hurt or sometimes may not hurt. The thick question I am going to answer is what do these poems represent to the author. From my point of view the poems are a way to express your feelings without huring anybody else, but making you feel good at the same time.

  10. My username is lourdes2015. My book is The Outcasts of 19 Schuyler Place. Margret thinks back to the horrible pranks the Meadowlarks did to her and how the counselors treated her. She gets through the memories when she learns about the different projects her uncles worked on including the towers and clocks. The question I am going to answer s how did her parents feel when they found out she left camp? It turns out her father, a professor at a university, does not get along with her uncles. They have different ideas, especially towards the idea of time. Her father doesn’t want her to adjust to their “bad” habits. He doesn’t agree to their creativeness.

  11. MArry2015:What I just finished reading was that the MAin Character Rain was thirteen and finally got her horse. In the book it also stated that Rain always dream about black horses standing o n the top of the fields. Related to my thick question RAin was always hoping that she would get her thirteenth birthay present from her mother, but guess wahat she didn’t.The question I am answering is how would you feel if your mom does the same thing that rain Mother does not pay her enough attention.I would feel insul;ted in many ways one way is that shes my mother and when we are young we need a lot of support from our parents.I wiuld also be hurt because she is my mother and she went through alot just to bring me into this world and now trhat i am here she does not want to take care iof me.

  12. My username is zdavis2015. My book is called Crystal. Tonight as I was finishing the book, I read that Crystal’s parents wants her to stop modeling. They have came to their senses that she is being taken away from her family and it doesnt look like she is going to make it to college. The question I am going to answer is Who stuggles the most? I feel like her parents stuggle the most because when people look at Crystal they are going to make comments on her, but the worst comments are going to go to her parents.

  13. DD2015: What I just finish reading is that the brothers are now falling down to the dump. Both of them need a job to stay in their house and to not get beat up. I feel sorry for them if they were my friends I would truly help them, and I won’t beg them to pay me back my money. The question I had yesterday was, 3) what will the do about the money the owe people? What I think they are going to do is the worst because they both smoke. I think they are goin to sell drugs to get money, but that is worst for them. They should go out of the country and go into the city and find a job.

  14. My username is dg2015. My book is called Princess Academy. Tonight I read that Miri wants to represents the students at Princess Academy in trading with traders. Some of the girls don’t want her to because she got them in trouble already ,and don’t trust her. The question I am going to answer is What makes everyone single out Miri? Everyone probably singles out Miri because she is different from everyone else ,and when she wants to say something, she says it.

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