Criteria for Success 1

Congratulations! You’ve officially been invited to become an IR Blogger! This means that you have fulfilled the first set of Criteria for Success:

1. Your daily book logs have been thorough, neat, complete and honest.

2. You have been reading, on average, 1.5 books per week.

3. You have less than 2 incomplete or missing homeworks in literature class per month.

4. Your parents gave you the thumbs up to start sharing about your IR experiences.

5. You love reading and writing about your reading!

Welcome to Ms. Stabookski’s Library of Independent Readers and Thinkers! I can’t wait to see where this new reading adventure takes us!


Ms. Stabrowski, I mean Ms. Stabookski 🙂


9 thoughts on “Criteria for Success 1

  1. I am curently reading Betrayed a novel by P.C Cast and her daughter Kristin Cast. This book is action packed and also teaches a lesson that will stay with me for all my life. This lesson being taught is that you have to sacrifice most everything for the people that are important in your life. One line that i love from my book is”Zoey must find the courage to face a betrayed that could break her heart, her soul…” I love this quote because it shows how she risk alot of vaulable things to save her old friends lifes. Instead of not doing any thing about the tegity that his happening to all the mortals, she had the courage to do somthing about it. She didnt chicken out of it like every one eles did.

  2. My user is Elianny2015. I readibg Betrayed by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast. This book is about a vampire named Zoey. She lives a good life . She has friends and a boyfriend. When all of a sudden things get complicated she is risking the lives of her normal friends because she is a vimpire. If i was Zoey i would have done all i can for my friends. Me personaly i would be not only scared but worried about what might happen to me and my friends lifes. It would be difficult to try to do somthing to change it but i would do anything possiable.

    • A that Zoey represents perseverinc, braver, and corage. She doesnt plan on giving up any time soon. She is fighting what she knows is right. She is risking her own life for her friends, she is also risking her powers. She knows that her kind of people are dicribed as people that are all evil and by her doing this she is showing that not all of them are like that. She is making a change in the reputation of vampires.

  3. My user is Elianny2015. I have just satrted the book Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. The war between Jacob and Edward keeps on going. Bella as finally figered every thing out. She has made her final dission on being with Edward. Jacob is so mad. He truly has feelings for Bella but he doesnt want to force her to do what she didnt want to do. Jacob is really jeluiose about all the time she is spending with his #1 enemy. He feels betrade by is best friend since he can remember. I think that Jacob has a point when he says that she has spent all her time with Edward and has forgotton abut every one else. I feel like she should spend a bit more time with Jacob because she makes him feel like all those years of being there for her when she visited was a waste. I sure wouldnt want that to be me and i am sure that she would feel then same way. What would Jacob do next?

  4. My user is Elianny2015.Today i read Bratfest At Tiffany’s by Lisi Harrison. If you drama this is the right book for you. The boys have just nocked the Pretty Committee’s out of thier spot. They are furiouse. They dicide that they must not even think about any boy EVER! Their is just one problem Massie can’t follow her own rule. Derrington is this cute kid who Massie can’t stop thinking about. One question i have is what inspired Lisi to write this book? Second question is what do the other girls think about this? Finally my next question why would she even think about such a stupid rule if she couldn’t even follow it herself? I think that she made this rule just because she wanted to be on top of every one, but she never really excepted what is happening to her now. What will she do?

  5. My name is ashley2015 (ashley)
    The book that i read tonight was The Notebook of Melanin Sun by Jacqueline Woodson. Today the main character Melanin’s mama is going out on a date with a man and you can tell that he is a little about what he feels about it. His mother s in the shower and he yells never trust a man who’s late and doesn’t even phone that means he doesn’t care about you. This tells me, that does not like the fact that his mother is going on a date. I can predict that when the man does get to his house that Melanin is not going to like him at first and he is going to be questioning him as if he were on an interview. Maybe his mother will end up going out dating this man for a long time and then that will bring a male figure into his life. So, if this date stays in his mothers life than maybe him and Melanin will become the best of friends.

  6. my book title is Melanin Sun by Jaqueline Woodson, and thew main character is a boy named Melanin Sun. He is insecure about himself , his name, and the way that he looks. He wants to be a simple person but he thinks that his name causes lots of trouble for him. His mother tells him to be proud of himself , but he has such a lack of self-esteem which lowers his confidence in himself. This shows in his actions and in his characteristics as a human bieng

  7. The book I’m currently reading is That was Then, This is Now. The main character, Bryon, has a strong charactr trait. He seems to be very sweet and caring on the outside. On the outside Bryon seems to have a major problem. He is very poor and he is a smoker. He also owes people money! WOW!!

  8. The novel The Graveyard Book is about a boy named Bod raised by ghosts. Bod was contineued to be really good friends with Scarlett. Silas is gone and Bod is stuck with Ms.Lupescu. Bod and Scarlett took the bus to a park and now they are careful. The Jacks will always be on the search and Bod has to watchout from the danger. If he turns into a full adult, the killings will end because that means Jack couldn’t kill him like he was meant like his family. This short summary is mostly in the end. Will he make it to be an adult?

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